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Gideon's Way was a 1960s ITC show about Commander Gideon of Scotland Yard. I was watching it because one of its episodes features David Collings as an emotionally disturbed young man who goes round London in a mask stealing girls' hair.

It is amazing the things that you don't need to make up about his career, it really is.

This picspam has mainly Mr Collings, but that's not me being biased, the episode is nearly all him. Sadly, it also upset me for reasons, which is a shame because otherwise my main problem for this entry was how many close ups of the young David Collings does a person need in a picspam? it's not in colour, though.

(It was dealing with mental illness, but then remembered it was an ITC action thing shot on film and wound up with drama at knife-point and on roof-tops and I was already shaky from the weird camera angles. Aargh.) So, do note, if such things trouble you, there will be references here to mental illness and suicide.

For [personal profile] liadtbunny, who put this picspam on her Fandom Snowflake wishlist, and who is curious about the ring David Collings wears in 60s things. Never say that I don't grant wishes from time to time. ;-)

There is a sinister figure lurking round 1960s London in the fog in a mask!

So, you know, I don't know what that was I just watched, but it did at least have a lot of David Collings.

Gideon's Way is now my least favourite of the old TV I've seen, but I do mean to watch some more of it at some point - there are episodes by Malcolm Hulke and Norman Hudis (who wrote the early Carry Ons) and an episode with Angela Douglas. But it meshes kitchen-sink type things (the whys and hows of people becoming mixed up in criminal activity) with the very packaged adventure style of ITC serials and it feels very weird, even in the other episodes I saw.


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