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It's a side-effect of obsessing about Sapphire & Steel.

I made this post a while two months ago, partly for me, partly to share, but then again, it does feel weird going on about "my" Elements and mental casting sometimes seems a bit odd too. However, I have this post, I did cast actors (it's such a visual show; it seemed a logical step if I was going to make up Elements, and there was no chance I wasn't) and [personal profile] swordznsorcery asked me about it the other day. So here it is. If people are going to be patient enough to read the resulting 100 Element Prompt fics, I might as well share the pictures, after all. (Also with links to the relevant Wiki pages, mainly for my own convenience.)

Medium atomic weights are available )
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From [livejournal.com profile] belantana, via some discussion: what sort of Element would be played by Nicola Walker (Ruth from Spooks)? With the rider that it had to be an actual element, and none of these silly metal alloys or gemstones. (Also, apparently, I fail at keeping belantana’s prompts to the length these things were supposed to be. I blame Nicola Walker - she'd make a lovely Element, and I'd like to try Antimony in a proper story. Which this isn't, not really...)

Title: Antimony
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 2121
Characters/Pairings: Antimony (OC), Steel, Sapphire, Silver.
Notes/Warnings: No spoilers. Mid/late 1980s, so post-series. (I did think about checking more than my memories of using a ZX Spectrum… but then realised that once you factor the way the games used to differ anyway, plus a sinister time thingy and four Elements, that would be silly. Any errors are due to the evil work of Time. Or Silver. Or Antimony.)

Summary: Sapphire and Steel need help from a different specialist after accidentally losing Silver inside a computer game.

Antimony )


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