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Apologies for the spammage, but a friending meme for all those who like female characters of any kind (and making friends):

If you would prefer to go Dreamwidth side, check out the post at [community profile] halfamoon.


19/12/2016 08:38 pm
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1. Since I was hopping up and down impatiently last time I posted: I got to post at least one Yuletide treat on Saturday, and that made me feel a bit better and more accomplished, and in the meantime not only has a gift magically arrived (and shaking it produces most intriguing results!) but a treat for me as well! And then I posted my other treats and now all that's left is the last minute checking over of the assignment. I'm looking forward to it!

2. Multifandom Friending Meme! I would use the banner, but it's truly freaky, to the point where I would have to call Sapphire and Steel in if I posted it here, so I won't. I gave it a whirl anyway. You never know!

3. I'm fairly sure when I started writing this I had a third thing, but now I don't. Please imagine I said something witty instead. I hope you are all doing well.
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I seem to be back for the moment, so that's a relief! For everyone, I'm sure, after all my complaining. Now I shall just be slowly catching up again...

Thanks especially to people who took pity on me and came over to Dreamwidth to talk to me!

Now I can go back to pestering you with tales of old TV as usual. ♥
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Well, I still don't have LiveJournal, but I achieved soup, which is something. For various reasons, I can't be particularly productive on the pc just now, so lack of LJ continues to be a pain. In the meantime, I played with random generators (because what else do you do?) and got this:

250) His Counterfeit Condesa by Joanna Fulford
The Major and the wild English lion
Major the Ninth Doctor does not approve of Wellington sending a man on a perilous mission across French-occupied Spain, but he can see that Mr Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart is no ordinary fellow! The marriage-shy major and the English lion must pose as the Conde and Condesa de Ordoñez, travelling to a high society ball, and soon Nine doesn't know what is more dangerous — the menacing shadow of French patrols, or the sensual torment of sharing a room with this tantalising charmer…

Which is kind of priceless, I have to say. I think that may win the random generators contest for today. (Can you see the Brigadier's face?)

And then I looked at the contents of the Royal Exchange Theatre tag on Tumblr, and it really is rather cool. (I am still curious about how a round theatre like that actually works, but it is obviously cool, look, so I can feel happy about how obviously I like the best people, even if nobody else has heard of them. Well, until I go on about them till everybody goes zzzzzzzzzzz...)

And, er, well, yes. Then I made a post? Hopefully productiveness will be a thing later, and maybe tomorrow LJ will come back to me and there will be joy in the world and all that. It's all right today, though. Yesterday I had my thing where I get very panicked and upset when any of the things I can still do reliably gets taken away from me. I'm very fortunate in many, many ways, but that's a thing that happens for obvious reasons.

There might be posts like this every day, sorry. A person has to do something and I already made soup and sugarless scones and that's kind of exhausted the immediate cooking options. I read too much of my book yesterday, so I mustn't read any more today. I may be driven to go and watch that other thing I obtained with James Maxwell in, if tomorrow I have blood tests and still no LJ.

ETA: Also watched this vid. It's very cheering:

Embed under here )
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LJ hasn't loaded for me all day, and now I'm fed up and very lonely and bored. With LJ, I have stuff to do and people to talk to. Without it? The internet is all but pointless, and I can't talk to anyone. I can amuse myself for about ten minutes or so and then I need to go away and sigh again and maybe dust something or lie down.

In the meantime, since LJ is apparently working for everybody else in the world except me, this should crosspost so you know why I'm ignoring you until LJ lets me back in. (It came back very briefly twice during the day, so I'm hopeful it will. But I can't report anything because I can't get in to report it.)


I am now going off to make sugarless scones (it's a thing I do), and try not to panic about it. I have a book. It doesn't seem to be giving me too much of a headache yet, so hey. There's that, I suppose. And I can write a bit maybe if I don't get too depressed about having nowhere to post it ever again. Luckily, my family phoned for five minutes just now before I died of isolation. (Can you do that in only one day? Probably not.)

Also also the doctor's mislabelled my blood test on Thursday and I have to go and give them some more on Monday. (I can't complain; they've never done anything like this before. But i would rather not have my two big outings for the week both being things where people stick needles in me.)

(I may be feeling sorry for myself now. This is what happens when people cruelly take LJ away from me.)
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1. LJ, whatever that stupid bar thing is at the bottom of my page, make it go away now, or I'll be off myself. Aargh. (It's the small things, sorry. I don't want it; it annoys me, and I've got my browser lower so that at the moment it's hidden behind the desktop toolbar thingy, but I'd rather make it go away.) The good thing about LJ is that someone's bound to come up with a way to do that pretty quickly, at least. *sigh* LJ, you'd been doing so well lately, too.) ETA: Yay, someone knows a way to turn it off. (Go to Profile: Settings: Extensions & untick the LJ Times box. Hurrah! Thanks, a_phoenixdragaon!)

2. Yuletide assignments are out, and the period of secrecy begins. I'm pleased with my assignment, but also very amused, for reasons. I hope everyone else is okay with theirs, too? Good luck! See you at reveals...

3. I went to the doctor's this morning, so was a bit weird but happily (unhappily?), I was at the last ep of SotT and therefore could come home, watch it, and cry in the good way. Very helpful. Thanks, 1970s BBC. (I can always rely on them to make me cry these days.)

(I also yesterday finally watched the extra on the DVD - a 50 min drama from 1969 called "The Tower: The Innocent", from which SotT was eventually extended. It has different actors - except for James Maxwell. Which is weird. He's Henry VII, but not the SotT Henry VII, just, well, a rather stern king. I was writing a whole post making comparisons and then realised that nobody else has seen either of them except maybe Liadt and I should either not or at least wait till I had pictures.)

4. Talking of which, have a vidlet I made two years ago for a Hallowe'en [community profile] fan_flashworks challenge, since it's Hallowe'en and I've just been appropriately rewatching this very episode. (Death masks, people! Death masks. Creepy. *nods*) (It's even more appropriate when you factor in the James Maxwell ghost story. ;-p Though, it's possible I was just being shippy and gloomy at the time, but what the hell.)

(I don't really do Hallowe'en, but I like some spooky things. ♥)
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... to the wonderful liadtbunny! I do hope you're having an excellent day, with all the gloomy old 70s telly you could possibly wish for. ♥

Also, in another note, there's a blog out there where the user has been reposting LJ posts without permission. (They seem to have set it up in some automated way to repost any posts tagged with "fanfic" or variations, or entries from selected blogs, possibly, but it includes anything tagged with that - random meme posts, challenge announcement and in one case, someone complaining about the blog stealing their posts, so they obviously don't bother looking at their own content.)

It's here

I've requested that my posts be removed. (They seemed to have taken all my entries tagged fanfic since July, regardless of fandom.)

I noticed (when going through the "fanfic" tag) entries stolen from [personal profile] john_amend_all, liadtbunny (happy birthday! your fic has been stolen!), kaffyr, and also [personal profile] still_lycoris, who isn't on my flist, but I know some of you know.

I'm actually a lot less bothered than I probably should be about people stealing my fic, but I do very much object to someone reposting my LJ entries wholesale, and I may need to make a lot more things flocked for a while, because if it's possible to set up something like that for one tag, who knows who else is doing it for whatever kind of topic? Clearly a public entry really needs to be something I don't mind being more public than I'd planned on.

(I'm posting this publicly and tagging it "fanfic" though, because if the blog ends up with a whole lot of posts warning the world against itself, it serves the blogger right. You know, can we go back in time and prevent the invention of Tumblr or something? Not everything is made to be reblogged and context is a thing that exists, even on the internet.)
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I was reminded about these when talking about a possible other comm recently and thought it was about time I made a post. You see, when I'm really ill and bored, I sometimes make comms. And then never get well enough to post about them.

Firstly, and most importantly, in about Feb/March, I made a home for all the cake fic: [livejournal.com profile] cakefic! (And, yes, I did let [livejournal.com profile] clocketpatch know. (She's been secret co-mod of the secret comm since March. We are dead stealthy.)

Anyway, made since when I did the 15 characters meme and, as ever, someone on my flist prompted for 10, naked except for 3's cloak and covered in cake, all the fault of [random number], everyone else started going "That should be a thing!". Well, it is a thing. It has been since about 2009, or whenever it actually was. And now it is a thing with a comm!

You should all go and join and post cakefic, fannish cake recipes, recs, art, everything fannish and cake-related, for reasons of there being one more cheering thing in the universe. Its origins lie in Doctor Who, but all fandoms are welcome. It is time the meme spread and took its cakey goodness elsewhere! One day, it should probably have a ficathon hosted on it so that actually happens, but I shall start with unveiling it. (No, Ten, the comm, not you! Three, throw him that cape again. Thank you.)

Also when I was ill in the summer, I thought there should be a Poldark comm, because. There was apparently, but it was members only. I poked it and it did not respond. So I made another: [livejournal.com profile] poldarks. Now it is live, I'll try and at least post news of the upcoming 2015 version and so on. (Liadt, I seem to have cheekily already affiliated it with [livejournal.com profile] oldbrit_tvicons. I trust that's okay?)

There is another I made about two years ago when I was ill and bored, but I'm still working on that. I suspect I might still be working on it when LJ dies, but we'll see.

Anyway, please remind me: when really ill and bored - don't make any more comms... Still, at least I retain enough sense to only make low-maintenance comms. (Well, except for the invisible one, obviously.)

LJ hitch

31/05/2013 02:00 pm
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Is anyone else having problems leaving comments in some people's LJs but not in others (again)? I was assuming it was LJ rather than specifically me, because they did say something in maintenance about it possibly happening again in spots, but haven't seen anyone else complaining. And it's a different mix of journals today rather than yesterday...

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In your own space, write a love letter to Fandom in general, to a particular fandom, to a trope, a relationship, a character, or to your flist/circle/followers. Share you love and squee as loud as you want to. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so

To LJ and my flist especially )

*cough* Well, that was enough of being emotional and all that...

In your own space, share a favorite memory about fandom: the first time you got into fandom, the last time a fanwork touched your heart, crazy times with fellow fans (whether on-line or off-line), a lovely comment you’ve received or have left for someone. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Back on the old newsnets )
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I decided that icons and nice things like being able to edit stupid comments I typed in a hurry while half asleep would be a great help through the coming year. So I paid up, went on an icon-spree and then had to decide which to use, although I now have (I think) one for every Doctor, except Eleven. (Because he hasn't happened yet, and I also wanted the Master, Press Gang - Press Gang! - B7 and Spooks icons. Not that I'm greedy or anything.)

(I had to hold back on the lovely 'Go Away Lynda' icon I found. It occurred to me that only [livejournal.com profile] belantana would know it was a joke... :lol:)

Probably I shall be annoying and play about with my journal, icons and so on, until I forget about it again...


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