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30 icons made for the [community profile] hc_bingo square "hugs". I went back through all my screen caps looking for any iconable & expressive hugs and this was the result. Given the odd things I screen cap, it's a little motley, but on the other hand it covers a whole range of hugs from 1959-2013, which is quite nice in itself, after all. (Even if I may have used a pic to icon before, these are all new for the challenge.)


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I have been a bit AWOL, but for reasons and also now I have a vid! And, all right, so it is a vid of James Maxwell, BUT it is totally a vid containing cute children and animals, paper aeroplanes, stuffed toys, random barometers, wilful destruction of property, Emma Peel kicking ass, vampires, tea and coffee drinking, two Henry VIIs, rocks, Nazis, space ships, and an actual kitchen sink. Also epic hand-holding (but not anything like as much as there could have been).

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And, at some point, I will catch up with other stuff a bit. (♥)
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There is some good to this old TV watching of mine. Have some pretty pics of a fez-wearing Roger Delgado in Espionage (ITC 1963).

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I've been watching a very old TV series called Espionage (ITC 1963/4) (as I've mentioned a few times lately). It is an anthology series about spies, so each episode is a different story. I'm not sure what to make of it, to be honest, but I am enjoying watching it. It's an odd mix - ITC pretty and stellar casting, coupled with dollops of sentimentality, and occasional hackneyed dialogue, but with some interesting storylines and - which I think is its saving grace for me - a rather surprising cynicism and disapproval of espionage, war, and violence - and it's very critical about 'necessary' sacrifices - most episodes seem to conclude the cost is too high for both those who die and those required to be responsible for such decisions. With 1960s b&w pretty and amazing casts. So, I can't complain too much, even if for the first few episodes everyone cried so much it was bordering on overwrought.

So far I've watched about 9 episodes and have 13 more to go, so I reserve the right to change my mind.

Here are some not too long (and, as ever, not terribly serious) picspams for Alfred Burke in "Covenant With Death", James Maxwell in "The Final Question" and also some of "Light of a Friendly Star".

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So yesterday I spent time that should have been spent on other things writing fic for the Espionage episode I'd just watched. It was about a spy who is accidentally forced to kidnap the ten year old daughter of the British ambassador, and then there were shenanigans and tweeness after she turned out to be smarter than he was. Naturally, instead of just shooting her halfway through when she went on about stars, he took a bullet for her. Anyway, in short, I am a terrible person as I enjoyed it more than I like to admit. I wouldn't have written fic, though, but for the last line where the British Ambassador and the guy from British Intelligence seem to think that the girl is going to help the spy escape from the hospital while stopping off there on her way back to school and they were absolutely fine with that.

Which obviously made me go and write cracky fic about that and what on earth she would grow up to be, except then it went less cracky, I made it fit a hurt/comfort bingo square, and I think I may also have committed some tweeness while I was at it. I have no excuse, sorry.

(Also, hi, any new people. This is probably about par for the course with me these days, I fear. Feel free to run away now.)

Title: Stars in Their Courses
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 2966
Characters/Pairings: Kit Morley, Leo Brandt, Arnold Morley (Kit & Leo, Kit & Arnold)
Notes/Warnings: None.
Summary: Getting kidnapped by a spy should be frightening, but it seems to be the best thing that ever happened to Kit Morley.

For [community profile] hc_bingo square “forced to rely on enemy/rival” (only in a bit of a non-obvious way, perhaps). From the Espionage episode "Light of a Friendly Star", in which a spy kidnaps the daughter of the British Ambassador, who thinks that it's much more fun than going back to school. (Also, she can speak at least three languages and knows how to disable his car.)

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