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I did actually make some icons for NaArMaMo that weren't from Enemy at the Door. Here are the rest (barring a few from Ripper Street that I hope to make a full set out of sometime) - mini sets on a theme for each day, in most cases.


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1. I decided to do [livejournal.com profile] naarmamo again this year. We'll see how it goes, but it's very laid back (indeed, it's practically horizontal in the nicest possible way) and I can always stop, or go down to every other day if I find it a bit much still. Naarmamo, is National Art Making Month, but it's just fun - you make and share one thing that counts as art each day and you can join in whenever. (It started yesterday, but I know people wouldn't mind if someone turned up on the last day if that was when they found it, or all they can manage.) At the moment, I'm planning to do icons each day. (I will share them here, too, at some point.)

2. I finally posted my Eighth Doctor Recs List to [livejournal.com profile] who_at_50, just in case there is anyone who would be interested but doesn't follow the comm. It was meant to be part of last year's big fanworkathon, but, er, it was delayed. I was at the time thinking of doing posts for the other two generally under-represented Doctors (along with Two and One), those being Six and Seven, but it's way past the deadline now and maybe it seems a little big-headed, I don't know. I probably will. I like recs lists and masterlists and things. I can't help it.

3. I've been starting to do some odd little bits of Heroes of the Revolution (my gloomy 1970s fake TV show) for [livejournal.com profile] runaway_tales, though I don't know if I'll eventually pluck up courage to do any posting. (Hopefully!) Anyway, I was trying to write a timeline for my alternate post-war history. (It's mostly vague). But it was interesting. I had previously settled on 1991 as the date of the series, but I think I should probably pull it back a bit to the mid 1980s. But I was thinking about various things off the back of this, and also the fact that the moment I start speculating about what happened to rl important people, it doesn't work, even though it's a perfectly sensible question. (If there's anyone you'd like me to kill off in this alternate reality, I could do it quite easily, though... ;-p In the meantime, I shall be contemplating foreign agents in Britain and what they might be up to.)
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It suddenly struck me, after my screen capping yesterday that James Maxwell was really not far off the idea of Copper I had in my head for a fic I wrote a while back. And I felt the need to draw Copper then, so I did, and scanned it in for today's 'naart' for [livejournal.com profile] naarmamo.

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It's [livejournal.com profile] fic_rush! (And all right, I realise that it's been going on for 20 hours already, but I was distracted.)

So, just a reminder for those not already over there writing/cheerleading/procrastinating/fighting ninja penguins/drinking coffee, that you should be heading in that direction now.

In other news, I broke my glasses/my glasses broke (am waiting for new pair and not liking being reduced back to my c.2004 pair I never liked much anyway. Because I broke the previous pair as well, yes).

But I did not let this stop me making another fanvid from the Carry On clips you will be dismayed to hear. It is this: Even the Bad Times Are Good. A general tribute/montage, but I like to think of it as my entry for the Most Cheerful Fanvid Ever competition. (If there were such a thing.) Feel free to see what you think; I hope it makes people smile.

[livejournal.com profile] naarmamo continues to be interesting and fun, and I am all admiration at other people's art. In the course of trying to experiment, I have been learning about brushes on my image programme and can now make icons that have sparkly bits on. The next step will be restraining myself from putting sparkly bits on every icon... (I'll hopefully do an update post tomorrow).


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