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I hadn't forgotten about the challenge. I just immediately, on finishing S6 of DW, knew I had to make my next post this one... and then just felt terribly bad because my impression from my flist last year was that an awful lot of people didn't enjoy it. (Although I suspect having the DVDs and no anxious waiting between eps helps!!) In fact, it was so long ago, I've been using the icon I made for the post for weeks. Anyway...

9. Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith)

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I'd say Matt Smith, but I've only seen him as Eleven - and he's so very Doctorish, I'm not sure I even want to see him in anything else, or not yet. I'll be restrained, anyway, and just say, I like him a lot (and it's such a relief to love a New Who Doctor quite so easily), and he won me over in S5 for the little nods to Hartnell and to Troughton - and in S6 I distinctly noticed a look of Five's he's perfected and a thing Seven does with his hands. Maybe these are flimsy reasons to love an actor or a Doctor, but it works for me. ♥ (I mean, there are other things, but his natural Doctorishness, and endearing nods to his former incarnations are lovely.)

Anyway, I don't want to start serious DW discussion here, sorry, (although not that I want to thwart it elsewhere) so, you know, if you agree, squee with restraint, and if you don't, pity me nicely.

And what I really want to know, now I've caught up is: did I miss anything? So, bearing in mind I am still shaky on the concentration (the only thing I can do with a long fic, really, is bookmark it), but if I missed any fics/vids/whatever during S6 for fear of spoilers, please rec me now!

I watched [livejournal.com profile] calapine's vid Poison straight off, but that was about it. Oh, but I did wonder whether anyone had written Lorna Bucket's first meeting with the Doctor, but couldn't see anything from mild searching. (It's just me, I go, ooh! Eleven + child! *want*. I blame wee!Amelia a lot.)

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