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One of the good things about starting this now is that I have quite a few stories to go back over.

I suppose a good place to begin would be where it all began a long time ago.  And with a story that could certainly use some explanation.

In a previous life, I was part of the Internet Adventures - round robins on alt.drwho.creative.  I don't know how many were involved overall, but there were certainly about 40 authors writing at a time.  We began with follow-ups to the TV Movie (no TV series?  Let's write our own!) and had to stretch to concurrent round robins, 'Missing IAs' (Past Docs), Companion IAs and who knew what else just to fit everyone in. 

It was huge fun, 'real' Doctor Who to those of us involved and sometimes tear-your-hair-out frustrating when other writers did horrible things to your idea/plot/character.  Heh.

But we started without knowing the ending of the TV Movie and put Grace in the stories.  After getting fed up of explaining this, we invented our own companions.  Hence Wil, Jadi and Angela.  Wil was mine and won a sort of 'companion idol' hosted in the IA 'Arc'.  

(Arc cover from the IA archive)

So I couldn't resist revisiting - just because Wil the hapless jester (from a backwards future colony) and Jadi Morok the bounty hunter (property of Rebecca Dowgiert) are such fun to write for together.  They do a nice line in getting on each others' nerves and trying to outsmart each other.  On Wil's part that generally involves stealing; on Jadi's blunt force).  

But I promise I didn't just randomly make up an original companion.  The IA archive is crumbing, but it's still out there somewhere.

Here's the story:

The Doctor's left Wil and Jadi to sort out their differences while shopping.  Hmm, yes, that should do it...

“He said, meet back at the memorial by 12 o’clock,” snapped Jadi Morok, out of patience with his fellow travelling companion.

Wil — younger, slighter, fair haired and, in Jadi’s opinion, far more irritating than anyone had a right to be — turned back with insolent nonchalance. “He said by the memorial in the square. Which is in that direction.” He pointed.

Jadi glared.

“Besides,” said Wil. “He won’t be there. Haven’t you learnt that by now? He’ll have found some interesting artefact or more likely been arrested -.”

The bounty hunter surveyed him with some impatience. “Next time the Doctor suggests splitting up, no way am I going with you!”

“Suits me,” said Wil, folding his arms. “I don’t know why you think I want to be trailing around town after you, having to go into every boring armoury -.”

Jadi looked to the heavens for patience. “Travelling with the Doctor has seriously depleted my collection. If it’s not aliens grabbing them off you when you’re being arrested, it’s the Doctor giving you that disappointed look when he finds you’ve still got a sonic knife in your boot.”

“That was funny,” agreed Wil with a grin. “Just as well it wasn’t somewhere else.”

(Actually, none of that is true - it all began with a Sixth Doctor two-part fic, that one day I might be brave enough to see if I can resurrect.  Especially since the thing is still out there without even spell checking.  Oh, the shame...)
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