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But I was fishing these two pics out for Tumblr purposes & thought I'd share (again, in both cases, but it's been a while):

Just two pics I rather like for reasons:

As I mentioned a long time ago, at the end of Carry on Nurse (1959), there's a moment when Kenneth Connor's character is re-united with his son, & watching I thought it must surely be his real son, and, lo, the internet confirmed it - it's a very young Jeremy Connor with his father.

And James Maxwell, reading a story about ducklings in Girl on Approval (1961). (It's not his real son as with Kenneth Connor above, but he was playing a young father with two small sons and a Welsh wife, and as far as I can gather, he was at that time a young father with two small sons and a Welsh wife, so that must have been a stretch for him.)

I'd continue in this vein, but I don't have any more similar photos that I can think of, so I shall go off and have dinner.

(This has been your random, pointless post of the day. Thank you.)


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