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Okay, I tried posting about this last night, but while I watched it, and the giggling made me incoherent. More incoherent than usual. Maybe.

Out of curiosity I went looking for some Look & Read/Words & Pictures stuff on YouTube and found the whole of Dark Towers here! It was v v funny. Even if you didn't have to watch this at primary school, there are Doctor Who and Stars Wars connections. (Oh, yes, there are.) I defy anyone not to start giggling at the narration. Which totally seriously tells us that "Tracey was a loner. She thought boys were daft." Or states the painfully obvious in a really DRAMATIC tone. Or tells us that the old coach house was very dark, when we can see it really wasn't.

Anyway, if you don't remember the 1980s (or, knowing teachers with video players, any time up to about 2000) or aren't British, the BBC used to make children's programmes for schools. They taught us how to do quite a bit of stuff, but Look & Read and Words & Pictures taught us how to read. Although looking at these now they definitely seem to indicate that reading too much will make you a weird loner and you'll talk like a prig. On the other hand, you will have DW-style adventures and catchphrases and things. And if you can't read, you'll look really stupid as you stumble over simple words, yep.

Anyway, here you can enjoy the LOLsome narration, watch DWM/Big Finish's Gary Russell being truly terrible as Edward (Tracey thinks he's crackers; although to be fair, he does improve once they forget he was supposed to be priggish and posh) and whether he's more hilarious or David Collings is as Lord Dark (Tracey thinks he's crackers, too) for acting as if he's in a normal drama, except when he's playing the Friendly Ghost (yep, Tracey thinks the Friendly Ghost is crackers as well; she may have a point.) There is also Christopher Biggins being a villain called Bunce. Or Benger. And Peter Mayhew (who is Chewbecca from Star Wars, I believe?) turns up as the Tall Knight, and is actually quite impressive. (Tracey doesn't think he's crackers). Or at least, compared to everything else.

Also, something I did know without watching this - I occasionally have trouble with S18-20 because the music sounds exactly like Look & Read. (And of course, it is, it's Peter Howell and the Radiophonic workshop behind it all.)

If Dark Towers doesn't ring any bells, follow the link about and the related videos give you Badger Girl, Fairground, The Boy From Space & Through the Dragon's Eye among other things. (I haven't tried watching those. I have a feeling the hilarity would be significantly less. I suspect some may even border on good, and where would be the fun in that? Plus, The Boy From Space terrified me. I hadn't realised that was a L&R story. I had nightmares.)

Anyway, I watched this when I was about 6 and thought it was wonderful. Oh, dear.... LOL I post here because I really don't think anyone could fail to find at least the narration hysterical after a bit. (Plus, the poster has done some fairly hilarious summaries for each part. Also, after Pt1 they have thankfully edited out Wordy and all the songs about vowels and the repetitions. And I don't know what explains the fact that Tracey doesn't notice when Christopher Biggins shoves something in her back jeans pocket, either... Maybe the script had her wearing a jacket or something. *giggles again*)

Or maybe my primary school was the only one that made us watch this stuff, but somehow I doubt it. (Maybe there could be some mileage in L&R icons? "Tracey thinks you're crackers" "Norman knows what's what" "Edward prefers books to people".)


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