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I'm doing this the wrong way round. Last weekend, I didn't get much chance to watch more B7, but I did pick up this in a charity shop. I wasn't going to get this one, because of the A-Level media studies project I did. (Long story; let's just say the amount of times I ended up watching Shirley Eaton say "Relax, Mr York." put me off her and the film.

The second Carry on and still very much finding its feet, but Joan Sims arrives to liven things up. And she does. She is the clumsy student nurse who is a walking disaster zone and she makes the most of lines like: "You're just a naughty old buzzer!" (I had to rewind my tape after a bit of blinking and then checking my ears), "And to think I called you a baby." and her response to the impatient old 'buzzer's "There's an annoying lump in my bed!" "Yes, there is. I mean, there is, Colonel?"

It's all a lot of different stories and a silly operation set piece, but I enjoyed it, even if it's positively sedate for a carry on. There are quite a lot of underwritten little stories, which is something I tend to enjoy. It's so early on in the run that while Hattie Jacques instantly becomes Matron, Kenneth Williams for the one and only time gets a girlfriend in a serious storyline. I had no idea the first time round that Miss Marple (aka Joan Hickson) was the put upon sister, which adds to my enjoyment, especially since Leslie Phillips tries to kiss her twice.

Of course, the most famous thing about Carry On Nurse and what sealed the fate of the series as a series and drove it in the direction is the daffodil gag at the end. And while hardly daring now, it's still amusing. "Oh, yes, Colonel. But never with a daffodil!"

And of course the obligatory jokes to "It's Matron's round!":
"Mine's a pint!"
"I don't care if she's triangular!"

And I quite like the exchange between the Night nurse and the Night sister (after patient Ted York - Terence Longden - kisses the nurse).
Night nurse: I was trying to get Mr York to settle down.
Night sister: For life?

And right at the end, Kenneth Connor's boxer is reunited with his toddler son and it wins (I don't think there's much competition) sweetest Carry On scene ever in a heartbeat. I thought it had to be his own son because 2 or 3 year olds or whatever he was, aren't that good actors and that looked such a genuine father/son moment caught on camera. And I was right: it was Jeremy Connor, who also turned up in Carry on Constable two years later. It's nice to be right from time to time.

Date: 16 Sep 2011 11:16 pm (UTC)
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Awww, I had no idea Kenneth Connor's son appeared in any of the Carry On films. I'll have to get hold of this one to watch again.


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