Date: 9 Aug 2017 02:22 am (UTC)
shyfoxling: Things I am no longer allowed to do at Hogwarts, number 257: I will not teach Peeves to sing "Henry the 8th I am." (humor (peeves henry 8th))
From: [personal profile] shyfoxling
Leela knows Dave is too fine a lord for the likes of her –

Well, obviously, with a highfalutin' name like that. Dave. Daaaave.

“If you try that again,” said Leela, with her knife to Lister’s throat, “I shall slit you end from end.”
“Okay, okay, okay! It was only a suggestion, seeing as we’re the last of our species. No need to get violent…”


As leader of his clan, Black Kryten

Must be the one from "Demons & Angels"...

River Song discovers on her sister's death that, to inherit her estate, she must also take on her lover! River never thought that claiming her inheritance could be so pleasurable…
Dalek Sec is horrified —

So am I!

Dalek Sec, innocent gigolo. I. I. *fzzzt*pop*ERROR

Upon further investigation, it soon became clear that despite appearances, Amy Pond was not some crazy car thief dressed like a bondage slave from a porn movie.

Must have been some kiss-o-gram!

Now Mr the Tenth Doctor ... and Ten is invited

"Mr the Tenth Doctor" makes me wonder, are the Doctors in the database as e.g. "Ten the Tenth Doctor", so they can come out relatively properly as first and last names where called for?
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