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I keep saying that Seven is my favourite Doctor etc etc etc. But what do I ever do to prove it?

Well, I have made some icons (much too quickly, cos I wanted to be the first person to cap and icon Silver Nemesis, which was my first full Doctor Who serial, the first Target novelisation I bought, and the first video I bought. (Sadly BBC were a bit slow in releasing it, so it's not my first DVD by any means). And you know what else? The sleeve insert in the DVD, instead of being apologetic about it, as it sometimes is about these stories deemed to be 'lesser', goes and sums up what I found in it, and loved to pieces:

At the heart of this story is the programme's sense of fun. The Doctor sets about thwarting his enemies with a spring in his step, using jazz music to defeat ruthless logic and all the time whistling as he works. There really is no other hero quite like him...

It doesn't mention that Ace and the Doctor have a lovely day out, listen to jazz, watch Nazis fight scary Cybermen and then blow up things, but that also happens. (I know this is not ever going to win best story, but I still think it was a great thing to stumble onto when you were 11 or so. So I ran out with my Tescos vouchers yesterday, and this is the result. I also had to put up with some Fourth Doctor nonsense that came attached, but I daresay I can stand it... :lol:)

Anyway, I said there were icons... (I will do some more some time, less hastily, but Seven and Ace are too awesome to come out very badly, even with me making the things.)

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