20 Mar 2011

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Some nice things:

1. I have been catching up with some Big Finish, and have been listening to some more Eight and Lucie (I wish they weren't so much shorter - it makes them terribly more-ish!). I got to The Zygon Who Fell to Earth and was interested to see it had Steven Pacey in (who is, of course, Tarrant in Blake's 7). I wondered what he'd sound like now (and, yes, I KNOW he's in a Spooks episode, but I haven't seen that one since I've seen B7) and he was puuting on a West Country accent, drat him. And then being a Zygon. And then singing.

So, um, now the story is The One With Tarrant the Singing West Country Zygon. And to check it was him singing, I looked him up, and I hadn't realised he'd also been a bit of a West End star (apparently he got an Olivier award for playing Bertie Wooster in Andrew Lloyd-Webber's By Jeeves. Now I am all intrigued. Are there any clips of this?). I'm not usually one for bothering about rl actor details for characters, but there really ought to be some sort of cracky B7 fic in that, probably with Vila trying to make money out of it. (And then I also thought that B7 would work really well as an AU in which 'B7' was a pop group, with rivalry and people going solo, and rival bands funded by an evil corporation. It would explain the outfits. And I may have been delirious, yes. Sorry.)

... And I will be back another time with further delirium, as I see it is time for lunch now. :-)

(You can hear bits of it in this Behind the Scenes from R7 Here. There's a clip of the song at 3.14)


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