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Donald Trump described anti-fascist and anti-racist demonstrators who converged on Boston as “anti-police agitators” on Saturday, in a tweet that seemed destined to revive the still simmering controversy over his remarks equating the far right and anti-Nazis in Charlottesville last weekend.

“Looks like many anti-police agitators in Boston,” Trump tweeted. “Police are looking tough and smart! Thank you.”

But he later seemed to back the right to demonstrate, posting: “Our great country has been divided for decades. Sometimes you need protest in order to heal, & we will heal, & be stronger than ever before!”

He added: “I want to applaud the many protestors in Boston who are speaking out against bigotry and hate. Our country will soon come together as one!”

Talking Meme #7

20 Aug 2017 10:02 am
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(I found this lurking unposted on my Dreamwidth. I wrote it on April 1st; I don't know why I didn't post it. I suppose a Talking Meme would be no fun if it didn't take me all year to get through it!)

For the Talking Meme, from [livejournal.com profile] dimity_blue: What are your favourite Dumas film adaptations?

I thought this was pretty funny for a minute, as I have only ever actually watched one Dumas film adaptation, and then I eventually remembered that I have in fact seen the 2011 Three Musketeers as well. I suppose I could also count the endless 1980s cartoon version, Dogtanian and the Muskehounds, but it's obvious that there's no competition here. Also I've never seen a Dumas film that isn't The Three Musketeers, so it's really not as if I'm an expert.

Anyway, my favouite out of this *cough* wide line-up is clearly the 1970s Richard Lester films. When I saw them first, I'd just read the unabridged English translation instead of the cartoon and the abridged Puffin version and decided it was one of my favourite things ever after all and that I would never watch an adaptation because no adaptation would get the tongue-in-cheek attitude of the book, and then my Dad made me watch this and while it alters some things, it does indeed get the tongue-in-cheek attitude of the book exactly right, and the cast are hard to beat: Michael Yorke, Richard Chamberlain, Faye Dunaway, Oliver Reed, Racquel Welch, Roy Kinnear, Spike Milligan, Christopher Lee and Charlton Heston.

Cut for graphic )

I have some quibbles about some things, maybe, and obviously it would have been nice if the director had actually paid the actors for two films instead of one, but it still wins easily out of all the three and a bit Three Musketeers adaptations I have seen.
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Extinguished by [livejournal.com profile] shivver13
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing/Characters: Ten, Donna
Rating: G
Words: 550

Author's summary: Another day, another alien vulnerable to common household objects.
Author's notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] who_contest's drabble challenge, "Eyes".

Dept. of Birthdays

19 Aug 2017 04:33 pm
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August Birthdays That I've Missed Until Now

Aug. 2 marked the birthday of 
[personal profile] tardis_stowaway . I miss talking to her about fandoms we both love - Who, the MCU, Sherlock (I still believe in John/Sherlock/Mary!) - and anything else that catches our interest. She's a good writer, and a lovely person. So, lovely person, I hope you had a good birthday, and I hope the coming year will be good to you; more than good, great. I also hope to see you around these parts soon!

On Aug. 8, 
[personal profile] the_arc5  had her birthday. The last thing she posted over on/here on LJ was a fantastic 2011 commentary on "The God Complex" from Dr. Who; it was fantastic, and I still occasionally reread it, for the keen understanding of humans and the human condition that I think it shows. I don't know what she's doing, or whether she is ever online in this neighborhood. If she is, I hope she accepts this belated birthday wish. 

Then, on Aug. 10, 
[personal profile] hawkmoth  celebrated her birthday. Once again, this is someone I haven't seen around here for a year or so, and someone I'd love to see again. She is a very good fic writer, and she's also an interesting person. If you're out there, or auditing posts from people, I hope you see this, and know that someone who likes you on LJ is wishing you a belated birthday!

A little closer to the actual date, 
[personal profile] stillbrainfried  celebrated a birthday on Aug. 18. She shares my love of the Ninth Doctor, and of Rose; I hope you had an excellent birthday, and that the year to come is good one for you.*

*I know I say that to almost everyone to whom I wish a happy birthday - and it's because I truly do wish that for everyone. 365 days of decency, happiness, support, creativity and, above all, love given, received, and shared; a gift I hope everyone gets on their birthday. 


Naart Day 19 Crayon bison

19 Aug 2017 07:41 pm
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sooo sleeepy- I have totally warped my sleep schedule. On the bright side I did at least attempt all the poses in my old Beginner's Yoga book, so maybe I'll get to sleep on time tonight.

Have a few more bison. :^)


I added them to the other one so now there's a herd in a design.


O'hana Means Family

19 Aug 2017 08:57 pm
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Birthday Bears
Red Liquorice from brother boy and Paddington from the 'rents. May family knows me.

It was my birthday on Monday - thanks to those who gave birthday wishes. To be very honest, it was a very hard day, speaking in terms of my mental health. I was utterly miserable, and spent most of it crying. The parents and the brother boy, bless them, tried really hard but it was just one of those days. Ironically by the end of the day I was feeling better, but then it was time for me to go to sleep because the being miserable had exhausted me. Typical, really.

The week has been pretty quiet - last week I had to go and get a filling replaced. Today was Film and Comic Con Glasgow and that was fun. Bumped into a couple of my friends who ended up in the queue right behind me, so went round the whole con with them. We all agreed it felt smaller somehow. I know there was another convention on, but usually you get a lot of passers by coming in thanks to the Garrison - a group of professional cosplayers. Largely Star Wars related. Good people, all, I know a lot of them but it's always one of those things that I see them out of cosplay and my mind blanks. Actually, I don't think the Garrison was spread out as far as they usually do so that could help to explain some things... Eh.

I did cosplay - Wednesday Addams. Broadway version. (Well, mostly as an excuse for my short hair. I got it cut for the hot weather and it can't do braids right now, so I say it's the Broadway incarnation. Though that did lead to the general agreement of getting a crossbow for future uses of the cosplay.) First time ever, I ran into other Addams Family cosplayers - they were Gomez and Morticia. Was cool. Also got given a lovely gift from my friends.

Ohana Means Family

The porcelain of it is really pale though - that's the best of the pictures, the rest look really washed out or fuzzy. It is utterly adorable though, and I have no idea what to get them for their birthday in return. I've got time though, which is good.

Erm... not much else I can think of? Probably going to check out the American Death Note when it hits Netflix on the 25th. I'm genuinely curious. I also need to re-get the live action movies. I did have the DVDs but they stopped working so I got rid. Need to replace them.

Hope everyone's doing well!

Doodle Naart Day 18

18 Aug 2017 08:12 pm
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Really zonked today, going to need 2nd nap of the day, so here's a quick doodle, think otherwise I'll sleep through til tomorrow! Am behind on commenting, sorry, but sooo tired....


Interesting times.

18 Aug 2017 11:57 pm
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On Tuesday we decided to get out of the house and away from our area, so we drove over to Shropshire - about an hour and a half away. The plan was that Dave would walk up a couple of Big Hills and I would do some drawing/painting.

Nice idea, but... )

Yesterday, by contrast, we drove 'Oop North', stopping for lunch with friends in Selby and arriving here at half past six.
We're in Washington. The original. )
Distinctly interesting news. The horror of Catalunya, the sadness of the passing of Brucie and the hmmm of Bannon, all within 24 hours. We stayed in a Barcelona hotel on Las Ramblas, which has been in a lot of the news footage. Why must we live in such interesting times?
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This is not even an interim con report, because I slept approximately an hour before my panel on lycanthropy at nine this morning and I have spent most of the afternoon either at other people's readings or mooching around the dealer's rooms (I have three beautiful postcards by Darrell Tutchton and a half-pack of Dwight Frye character cards that I bought from the aptly monikered Mike Hunchback) and in slightly less than an hour I have to moderate a panel on the Lovecraftian erotic, but as we were passing through the lobby of the Biltmore Hotel I spied a flatscreen TV with the sound off and the text crawl at the bottom of the screen confirmed that Bannon is out of the White House, so I'm sure all sorts of unpleasantness will spin off that with his Breitbart base—roll on the globalist conspiracies—but at the moment it feels like genuinely good news out of our government and it's been a long time since that happened. Oh, and earlier today I was handed a translucent lime-green plastic tentacle, so I have been carrying it around in my coat like a reasonable person: in other words, there is a tentacle in my pocket, but I'm still happy to see you. So far, NecronomiCon, so good.

Spectre Requisitions

18 Aug 2017 05:05 pm
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There's an exchange called Spectre Requisitions, which is for rarer 'ships in the Mass Effect fandom. It's a lot of fun, and I've participated in it the last two years.

Anyway, I seriously lucked out on my gifts this year, so I need to flail about them a little. I know that I have some Mass Effect fans over here on DW, so maybe some of you will of interest.

First, for a treat, I received a lovely piece of artwork. ♥ I absolutely adore F!Shepard/Garrus/Tali (to the point that 15% of the works on the AO3 about that relationship are fics by me), so I was absolutely thrilled to get the notification for that.

But my actual gift really wins everything. Because someone wrote me 22k words of Ashley/F!Shepard/Kaidan, based on a prompt that I've included in various exchanges for something like three or four years now. It's amazing, and you should totally go read it if you're even remotely intrigued by the idea of that relationship.
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to ask whether any kindly person was running www.hasstevebannonbeenfiredyet.com:

The Independent: Steve Bannon: Trump 'decides to remove chief strategist' from White House role
CBS live updates (warning: autoplays stuff)

"A person close to Bannon" said it was TOTALLY HIS IDEA Y'ALL, IT'S ALL PART OF HIS MASTER PLAN DON'T YOU SEE.

ETA: Recommended: http://plaidadder.tumblr.com/post/164338863264/goodbye-steve-bannon-you-were-fired-too-late

Need advice

18 Aug 2017 12:33 pm
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 To all my fellow writers,

If you write it, how easy or difficult does writing romance or romantic scenes come to you?  I have recently realized...I'm not good at it. (I tried my hand at writing one or two pieces earlier this year and in the past, which I either will not post or am embarrassed by since they are attempts at romance that devolve into Cliche Storms. ) And are there any tricks to getting it right? 
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Thanks to folks at [community profile] thisfinecrew for links, and links that led to other links among the following:

Solidarity Cville: Donate -- suggestions and links for local groups to support

Indivisble: Stand in Solidarity with Charlottesville - Find an Event

The Nation: Here’s What You Can Do After Charlottesville

Indivisible: Are Your Members of Congress Doing Enough to Respond to the Charlottesville Terrorist Attack? -- though this is several days old and therefore lacks a script for HOLY FUCK THE PRESIDENT IS DEFENDING NEO-NAZIS (EVEN MORE) WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

SPLC releases new edition of Ten Ways to Fight Hate guide after Charlottesville attack

Politico: GOP chairmen resist hearings on white supremacy

They don't want it. Demand it.

[tumblr.com profile] plaidadder: Three Democratic members of the House have introduced a censure resolution.

You can read the text here.

Censure is a formal reprimand. It is not legally binding, but it is rare, and Sends a Message. MoveOn.org originally organized around a campaign to get Congress to censure Clinton instead of impeaching him.

This may be an attempt to accomplish something less difficult than impeachment; or it may be a trial run to see how many Republicans are ready to jump from the Trump Train.

ETA: Politico: Pelosi endorses censure of Trump over Charlottesville response -- apparently at least 79 Democrats have signed.

Not directly Charlottesville-related, but interesting and could be worth asking your reps to support:

H.R.1987 - Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity Act

To steal Wikipedia's explanation: "This bill would replace the Cabinet as the body that, together with the Vice President, determines whether Section 4 should be invoked. Under the bill, an eleven-member commission would conduct an examination of the President when directed to do so by a concurrent resolution of the Congress."

(Which, basically, shifts the power to forcibly 25th-Amendment the President back towards Congress to a greater degree, as opposed to depending entirely on the Cabinet which that President apppointed.)
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Still alive and (somewhat) kicking.

We're coming on the end of fiscal year at work, which means evaluations and reviews and I am... just augh, no. Go away stupid things that don't do me any good and make me anxious and annoyed. My skills at bullshitting have got me through the last two, not so sure that will work now. Newboss is a bit more... sticklerish.

In case anyone was wondering, yes I do think Nazis are bad. The fact our president couldn't say that is... unsurprising. Anyone who voted for him is to blame by proxy for the deaths that happened over the weekend.

On another subject, I'll be at Dragoncon again this year.

Naarmamo Aug 17 Crayon bison

17 Aug 2017 07:59 pm
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Stayed up til SEVEN A.M. reading fic. So so dumb. Oh, well... so here's a crayon drawing of an American bison (at least I THINK it's an American bison, the European bison/wisent is supposed to have a more hairy tail.)

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Archived from Livejournal

What I've Finished Reading

Could I possibly have enjoyed The Man in the Brown Suit more? Maybe we could all have done with a little less colonial condescension along the African tourist route, but that's in character for Anne “the Adventuress” Beddingfeld, whom I suspect has more than a few things in common with Agatha Christie. This book includes a brief but lively description of surfing, and this glimpse into Anne's internal monologue:

"This is South Africa," I kept saying to myself industriously. "South Africa, South Africa. You are seeing the world. This is the world. You are seeing it. Think of it, Anne Beddingfeld, you pudding-head. You're seeing the world."

There are actually two narrators: Anne, who is a delight, and the unreliable memoirst Sir Eustace Pedlars, whose diary fills in some helpful details along the way. TMitBS is a rom-com nearly as much as a mystery-adventure – of the Hollywood Comedy Atavism type, wherein the plucky career girl wants nothing more than to be slung over the shoulder of The Right Man and dumped on the floor of a rustic cabin while he paces around going, “Don't tempt me, Anne!” (one of many actual lines spoken in this book). There's enough dubious philosophy about men and women to fill a small but very dubious book. Some readers will probably find this annoying. I found it funny. Christie and I are just going to have to agree to disagree about whether or not strangling is attractive.

Technically, this is another story in which all labor unrest is the work of criminal masterminds, but the writing is so much more assured than in The Secret Adversary (the refreshingly strangulation-free adorableness of Tommy and Tuppence notwithstanding) that I just went with it. Great fun all around.

What I'm Reading Now

“That's queer,” I ejaculated suddenly beneath my breath.

Poirot Investigates is a collection of eleven short stories in which. . . Poirot investigates. The first, “The Adventure of the Western Star,” is a cleverish diamond-heist plot with surprise ethnic slurs and a a twist that is either racist or a depiction of the casual racism of its characters, take your pick.

In “The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor,” Poirot solves a case of suspicious death using a combination of word-association and fake ghosts. “The Case of the Cheap Flat” is mostly a joke about how you can't get a cheap flat in London. I enjoyed “The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge,” wherein Hastings has to be the detective because Poirot has the flu! Of course he makes a botch of it, despite being guided by delightful Poirot telegrams:

Of course black-bearded man was not Havering only you or Japp would have such an idea wire me description of housekeeper and what clothes she wore this morning same of Mrs. Havering do not waste time taking photographs of interiors they are underexposed and not in the least artistic.


Still in the middle of A Conspiracy of Paper, whose first-person narrator is still getting in the way a little.
I don't think there's anything wrong with him particularly, but it's harder to sell the kind of atmosphere Liss is selling (an atmosphere of generous historical infodumping) when a supposedly contemporary narrator keeps taking it upon himself to explain his own cultural assumptions at length to his audience. A good old-fashioned third person omniscient might have gone over better. Partly I'm having trouble keeping the story straight, which is undermining any suspense that may have been intended. But I'm still reading it, so it can't be too bad, right? I don't think it's bad. We'll see what happens by the end.

What I Plan to Read Next

I've got another round of Agatha Christie waiting for me, starting with The Secret of Chimneys, but I might read Maisie Dobbs first. It's a contemporary historical mystery about an ex-WWI nurse who opens a detective agency in 1929, and the front-cover blurb enjoins me to "Be prepared to be astonished." New York Times Book Review, I am always prepared to be astonished.

When My Ship Comes In Wednesday

12 Oct 2016 12:46 pm
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Archived from Livejournal

What I've Finished Reading

Donkey Boy is heartbreakingly specific and as inexplicable as childhood. Not much has changed since we last saw the Maddison family, except that there are two more children now and everyone is a little more bitten and a little more shy. Hetty tries to make Dickie happy, but he doesn't believe he can be happy and he won't let anything go; he blows up horribly at his whole family over some toast that was spoiled by the coal fire; everything that ought to be a funny story feels like an assault on his dignity. Meanwhile, little Phillip, lonely and confused, acts out in ways nobody understands, himself least of all. He sings to himself at night a song of the world that no one can be allowed to hear. What he's becoming, who can say? He might be grown up and married himself before he knows, if he ever does know. It's not like the years did his father any good.

What I'm Reading Now

I never got around to making a separate post for The Count of Monte Cristo, but rest assured it's still the best thing since freedom young love living parents finding a pile of gold in a grotto. Spoilers below through Chapter 30!


No tricks, no metaphors, just a big pile of diamonds in a trunk. And no Sierra Madre sadness, either; Dantes fills his pockets with diamonds and boards the ship, no questions asked, no diamonds inconveniently rolling out onto the deck and prompting inconvenient curiosity. This is completely plausible! Sailors don't live cheek by jowl or anything. Why would anyone notice a thing like that? He's also able to sell a bunch of jewels to the first dealer he runs across without tripping any kind of “where'd you get 16 giant diamonds buddy” wire in the local law enforcement and bandit communities. I'm kind of in awe of Dumas' handwaving skills here. In order to roll the plot forward, he needs to sidestep any trouble about the money, so he blithely informs us there's no trouble about the money. NEXT PLOT POINT.

Of course he can't take the whole haul with him; there's too much of it, so we're treated to a description of how carefully he hid the secret entrance to the secret treasure grotto. There's no count in evidence on Monte Cristo, unless DANTES HIMSELF IS THE COUNT. Unless someone else manages to steal his carefully hidden secret GIANT TREASURE HOARD or take over the island by force I don't see what's stopping him from calling himself whatever he wants.

So Dantes is suddenly incredibly wealthy, with a big box of more wealth waiting for him to come back and scoop it up. Triumph soon gives way to SADNESS, though, as Dantes returns to his hometown and is overcome with emotion. It's time for Dantes to learn what we've already been told: his dad is dead. Mercedes has vanished. It's a nice touch that the people now living in his father's apartment are a very young couple, just like he and Mercedes were supposed to be – a ghost of the life that was stolen from him.

Then, Caderousse is back! Dantes goes IN DISGUISE (as his own dead abbe friend) to the house of everyone's my favorite spineless drunk to get the deets on his father, Fernand, Danglars, and Mercedes. He tricks Caderousse into spilling the dirt on everyone by luring him into a fake Dumas plot. Here Dantes learns that Danglars and Fernand betrayed him, that they're both super wealthy and successful, and that Mercedes is married to Fernand . :(

We also learn that M. Morrel, who tried to help Dantes and failed so spectacularly, is now in dire financial straits – he's lost all his ships but one, and that one is missing, and he's on the verge of bankruptcy.

Then there's a stunning interlude, possibly my favorite thing that's happened in the book so far. Dantes buys M. Morrel's last remaining ship, the missing one (in a different disguise) and then visits M. Morrel, presenting himself as his largest creditor and offers to delay his debts so that he can put off declaring bankruptcy – even as he learns that the last ship has been destroyed. The way the debts are eventually forgiven is amazingly baroque – he delivers the receipts to Morrel's daughter Julie via clandestine appointment at the last minute; why not a week before the bill was due? SUSPENSE, of course. “This is the most ridiculous melodrama I have ever seen,” I thought, even as I could hardly breathe because I didn't know if Julie was going to come back in time to prevent Morrel from shooting himself. I was afraid to keep reading! But of course I had to keep reading or I would be in suspense forever, and that's no way to live. SPOILER: SHE'S JUST IN TIME. As if that weren't enough, Dantes has built a replica of the lost ship, brand new, with its name in new paint, and sailed it into harbor full of its lost cargo. A miracle! Anything at all could happen from now on, but I already love Alexandre Dumas forever. How does anyone dare to write something so beautiful and shameless? I haven't felt this way since Gallifrey came back to life.

Now, apparently, it's time for REVENGE. Dantes informs us of this change of focus in a monologue as he slips quietly out of town. I don't know if I'll like revenge as much as Doing Nice Things for the Morrel Family, but Dumas hasn't failed me so far.

THE BEST. I can't wait to see what Dumas has up his sleeve this week.

What I Plan to Read Next

Young Phillip Maddison: more like Phillip SADdison. Another one I'll probably have to purchase new through Faber Finds, since the university library's Williamson coverage is patchy (and the city library's nonexistent), though I'll check used first. Someone actually bought the copy of The Dark Lantern that I took to the bookstore! So at least one other person is reading these, even if they're unlikely to come back and talk to me about it.

Not Much of a Murder Monday

10 Oct 2016 12:43 pm
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Archived from Livejournal

What I've Finished Reading

I've just finished Murder on the Links for the second time, and it's just as bafflingly dull as it was the first time. I'm not at all sure why: it's got plenty of twists; there's an unofficial Detective Competition, Poirot is Poirot and Hastings is an idiot. There's no shortage of alarming discrepancies, dark secrets, and layer after layer of people shielding one another from justice. But I lost more time dozing off in the middle of chapters than actually reading.

No such complaint about The Mysterious Affair at Styles – it's just as energetic and suspenseful as Links is inexplicably boring.

Is it the pacing? Is it France? I don't know what happened with Links. Hastings acquires a girlfriend and she's pretty likable, though what she sees in Hastings is never made clear (he is a decent chap who enjoys a good breakfast and has Opinions About Women).

What I'm Reading Now

The Man in the Brown Suit begins unpromisingly with spies, but continues DELIGHTFULLY with a young first-person narrator, Anne “Anne the Adventuress” Beddingfeld, whose late father was “one of England's greatest living authorities on Primitive Man” and who finds herself, shortly after his death, alone in the world save for information pertaining to a suspicious subway accident and just enough money for a passage to South Africa. Some sort of shenanigans are building aboard the ship, but what? I hope it's not spies.

David Liss' A Conspiracy of Paper is narrated by its main character, Benjamin Weaver, a Jewish ex-boxer and persuader-of-all-trades in eighteenth-century London. So far it's mostly a research delivery system, but not a bad one. Weaver does a lot of rough things in this rough city, and his matter-of-fact narration (with occasional supplementary digression on why he prefers not to hit women) can be both awkward and disconcerting, but he has my attention.

What I Plan to Read Next

Poirot Investigates and Watson's Choice, followed by some books I bought at the Friends of the Library book sale.

Little Colonel

17 Aug 2017 06:48 am
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I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a series of posts about the Little Colonel books. I’ve read so many books from the era, it could all go to such good use contextualizing everything that’s going on in the Little Colonel - the good and the "why the hell did you just write that???"

And also there’s all this pent-up squee about the Lloyd/Ida possibilities that just needs to go somewhere.

Would anyone be interested?

A-Level results day...

17 Aug 2017 11:39 am
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And Miss M is off to Cambridge!!!


She will be studying Philosophy.

They asked for A*AA and she achieved A*A*A!

/proud mother


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