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Maureen O'Brien in S1 of The Duchess of Duke Street. Plus, have some Gemma Jones caps I did for Tumblr. (She is awesome, and so are her dresses.)

I finished it today. I would say, what do I do now? But the truth is I got a bit down last week and used up the last of my birthday money on more David Collings things. So I have that. But I hope my Mum and possibly my sister don't borrow the DVDs for too long. I feel they're going to be something I'll want to rewatch bits of frequently. (Also, the ending: ahaha. My secret head!canon ships all became real.)

Plus, and more on this later (and below). I noticed a distinct couple of plot similarities to Downton Abbey. And guess who was in S2? Julian Fellowes. LOL. (Not that I'm saying anything - as it's sort of based on a real story, and also an old and well-known series, it's fair game for reworking. And maybe it's a little in-jokey nod, too?)

Gemma Jones spammage )

Maureen O'Brien )

There will be more at some point. Probably quite a few more. Lalla Ward was in the last few episodes and got to sing, dance, do a bad Yorkshire accent and wear lots of nice 1920s dresses. Also, more Gemma Jones. Yes.

(I am slightly worried about my new-old David Collings thing, though. It occurs to me to fear the worst: maybe they made him wear a wig?)

I'm sorry. I'm tired. I'm not entirely making sense. Just look at the pretty pictures, okay?


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