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You know when you're feeling pretty much better, but not at work and not up to doing anything sensible. Obviously, the only thing to do is to screencap some random DVD and make icons. So, here, the BBC's 1990s version of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. (I did the first couple of episodes. I might do the rest, but only if people think it's worth it. Or I get really bored again. Anyway, this is a sane-sized post this time.)

Oh, and can anyone put me out of my misery? The theme from this is here. This is clearly taken from something I used to sing at school, but I can only remember random snatches of. If anyone else can tell me the actual words, or the title, I'd be less annoyed. ("Back into storyland oft may we go... but the giants are dead and the dragons have fled... [And now we fight] 'Gainst the dragons of anger and the ogres of pride" something like that. Seriously. I'm not going mad. It had three verses. And the words match up too well for the use of it to be coincidence. If I could remember them properly.)


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