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These are pretty much all of what I've watched, generally just trying the fandoms I know. (The vids are all still anonymous at this stage). You'll find any warnings/ratings on the vid posts.

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The full Masterlist is here if you want to check out what teeny tiny fandoms now have extremely shiny vids made for them. :-)
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1. One of the joys of Yuletide is stumbling over things you never knew about before. One this year that amused me muchly was the music video of Shakespeare's Sister's Stay. Now, this is a song that I recorded off the radio when I was a teenager (onto a tape, I'm a historical thingumy) and I was always fascinated by it - I reasoned that it was all one voice and maybe some fairy queen who seemed nice but wasn't (a la some Tam Lin/Thomas the Rhymer thing, because I had been reading Fire and Hemlock by that point), but NO. That is not what it is about!

As it turns out, voice one is a woman trying to get her dying boyfriend to stay with her and voice 2 is Death. Who in this wears a sparkly catsuit and does an outrageous dance because... er... um... it's an 80s music video? My favourite bit is Death's eye-roll at the end because, frankly someone's who's been doing a sparkly OTT catsuit dance like that has no grounds on which to eye-roll at people. Oh, and for some reason, it all seems to be happening in space because why not?

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Anyway, I'm grateful to the requester because otherwise I would never have watched that and my life would have been the poorer for it.

2. Talking of amusing vids, it's been at least a year or two since I mentioned that Julius Caesar Poker Face vid, and every so often a person just needs to remind themselves that it exists and laugh themselves silly at the combination of Richard Pasco and David Collings and their ridiculously opposite faces set to appropriate-inappropriate pop music. Do not worry if you do not like Julius Caesar, 1970s BBC theatricality, Lady Gaga, or Brutus/Cassius. None of those things should come between you and it:

Cut for embed and Richard Pasco )

3. And now for something completely different, because otherwise I'll forget again, I wrote some more [livejournal.com profile] runaway_tales:

Two in the same AU timeline:
Double Cross (PG, 4367 words. Edward Iveson, Julia Graves, Rudy Graves.) Julia’s having nothing but trouble with men – her brother seems to be in danger and Mr Iveson’s trying to buy her off with sandwiches…

Not Just a Passing Phase (PG, 5262 words. Edward Iveson, Julia Graves, Rudy Graves, Elizabeth Long.) The last thing Julia wants is for Mr Iveson to be lying dead in her kitchen with her brother to blame for it…

Faulty Connections (All ages, 1176 words. Anna, Liesa.) Liesa and Anna have the opposite problem when it comes to family.
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30 icons made for the [community profile] hc_bingo square "hugs". I went back through all my screen caps looking for any iconable & expressive hugs and this was the result. Given the odd things I screen cap, it's a little motley, but on the other hand it covers a whole range of hugs from 1959-2013, which is quite nice in itself, after all. (Even if I may have used a pic to icon before, these are all new for the challenge.)


Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Multifandom hugs under here )
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Some more for the [community profile] snowflake_challenge:

Day 13: In your own space, talk about setting yourself a fannish goal. Big or small, it doesn't matter. Some great examples include: complete a bingo, sign-up for a Big Bang, write that fic you've been thinking about for years, podfic that story that you love, make a fanmix for your fandom, post that bit of meta or reclist you keep postponing. Maybe resolve to be better at leaving feedback, or answering comments.

Well, I am half a story short of a bingo for [community profile] hc_bingo, and though it's too late for the challenge, amnesty is open till June - so I'd like to get the other half of the fic done. (It's for the "tentacles" square, and I also happened to have a prompt for S&S that "Silver & Sapphire & Steel: woke up in bed together & tentacles".) I know how it goes, I just can't quite get round to finishing it, which is silly. So, that. There's a goal.

Also, I really am going to finish the [community profile] isurrendered things. (The episode guide of evil is nearly finished and will look entirely unimpressive and much like any other innocent episode guide for a fake TV show, but it is evil and fought back, I tell you.)

Day 9: In your own space, rec at least 3 fanworks you thought you wouldn't like (because they weren't your fandom or they pushed against your boundaries or you thought you just wouldn't be interested) but you ended up loving.

I wasn't sure I could do this for a while, and then thought about it. I don't tend to go round looking for things I think I won't like, but there are times when I get bored/desperate in a small fandom, or risk something higher rated than my usual (wimpish) standards, or follow a rec that promises that a scary sounding fic might not be so scary after all. (Some of these attempts end in reaching for the brain bleach, only to find that JJPOR has swigged the last few drops (because he always has, the rotter ;-D) and the rest in cries of "But Sapphire's eyes aren't blue, author!" /o\ In which case, I at least don't need the brain bleach, just the restraint not to write obsessive reviews about people's correct eye colours.) Anyway, here are some of these occasions that went remarkably well, because authors are talented and things aren't necessarily as scary as they seem.

Entitled by Nope.
(Teen, 7200 words. Sapphire, Steel, Silver.) Sapphire and Steel are assigned to a Time breakout in a library.

(As far as I could see, this was too long to read (I still only have small small amounts of concentration, shh), it was explicit Sapphire/Steel (it wasn't, I don't know why I thought that, but I'm very wary of human-style Sapphire/Steel and possible related Silver-hate), and it was in second person. It is in fact both Sapphire/Steel and Sapphire/Silver/Steel and one of the cleverest Sapphire & Steel fics I've come across and I adored it, once I finally dared to print it off and try reading it.)

The rest had Scary Higher Ratings, but proved to be awesome and non-brain-bleach requiring. For me, at any rate. I can't promise for everyone. :-)

Unfinished Business (1838 words) by tree_and_leaf
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Doctor Who (1963), Doctor Who
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart/Liz Shaw
Characters: Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Liz Shaw
Additional Tags: Unresolved Sexual Tension, Resolved Sexual Tension
Summary: Liz has unfinished business with the Brigadier. She thought she’d accepted it would have to stay that way…

Acted Over (3142 words) by pauraque
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Julius Caesar - Shakespeare, Classical Greece and Rome History & Literature RPF
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Major Character Death
Relationships: Marcus Brutus/Caius Cassius
Characters: Caius Cassius, Marcus Brutus, Portia, Junia, Pindarus
Additional Tags: Canonical Character Death, Suicide, Temporary Character Death, Time Loop, Anachronisms, Dreams, Surrealism, Bondage, Knifeplay, Yuletide Treat, Wordcount: 1.000-5.000
Summary: For Brutus, there is always time — time to consider, time to speak, time to make his point in twenty ponderously balanced lines. For Cassius, there is barely time to breathe.

(Look at the scary tags! And yet, as it turned out, so very, very clever about the nature of plays and time and...)

This Penguin For Hire by Levendis.
(Teen, 3985 words. Frobisher, The Sixth Doctor, Ainley Master.) When it comes to political espionage, Frobisher is really not your man. (It was disguised as Doctor/Master Mpreg. It was in fact, as Calufrax explained, mainly an awesome Frobisher fic and needed to be read.)

Anyway, yes, I'm wimpish and easily scared when reading ship fic. It's a thing. (Sometimes I am brave, though. Just sometimes.)
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I've barely scratched the surface and have been mostly working through alphabetically. Until my parents' internet cut out, and after I'd finally read my own gifts to my own satisfaction, I did have a bit where I could even read quite long things (ish), which was fun. And while some of these have been recced a lot, others really haven't that I've seen, so here goes:

19 recs in 15th C RPF, Blake's 7, Brittas Empire, Enchanted Glass, Fire & Hemlock, Ghost Soup Infidel Blue, Inspector Alleyn Mysteries, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Julius Caesar, Madeleine L'Engle/Doctor Who, Matilda, Measure for Measure, Monkey Island, New Tricks & Sarah Jane Adventures )
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I have made a fanvid and I don't hate it! I made it for some of the random TV I've been watching lately, so it is obscure (but I don't care). Also, there is more dancing. Apparently this is a thing now and all my vids will have dancing in. Even if it's completely inappropriate...

Smile on my Face )
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Meme found in the wild: Make a list of all the characters in your icons. (Although you may have more than one icon of a single character, they only go on the list once.) Alphabetize it. Take the first two people on the list; that's your first pairing. Second two people; second pairing, etc. Treat us to some commentary once you're done.

I thought it'd be fun... I hadn't quite realised what a weird jumble of characters I have - some of them are there more for the action in the icon than the character. So, in most cases, let's say that instead of a commentary, a horrified silence might be more appropriate?

(Actually, it turned out better than I expected. For the first half of the alphabet, anyway.)

38 random pairings and an odd man out )
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I made a set of 35 icons for the BBC version of Julius Caesar (1979). I wasn't intending to, but I screencapped it for other reasons & then thought it would icon rather nicely (and be much easier than certain other things, like, urgh, Sapphire & Steel. I love S&S, obviously, but not my screencaps of it.)

I don't know whether anyone even wants icons of this Julius Caesar, but anyway... I made some. (Although, YOU SHOULD. ;-p)

Cast: Richard Pasco (Brutus), David Collings (Cassius), Keith Michell (Antony), Charles Gray (Caesar), Elizabeth Spriggs (Calpurnia), Virginia McKenna (Portia), Sam Dastor (Casca) & others.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Icons Here! )

The usual rules apply: want, take, have, credit. Comments are ♥, but no matter how much you love me, no stabbing kthx.

Some textures by [livejournal.com profile] silk_roads.

Also, it was kind of like doing a multi-caption competition where I had no wit to think of the captions, so if anyone wants to use them to add text, go ahead. Or give me a number icon and a witty/literate caption and I will do my best. (Long quotes do not fit easily on icons, though.)

Also of a similar nature and of probably little interest to the majority of my flist, I made a resources post for [livejournal.com profile] david_collings of fanfic & vids for his characters. (When I said I was bored, I meant it. Plus, I'm a librarian who can't do librarian-y things.) If you go to look, please tell me if I missed stuff!


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