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In your own space, create a fanwork. A drabble, a ficlet, a podfic, or an icon, art or meta or a rec list. A picspam. Something. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Well, I've been going back through my blue notebook lately and aiming to type up anything I find that's short and complete and reasonable - and guess what? I found two extra Kenny ficlets from the 50ficlets challenge I'd been doing. And since I don't intend to reclaim that prompt, here they are for Day 9. (I don't think they'll appeal to any non-PG folks; they're not especially spoilery, but they need some knowledge of the two eps, or of S5 and There Are Crocodiles to make full sense. Or so I think anyway.)

Title: And Wrapped Up With A Bow On Top
Author: [personal profile] lost_spook
Claim: Kenny Phillips
Prompt: 29: Special Delivery
Fandom: Press Gang
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 555
Summary: Lynda’s got a message for Kenny.
Notes/Warnings: Refs to S5 ep Friendly Fire (or filling in the obvious gap in that episode.)

Special Delivery )

Title: Right or Wrong?
Author: [personal profile] lost_spook
Claim: Kenny Phillips
Prompt: 16: Right or wrong?
Fandom: Press Gang
Rating: PG/Teen
Word Count: 655
Summary: It’s just another middle of the night call from Lynda.
Notes/Warnings: Refs to S5 ep Head and Heart (also vaguely Monday-Tuesday, Shouldn’t I Be Taller, S1, and The Last Word, S3). Discussion of suicide. (S5 being S5.)

Right or Wrong? )
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Okay, I'm a little startled to be making one of these posts today, because I finally (a week or so back) got round to typing up one that had been in my notebook since April:

Prompt 35: Lucky Break
Kenny’s been reunited with the girl who may be the (accidental) love of his life. Too bad he’s only got one hour to make an impression – and the rest of the news team seem determined to get in the way…
Lucky Break
(999 words. All ages. Kenny Phillips, Frazz Davis, Tiddler, Sarah Jackson, Colin Mathews, Kelly. Kenny/Kelly).

...And then decided that barring the two I've been saving on my hardrive to finish with, I would give up the claim, because I'd done all I wanted to with it, and I keep going way over the limit and having to cut back when I do write them. So I can only blame putting together the previous post, and watching an episode for the following. Either that, or I went crazy, of course. Many apologies for committing Kenny/Lynda and any implied cruelty to animals. Again, see the previous post...)

Prompt 37: Feeling Good
Kenny’s only ever cruel when he’s in a really good mood…
That Time of the Week
(453 words, All ages. S3. No spoilers. Kenny Phillips, Lynda Day.)

Prompt 39: Chaos Theory
Kenny ends up on the first year school trip with Colin, and the body count keeps rising…
Cruelty to Dumb Beasts
(963 words, All ages. Pre-series. Kenny Phillips, Colin Mathews, Lynda Day.)

Prompt 17 : Love/Hate
Lynda’s always screwed up the emotional stuff, but maybe there’s a reason for that – one that has nothing whatsoever to do with Spike Thomson…
(993 words. All ages. S5 / Post series AU. Kenny/Lynda. Julie Craig, Kenny Phillips, Lynda Day).
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A strange thing happened today (and not just that I woke up and realised yesterday I'd posted fic scary enough for Hallowe'en in all the wrong ways) - I found I had written enough ficlets for the [livejournal.com profile] 50ficlets challenge to make another update post, for the first time since May. (Although I did write one of these three in July, I suppose.)

So here goes - update on the Press Gang/Kenny ficlets:

Prompt: 36: Eating Out
Kenny and Lynda have got a table booked in one of Norbridge’s finest restaurants. The question is: what’s Lynda up to this time?
Dining Out
(841 words, All ages, S2, No spoilers. Kenny Phillips, Lynda Day, Spike Thomson).

Prompt 23: Aches & Pains
Finding someone to replace the assistant editor is tough work, especially if you’re Lynda Day.
Next Contestant, Please (or Five Times Lynda Fired People for Not Being Kenny
(638 wods, All ages, pre-S4. Mild Spoilers. Lynda Day, Sarah Jackson, Frazz Davis, Kenny Phillips).

Prompt 10: Light and Dark
Lynda may or may not have her reasons for what happened, but she does know how to make things work to her advantage, certainly when it comes to getting somebody back from the other side of the world.
Silver Lining
(238 words, All ages, Spoilers for series finale. Lynda Day)
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Two more:

Prompt 19: Lost & Found
Stars collide and Kenny runs into his Wrong Number, but as usual the universe hasn’t finished with him yet.
Love, Fate and Destiny
(864 words, All ages, Kenny Philips, Kelly/Dublin Girl. Kenny/Kelly. Set between S3 & 4.)

Prompt: 15 Good or Bad
Sometimes life is a mixed up fairy tale with no guaranteed happy endings, Prince Charming doesn't want to know about the damsel in distress, Red Riding Hood is out to get the wolf; the wicked queen's not so evil and Jiminy Cricket has his dark side.
Not A Fairy Tale
(999 words, All ages, S3, No spoilers. Kenny Phillips, Lynda Day, Tiddler, Spike Thomson, Sarah Jackson, Colin Mathews, Frazz Davis. This is the one I was complaining about…)
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Ficlets for this week:

Prompt 48: Talk to Me
Does Mr Sullivan really hate Kenny?
Must Try Harder
(928 words, All ages. Kenny Phillips, Lynda Day, Mr Sullivan, Mr Winters. In S1 Kenny claims that Sullivan hates him. Given that Kenny’s one of the brightest students, and Mr Sullivan one of the best teachers, this seemed in need of explanation…)

Prompt 05: Will Never Be
It only takes a couple of days for Kenny and Lynda to break the friendship of a lifetime, and all over a piece of paper. Or maybe it’s more complicated than that.
Nails and Horseshoes
(994 words, PG, Kenny Phillips, Lynda Day, Spike Thomson. AU S5 in which Kenny didn’t go to Australia. Given where the series ends up, would something like this have happened?)

(I had real trouble keeping the second one down to the word limit, so I hope it does still make sense. I think so, but then I know what I meant to write... Edit: I gave in - version with 1000 extra words below the cut.)

Nails and Horseshoes - Press Gang AU )
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Only two over two weeks, but here they are:

Prompt 49: You’re Mine
Sam’s fed up with waiting for Kenny to get the point, so now she’s going to spell it out.
(717 words, All ages, Kenny Phillips, Sam Black, Lynda Day. Kenny/Sam. Post S2 finale).

Prompt 38: Beautiful Disaster
Sam promised Kenny he could dump her when they were through. This is harder than it seems.
Breaking Up Is Hard To DO (Or Five Times Kenny Tried to Dump Sam).
(995 words, All ages, Kenny Phillips, Sam Black, Lynda Day. Sam/Kenny. No spoilers S2/3, and completely uncanonical.)
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Well, I'm back and will be catching up with people presently over the next few days (I hope - I was a bit erratic last week with actually keeping up properly even when I was here). Plus, I need to actually watch Saturday's DW at some point (hopefully tomorrow!), as everyone's doing reaction posts all over the place. I may have to hide until then, or write, or something. I had a nice weekend in Somerset seeing all my family. And I do mean ALL of them in this case!!

Anyway, my weekly update on [livejournal.com profile] 50ficlets. (You can tell it wasn't the best of weeks, as I felt the need to get morbid!)

Prompt 25: Make Me
Spike gives Kenny personality lessons. Shame Kenny can’t give Spike lessons on Lynda.
How To Be Cool
(820 words, All ages, Kenny Phillips, Spike Thompson. Again, refs to S2 finale Rock Solid and The Big Finish?)

Prompt 41: Time & Tide
Kenny seems to have a lot in common with his Grandad. This is probably a good thing.
Que Sera Sera
(574 words, All ages, Kenny Phillips, Sean Phillips. Ref to S3 episode Chance is a Fine Thing in which Kenny finds an old love letter his Grandad, Sean Phillips, never received.)

Prompt 22: Bone Deep
It’s another middle of the night phone call… (Kenny, and There Are Crocodiles.)
Concerning Crocodiles
(999 words, PG, Kenny Phillips, Mrs Phillips, Mrs Day. I seriously don’t know whether to label this MAJOR SPOILERS OF DOOM for the series finale There Are Crocodiles or no spoilers at all…)

Prompt 16: Right or Wrong
What’s worse: what Lynda does under pressure, or that Kenny can’t break their friendship to save his life?
It’s Not What Friends Do
(542 words, All ages, Kenny Phillips, Lynda Day, Spike Thompson. Vague spoilers for S3 two parter The Last Word. Also, I’m not entirely happy with this one.)
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Whoops, the ficlets are getting longer. Better watch out, before they turn into fic!

Prompt 28: Flash back
When Kenny met Lynda.
Red Letter Day
(830 words, All ages, Mrs Day, Mrs Phillips, Kenny Phillips, Lynda Day.)

Prompt 14: Heaven & Hell
Kenny finds himself in Colin’s world and before he knows it, he’s been seduced, set-up, packaged and sold.
Kenny Phillips Rock Star
(973 words, All ages, Kenny Phillips, Colin Mathews, Lynda Day. Spoilers for S2 ep Rock Solid.)

Prompt 46: Coming Out
Sam wants Kenny centre stage, but Colin, (and Lynda, Spike and life in general) have got him cowering under his desk.
I Need A Hero
(906 words, All ages, Kenny Phillips, Sam Black, Lynda Day. Follows on from the previous ficlet, so again, spoilers for Rock Solid. Sam/Kenny)

Prompt 04: Missing You
Shouldn’t I Be Kenny?
(470 words, All ages, Julie Craig, Kenny Phillips, Lynda Day. Spoilers for S4 & 5 generally.)
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Ficlets for this week:

Prompt 02: Me & You
Kenny and Lynda know each other much, much too well…
What Friends Are For
(920 words, All ages, Kenny, Lynda, S2).

Prompt 08: Hit or Miss
The universe is out to get Kenny, and he’s not going to stand for it any more.
Wrong Number
(715 words, PG, Kenny, Lynda, Spike, Kelly/Dublin Girl; spoilers for S2 ep Love and the Junior Gazette).

Prompt 50: Give & Take
Lynda has a present for Kenny. Seriously, she’s trying to be nice. Really. It might be the end of the world.
Better Late Than Never
(560 words, All ages, Kenny, Lynda, S2. Some ref to Going Back to Jasper Street.)

(I thought I wasn't going to write any, but I got a bit carried away again last night and Friday. I was trying to capture some of the Kenny-Lynda early S2 interaction, and then realised I had also reached Love and the Junior Gazette and got excited, because Kenny falling in love with a wrong number is, I have to confess, my very favourite thing# in the whole of Press Gang. (As Lynda points out a year later: "Kenny, most people don't take this long to get over a wrong number!") Hence three ficlets, mostly hastily written. Erm.

# Edit: Except, obviously for Colin dressed as a pink rabbit.
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I said this week would see less,didn't I? (I think I wrote both of these last Sunday):

Prompt #01: Black & White
Leaving is always a betrayal in Lynda’s world.
Don't Say Goodbye
(All ages, 585 words, Kenny Phillips, Lynda Day. S3/4. Minor spoilers for S4.)

Prompt #09: Touch Me
Lynda’s not the only female on the Gazette staff who’ll resort to shameless manipulation to get what she wants.
All That She Wants
(All ages, 497 words, S2, Kenny Phillips, Sam Black, Sam/Kenny)
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My progress so far (my claim being Kenny from Press Gang), seeing as I haven't actually posted anything but the table here:

Prompt 06: First Love
It’s Saturday night and Kenny should be out on the first real date he’s ever had, with a girl he’s crazy about. In a world without Lynda Day he would be…
Love and Punishment Slips (781 words, all ages, Kenny, Lynda, minor spoilers for S1 ep How To Make a Killing.)

Prompt 13: Hand on Heart:
So how does Kenny justify having been at his Aunt’s funeral on no less than 8 occasions?
Excuses and Dead Aunts (414 words, all ages, Kenny Phillips, no spoilers).

Prompt 30: Boys and Girls
Spike wants to ask a question Kenny really doesn’t want to answer: So, Kenny and Lynda…?
Boys and Girls and Lynda Day (626 words, all ages, Kenny, Spike, Lynda, no spoilers)

Prompt 32: Finding out
Lynda’s gone and Kenny’s asking himself questions. So is Sarah Jackson. (Set mid S1 ep Shouldn’t I Be Taller?)
What Am I Without You? (565 words, Kenny, Sarah Jackson, minor spoilers).

(Yep, I got a bit carried away this week.)
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Yes, I'm crazy, but I've wanted to do things with prompts for a while and [livejournal.com profile] 50ficlets looks fun and flexible. I've been trying to decide what prompt to claim, but a mix of things (mostly talking to [livejournal.com profile] belantana and [livejournal.com profile] paranoidangel42 made me think it might be interesting to do Press Gang Kenny fic (especially looking at the Kenny-Lynda friendship) and I'm on a rewatch of the series, now I own the lot on DVD, so that should work out. (Sorry - probably won't interest many of you!)

Prompt table under cut )


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