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I've spent the best part of the day reposting things, and collecting links and so on. So I decided to share, even if nobody else may be grateful... In this post, you will find Brittas Empire fic recs, a clip, and a bit of fic I would never write. Except I just did.

Brittas Empire fannish things )
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Title How To Save A Life (Ish)
Author [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook
Rating All ages / PG
Characters Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones, Arnold J Rimmer / Ace Rimmer
Warnings Spoilers for Red Dwarf S7.

Summary Further proof if needed that Martha Jones can sort out the problems of the universe single-handed. Well, almost. Red Dwarf crossover.

Well, I returned home yesterday & didn't expect to be writing random fic with my day off, but there I was, playing with the crossover site again and re-reading JJPOR's Red Dwarf cross for the meme and remembering that I still needed to plague him (!) for sequels in which the Doctor keeps encountering Ace Rimmer at awkward moments (preferably at least one involving Ten and Donna) and then I had one of my own, but it turned out quite differently with a Rimmer who's sort of neither/nor. And stuff I should probably feel very very bad about... I don't think I do, though.

As usual, allow time for okaying onto Teaspoon.

Now I'll go and write something relatively sensible. I did leave Six, Evelyn and co fighting the Master, didn't I?

(And, yes, very nice trip, lovely wedding!)
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For [livejournal.com profile] jjpor, who asked for Rimmer meeting Brittas in the meme. Unfortunately, I could not get out of my head the other conversations that must have taken place around that time, so Kryten also meets Colin, Laura has a chat with Lister and Cat has an encounter with Carole and Linda.

Rimmer, Brittas, Kryten, Colin, Laura, Lister, Cat, Carole and Linda. (And Julie). )


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