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I am quite glad I outlawed Doctor Who from this meme, because it has had me looking at some more unexpected people (well, some of them), and then again, maybe I'm driven to people I shouldn't pick - like this character...

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Day 16 - Your guilty pleasure show: Hotel Babylon

It's definitely not a great TV show, but I got hooked on S3. After all, nothing ever goes really badly wrong, celebrities visit each week and send themselves up, and it had Emma Pierson as Anna, the receptionist desperate to have a piece of the wealth for herself. I was a bit disappointed with last year's run, and I never saw S1 or 2, so maybe I just chanced on it at the right moment to enjoy a bit of well-done light relief. (So many pretty people capable of doing proper comedy pratfalls is, I feel, worthy of note in itself...). But if it does reappear, I'll have to give it a look, if only for Alexandra Moen as the slightly loopy press officer, Emily.

Sometimes you need a bit of escapism, and this one at least seems not to take itself too seriously!

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One, because I was talking about Hotel Babylon and [livejournal.com profile] belantana was interested. I described it as 'froth' and look what the Radio Times (Or Alison Graham, anyway) wrote about it this week:

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And then, this, because I have to take The State of Africa by Martin Meredith back to the library. I don't expect (even when kind of reading it on circuitous route from the serial) to find the origins of a Doctor Who story in my modern history book, but look here, About Time had somethings right about Image of the Fendahl:

Palaeontologists under cut )

Sorry. Small things please little minds. ;-)
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As of last year, I managed to be in on the right night, instead of out, and discovered Hotel Babylon. It's like the anti-Spooks or something, a lot of froth and nonsense that doesn't take itself seriously and so manages to get away with it, plus a bit of moral backbone (usually supplied by Dexter Fletcher's Tony) leavens it out. So, yes, I'm frivolous and shallow and I like it.

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