29 Jan 2017 09:10 am
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If you're looking for some good things, Festivids has gone live!

I don't take part in it, but I watch enthusiastically from the sidelines every year - it's like Yuletide, but for vids, and it's generally pretty amazing and you're fairly safe to find at least one stunning vid for a fandom you didn't expect (and usually more).
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These are pretty much all of what I've watched, generally just trying the fandoms I know. (The vids are all still anonymous at this stage). You'll find any warnings/ratings on the vid posts.

Recs )

The full Masterlist is here if you want to check out what teeny tiny fandoms now have extremely shiny vids made for them. :-)
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1. Yay, people have already signed up for [livejournal.com profile] dw_guestfest! I am a happy and relieved fest-runner (even if I haven't sorted up my own sign-up yet.) Sign-ups stay open till the fest closes and prompting will be open until 27th Feb. Please do feel free to check it out, leave a prompt or sign-up!

(PS. Please do also pimp anywhere you can, as appropriate. I am tackling what comms I can think of, but any help is wonderful. There are banners you can c+p for promoting around LJ & Dreamwidth and the link here and I made a Tumblr post here for all your reblogging needs, although you can always make your own, betterer one. That is fine, too.)

2. Also, not something I'm involved in at all, but which I adore - [livejournal.com profile] festivids has gone live! Festivids is basically Yuletide for vidders, and it is always worth checking out the masterlist to see what amazing vids have been made in tiny fandoms. (I spy already, out of things I know, An Adventure in Space and Time, Bedknobs & Broomsticks, Persuasion & Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.) Anyway, a head's up for those of you who like vids, too! It's always awesome.

*goes off to watch some more*
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So [community profile] festivids went live yesterday and if you like fanvids at all, you might want to take a look at the Masterlist, because there are over 190 vids in tiny fandoms there and marvellous they all are, too. If you don't already know, it's like the Yuletide for vids.

This year, I went, looked, thought I didn't know almost any of the sources, and then of course, kept finding all these things I did and it's wonderful, and, as ever, I'm in awe of all the vidders. So here are a handful of recs from my scratched bit of the surface:

Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking (The Hollow Crown) Just amazing, really. If you only watch one (but why? why would you only watch one???), make it this one.

Beauty in the Breakdown (Amelie) So pretty and right.

Step Into Your Place (Blackadder Goes Forth) Really well done anyway, but it's the clever use of contemporary posters etc. that make it something special.

Just A Girl (Hogfather) I've still never seen this, this vid makes me think I really should. (Michelle Dockery, anyway.)

Glad You Came (Downton Abbey) Joyful DA and sort of all the reasons I keep happily watching, no matter what's happened.

Devils (BBC Gormenghast) Beautifully creepy and fitting.

And in the category of me flailing because I can't believe somebody vidded X, I give you Do What You Feel for Desperately Seeking Susan. (When we were teenagers, my sister and I had this recorded off the TV and watched it at least twenty times. Don't judge me, it was a thing. :lol:)

And lots, lots more.
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I'm not taking part in any way, but I've been keeping an eye on [livejournal.com profile] festivids, which is like [livejournal.com profile] yuletide for fanvids. (So 'rare' fandoms only). It went live today and I've had a little play with their masterlist and seen some lovely things, including 4 very nice Classic Who vids and a Red Dwarf one, but there are over 190, I think, so if you like fanvids at all, you'll probably find something unexpected to please you.

Anyway, because, try to forget it as I sometimes may, I am an 80s girl, so the new Best Thing Ever is this:

Perfect ensemble Goonies fanvid. I'm still smiling.


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