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Okay, so I have been tiring myself out doing various things, one of which was this! I know most of you aren't interested in Carry On films, understandably, but anyway I didn't think I could manage this before I started (I collected the clips in a sort of spirit of mild hopefulness and lack of anything better to do), but I did!

A Girl Like You - fanvid for the women of the Carry On films:
Might even be a proper fanvid... )
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Since some kind people have been reading their way through my story without having a clue about Carry Ons or what these people look like, a nice bit of pic spam for those who've followed me this far:
Carry On Cowboy pic spam )
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Okay, I had fun watching Carry on Cowboy, cos little things please me.  Angela Douglas, who often plays the seemingly sweet and innocent heroine in several Carry Ons also ended up being Doris and marrying the Brigadier in Doctor Who.  I only realised this recently and I was prepared to entertain myself with the idea that the Brig eventually marries Annie Oakley (which is perfect, of course), but it turns out she's also Jon Pertwee's daughter in this one.

I know.  Got to find a life.  But isn't that great?  It cries out for crossover madness somewhere...


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