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I haven't completed a bingo, but it's amnesty now, so nothing gets you actual points, and since I have now written 11 things for it, I decided that was enough, never mind getting five in a row!

In the last couple of days I added two things of pretty much no interest to anyone:

Public Service? : Public Eye meta (~1200 words. Non-spoilery.). Meta on the character of Frank Marker from Public Eye and how much he can and can't be said to prostitute himself (metaphorically at least). (For the bingo square "prostitution".)

I was contemplating possible bingos and that I could possibly use "prostitution" for Public Eye in relation to Frank, and then wrote this in almost no time at all. (I like the strips I made with my icons, but that is probably the only bit worth looking at.)

Fic: Human Development
(Teen, David Neville/Colin Webster). “A geneticist is always disturbed… look at your development. It’s quite extraordinary.” They’ve known each other forever, or near enough, but it’s a long road from there to here.

You may or may not recall that time I made a picspam of Children of the Damned and how I got myself through the film (it was a wee bit tedious, but it had more Alfred Burke and that was what I wanted at the time) by making up random ships and backstory, and... then I realised that that hypothetical backstory would fit really well into the earnest moral, and then I scribbled fic, and then I realised it would fit a bingo square... and yes. I paid for my folly, though. Not only did I have to watch whole scenes again, I also wasted far too much time trying to work out from Colin's scarf which Oxbridge college he (and presumably David Neville) went to. This, btw, via net and a black and white screencap is not possible. Little knowledge of anything beyond the picspam is needed to read this, but I can't imagine why anyone should want to. (I was, at that point, still contemplating a bingo.)

My final result on the card looks like this: Filled in card here )
Looking at it, I realise this probably qualifies as wilful refusal to achieve a bingo or something (a horsehoe shape should be a bingo, right?!), but I thought it was time to move on. The challenge finished two months ago now, and all I needed therefore was one fic to post in amnesty and I'd managed 10 and my first bit of meta. In all seriousness, though, I really did get a lot out of it. And that's what counts, rather than trying to finish that tentacles fic, or even dashing off a ficlet about theft.

So then of course I signed up for the March Amnesty challenge, to make 15 recs between these three prompts - incorporating 1, 2 or 3 of them, but 15 recs in total:

insomnia poisoning unrequited pining

Should be interesting... (There's no penalty if I don't make it, and I do like recs posts.)
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I made a silly picspam post about Children of the Damned over on LJ. (Sorry; this is still about not duplicating image-heavy posts.)


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