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Everyone else was doing this for [community profile] onedeadplotbunny, and I thought that, since I always have a similar list of things I have to write and want to write etc., there was no point doing it for a comm. But then I thought, in that case, actually, why not do it with a comm and more people? So, even if somewhat belatedly:

Currently in progress (for fests/exchanges etc.)

* [Redacted] for [community profile] hetswap. (Typed up in draft, nearly good to go.)

* Gothic Romance for the Minor Characters Ficathon (dw_guestfest). (Have a half-written draft in notebook; no details until it is a thing that is a thing.)

* Untitled Adam/Georgie Regency AU for [community profile] unconventionalcourtship, if it runs again. (Has a complete end sequence, needs beginning and middle; should probably finish it even if UC doesn't run again.)

* When the Lights Go Out for [community profile] fandom_stocking 2015 for Annariel and Kaffyr. (First chapter typed up, 2nd in draft, many notes - need to sort some character stuff and finish properly, and type up. Before next December!)

* Another NYR fic (in a different fandom).

Also ongoing: bingo tables for [profile] genpromptbingo (progress 0); [community profile] trope_bingo Amnesty Round (1 square filled); and [community profile] hc_bingo (various fills, just need to post at some point during Amnesty).

And two dw_allsorts tables (1 prompt remaining on first table; could double up with Minor Characters fic); need to post 1 historical by May (could also double up with Minor Characters fic).

Runaway Tales

* Backlog of pieces in notebook to type up (at least one AU to double up with [community profile] trope_bingo.)

* Horror AU to finish for Smoothie (belated entry for Summer Challenge 2015)

* Type up last piece for Passionfruit.

* Finish White Chocolate.

Lurking Fanfic (probably deceased)

* Elizabeth of York the vampire slayer

* Eight & Lucie + Owls

* Last 1980s UNIT fic (pretty much complete in longhand with some typed up)


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