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In which I actually achieve a bingo! Hurrah! \o/ (Just have to work out to post to the comm now; I've never done a bingo before.)

Title: Subdivide and Multiply
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1778
Characters/Pairings: Slight Five/Tegan, implied Nyssa/Tegan, Turlough/Nyssa and possibly Five/Turlough. (Vague Five/Tegan/Nyssa/Turlough).
Notes/Warnings: AU from Terminus (in that Nyssa stays). It's a lot less shippy then it sounds.
Summary: Among the many things Tegan never planned, getting married to three aliens at once was definitely one of them, but that’s life on the TARDIS for you, or in this case, life off the TARDIS.

For [community profile] trope_bingo square “sharing a bed”, and directly from the discussion about Sedoretus I had a while back and [personal profile] john_amend_all’s comment that Doctor Who had the perfect Sedoretu in the shape of these four. (Allowing for Tegan/Nyssa, Five/Tegan, Turlough/Five and Turlough/Nyssa, with Turlough & Tegan and Nyssa & Five.) Somehow, the idea just wouldn’t go away, although I’m sure it could have been better done than this. It could certainly been far shippier, but that’s the trouble with me writing things. Also for [livejournal.com profile] livii in the 500 Prompts Meme - 44: This division must end – Five/Tegan (DW).

Subdivide and Multiply )
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The first four bits of resulting nonsense from the meme. As predicted, there was very little shippiness. I mean, have you got time for that sort of thing when you're doing the housework? ;-)

1. Doctor Who - Five/Tegan: mowing the lawn From [livejournal.com profile] eve11 (170 words)

Lawn-mowing ficlet )

4. B7 - Avon/Servalan: changing the light-bulb From [livejournal.com profile] lolmac (112 words)

How many enemies does it take to change a light-bulb? )

13. The West Wing - Sam Seaborn/Ainsley Hayes: washing the car - From [livejournal.com profile] astrogirl2 (213 words)

In which there may possibly be doughnuts )

Sapphire & Steel - Silver/Steel: alphabetising their CD collection From [livejournal.com profile] pitry (515 words).

Just imagining Steel and Silver having a shared CD collection to sort amused me muchly, because they really, really wouldn’t. And if they did, Steel’s would be tiny to non-existent, consisting of select instrumental pieces that he felt were not a potential threat to reality (taking a moment of time, physically recording it, and playing it over and over? That’s just asking for the end of the world, people). Silver would have by far the larger part of the collection, and it would be almost entirely made up of music he bought to annoy Steel (and a few things he thought were pretty). And in any case, he’d probably get bored with them and turn all the discs into something else.

So I wrote this:
Alphabetical order is vitally important )

(I've only used 9 out of 20 pairings, if anyone wants to assign any more tasks to the remaining people - the original post is here.)
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... so a sort of meme?

I've seen people messing with the drabble-matic thing (except it doesn't actually do drabbles - minus points for misuse of the term!). It asked for so much info, I didn't bother, but then thought if I put Five and Tegan in and just used words that went with them (beige, purple, cricket ball etc). It, um, well... It makes no sense whatsoever, but is bizarrely not unDW-like because it does include an attempt by one of the two to rule the world.

Disturbing Five/Tegan generated ficlet )

And I can't offer any explanation for what it gave me when i tried with Tarrant and Dayna. I mean, I know there's a lot of B7 slash, but it was a randomly generated ficlet. (I think it must be based on a certain type of fanfic cliche. Darn. Even when I put random words in a random generator, B7 won't do romance.)

More disturbing Tarrant/Dayna ficlet )

Okay, and then I did Blake and Jenna, and it came so near pr0n that I think I should stop now. But this generator definitely knows how B7 works as compared to DW. I am beginning to wonder if Orac is about on the nets...

Even more disturbing Blake/Jenna ficlet )
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I've finished my endless UNIT series, so now I'm contemplating WIPs. I have other shorter things to do, but I can go back to at least one long fic. I shall probably tackle the first, but here's most of what I have of them. Which one would people prefer? (Of course, I'll probably get mugged by a passing plot bunny, but I'll bear it in mind).

Please note, some of this may not have been corrected fully yet.

The Devil Is A Gentleman )

A Cauldron to Boyle Their Heads )

Another Inn, Another Girl )

And then in long-hand there's the Owl Service rip off for Eight and Lucie (sort of asked for by [livejournal.com profile] pitry Very sort of.), the one where Four, Sarah and Harry on get locked up for week, and probably others. Decisions...
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I wrote a Christmas story!  From a randomiser prompt, which gave me First Doctor/Tegan + Shopping.  What else could I do?

A Spot of Festive Shopping
Tegan, First Doctor, Ffth Doctor (All Ages)

The story )
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Just finished Between Times, a Five/Tegan story, but it ended up with terminal misunderstandings.  The only thing I could do to cheer myself up was to write a sort of fix for The Gathering.  I mean, I do love it.  Most of it.  But there are some things in it that could use fixing.  So I just did, with a little help from the Tenth Doctor, who's at a loose end at the moment, and was quite obliging about it.

A Handbag Story (All Ages)
In which Ten returns Tegan's handbag as she walks out of the warehouse, but what is he really up to?  (Don't worry, it is Five/Tegan, not Ten/Tegan).

(As of right now - 9:50pm, 6th Sept, it's not okayed onto Teaspoon.  If the link doesn't work yet, try later).
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 The only other narrator I've had so far is Gwen Cooper, who decided that it couldn't be worse than the day job.

Blurb )
Storytime! Gereint and Enid

Intro to story )

Oh, and, this is what Peri and Six are arguing about throughout:

gereint and enid (Peri and Six) )

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 Sometimes I ship... 

Here are my Tegan / Five stories:

Why )

In which Tegan's in a bad mood, Turlough says too much and the Doctor has to kiss the girl to save the day.

Info )


The Doctor and Tegan are in a strange house without their memories.  

Comment )

Romance in the Round.

It began in Banned Valentines when the Doctor and Tegan discover their true feelings on Valentine's Day.  Which has been banned in the Round as it only ever causes trouble, arguments and horrible murders.  Plus, nobody's about to give them any space or even believe them.

Banned Valentines taster )
The sequel Interference (in which Turlough causes trouble and the Master plays Cupid) I'm much happier with.   The Doctor's not talking to Tegan and there's trouble with a plot, a PLOT hole, the Master and Turlough.  And a coda with some vegetable jokes.  (I know.  I'm mad.)

Interference Taster )(I'll leave Geraint and Enid for when I start tackling the wonderful idea of Storytime...)


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