Meme Answers: L. M. Montgomery

25 Apr 2017 06:14 am
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Meme answer time! For [personal profile] sovay, the L. M. Montgomery ‘verse.

the character I least understand

The Story Girl never quite gelled for me as a character. Compared to Emily or Anne or Pat, she just seems flat.

interactions I enjoyed the most

Honestly I think I will have to go with Valancy Stirling + the universe here, because Valancy just has no fucks to give and it is glorious. All the scenes where she starts standing up to her family, just by straight up telling the truth - EXCELLENT.

And of course there's that scene where she asks Barney Snaith to marry her.

the character who scares me the most

Teddy's mother in the Emily books always worried me. She's so creepily possessive; it would not have surprised me if she went all "A Rose for Emily" on her poor son rather than let him get married.

the character who is mostly like me

As much as I would love to say Anne or Emily, it is probably Pat of Silver Bush.

hottest looks character

Honestly I have trouble thinking of any Montgomery characters as hot (as opposed to pretty or beautiful) - but Anne, once her hair has turned auburn, is obviously the most beautiful. Although Anne would probably insist that it was Diana.

one thing I dislike about my fave character

How am I supposed to pick just one favorite Montgomery character? IMPOSSIBLE.

However, I read the Anne books first so probably I've imprinted on Anne the most strongly. But I can't think of anything I dislike about her, so that's not helpful.

I always thought that Emily's occasional psychic moments seemed super weird and out of place with everything else in her books, even though she is sometimes compared to an elf or other magical creature which really ought to have tipped me off. But the dream she has, especially, the one about Ilsa's mother who everyone thought ran away with another man - that seemed silly.

one thing I like about my hated character

I'm trying to think if there's a Montgomery character I straight-out hate. I have extremely mixed feelings about Dean Priestly, because he's a good influence on Emily until he is really really NOT, so while I hate some of his choices I don't think I hate him, exactly. If that makes sense.

Oh wait. There is Ilsa's father, though. I will never get over the way he ignores his daughter for years, and then it turns out his wife wasn't unfaithful, so he loves Ilsa again, hurrah! What a jerk. Uh, but I'm not sure he has a quality I like - he's not sketched out in much detail so there's not much chance for him to develop redeeming qualities.

a quote or scene that haunts me

The entire Dean Priestly plot in the Emily books - particularly the bit where he tells Emily that her book is rubbish, and she burns it and falls down the stairs on the scissors and spends ages wasting away in bed and then gets engaged to him in something like despair. WHY, DEAN, WHY? (This is a rhetorical question: I understand why, which is part of what makes it so horrible.)

a death that left me indifferent

I wasn't terribly put out when Valancy's friend Cissy died. Sorry, Cissy!

a character I wish died but didn’t

I don't think I would wish death on any Montgomery characters - not even Dean Priestly despite his flaws. He went elsewhere and is probably learning important life lessons and certainly eating his heart out about how he destroyed the most important friendship in his life (with Emily) by being such a jerk, which is clearly a better punishment for his faults than mere death.

my ship that never sailed

I've always been partial to Anne/Diana. And I really wanted to ship Emily/Ilsa, but Emily doesn't go on and on about Ilsa's loveliness, or sit in the window weeping at the thought that someday Ilsa will get married, or otherwise go on about her the way Anne does about Diana, so I just didn't see it.
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Then maybe you will like [community profile] weekly_food_challenge! It went away for a while but now it's back!

Every Wednesday a new theme is posted. It might be an ingredient or a cuisine or something else. You then post your recipes inspired by the theme. We welcome vegetarians and other people with restricted diets. Come and join us!
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Welcome to the Tuesday the 25th of April edition of Gallifrey Times!

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Guardians of the Galaxy 2...

25 Apr 2017 07:34 pm
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[personal profile] mab_browne a lot of fun, and I enjoyed it a lot. :-)

And it's not even my birthday!

25 Apr 2017 12:19 am
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Weirdly, I haven't seen anyone else posting about this (maybe because I fell off Twitter?), but Rifftrax Live is doing "The Five Doctors" this summer and I'm pretty sure it's going to be the greatest thing ever.

(Stop taunting us like that, Bill Corbett.)
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English is full of phrases that get sprinkled through conversation. We pick them up, use them, and don't think too hard about them until we have to write them down. Then we realize we're not quite sure what the exact phrase is. [personal profile] lauramcewan asked us about one of these: "Is it 'one and the same' or 'one in the same'?" When spoken, the phrase tends to sound like "one 'n' the same," so it is understandably confusing.

Unlike some other usage questions, there is only one right answer here. I'll illustrate with the Avengers. )

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24 Apr 2017 10:06 pm
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(My previous post is now a total lie, I've become really invested in Marco Fu and I feel sick.)

[personal profile] colls is hosting a battle of kickass women in space which you should go and vote in. I'm heartily supporting Servalan, which you should too because she's the best. If you scroll down you'll see I've taken the whole thing Too Seriously and left a nice gif filled comment for her. It doesn't seem to be working. [ETA: Sorry, this entry is locked, ignore ignore]

[personal profile] swordznsorcery has linked me to this this vid of Cheyenne being shirtless. Just if you're into that sort of thing.

(Awful Robertson just stole a frame he didn't deserve and yelled COME ON and hit the table and then went away to shout at himself in a mirror for ages. It's my least favourite thing about Robertson and I thought he'd stopped with it, but ugh. Fu is not the sort of player to give in to it, but ugh. Ugh is my overwhelming feeling about people who shout at themselves in mirrors and can't play snooker with their emotions hidden on the inside.)

(OH GOD, Fu was in nicely and he's just lost position and then fouled the pink and he's just giving it away and he was meant to just pot 90 points and then calmly walk back to his seat and it was going to be amazing and I hate... oh it's okay Robertson missed again. I'll go and be quieter.)

Missy’s exploring

24 Apr 2017 08:58 pm
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Missy has found exciting new places to explore! Courtesy of me, of course. After she spent some time looking up at the windowsill last night, I put her on it tonight. She ran about, sniffing it, decided she wanted to get out of the window at the corner, then end up wandering around the corner, where there's only really a thin sliver of windowsill. Fortunately I was ready and she fell off into my hand.

Missy on the windowsill

Missy on the windowsill

We had a holiday at my parents, where she got to run around in the hall. As I expected, once she found the cat litter she immediately thought "I'll have this" and tried to pouch it. She had to be removed from the cat litter tray.

She also tried to chew the mat. It's fine at my house, because mat's are cheap and it keeps her occupied. And in the light of her obsession with the sofa a mat seems much more harmless. But at my parents house their mat is built in and consequently doesn't need bits taking out of it by a hamster. She was surprisingly hard to remove from it when she had her teeth in it. She knows what "No" said firmly means and at one point looked at me when I said it, then carried on anyway.

She also discovered the stairs. Once she was up one she was up them all (until I stopped her climbing to the top). She wasn't quite so sure about coming down until she'd done a few.

Missy in shoes

Missy in shoes

Mirrored from my blog.


24 Apr 2017 07:27 pm
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The Doctor and Bill were great, the story could have been better, but I think I quite enjoyed it.
Read more... )

Pinch Hit #9

24 Apr 2017 09:30 pm
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A re-run of #6. Claim by commenting here with your AO3 username. The due date is Wednesday 26. April, 17:00 GMT, like with the other open pinch hit.

Dark Matter, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Enterprise )

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24 Apr 2017 06:26 pm
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1. I trapped my finger in the front door yesterday and it hurts so much and I'm being very brave. I keep covering it in arnica, and arnica keeps not making it better. My nail has a very pathetic little black smudge across it, that is all I have to show for my great distress.

2. I don't even care what happens in the snooker today, it's so incredibly liberating.

3. I've realised that the reason I've stopped telling you about Cheyenne is because he's stopped taking his shirt off. That's awful, isn't it? The other thing I'm finding hard is that I'm in season 5 and they're using a stunt double. I don't know, maybe they always did and I just really didn't notice, but oh my god. I keep getting really lost because fights look like Cheyenne isn't even in them and I think I've lost track of the whole plot, but then he gets up from the same fight. Or at one point someone got on a horse and rode off, and I was like 'who? what?' and then Cheyenne was elsewhere and I was like 'what? how???' It's apparently really hard to body double Cheyenne and they're barely even trying. It's not as bad as Hannibal in the a-team, but it's nearly as bad as Hannibal in the a-team.


24 Apr 2017 06:09 pm
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I swore I didn't want to mod another community, but I couldn't hold out any longer. I needed a place to squee, so please come and join me!

[community profile] rocinante 
For all of your Expanse squee, whether it's about the books, the TV series,
the amazing Belter language, or about the actors themselves.


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