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I've been tired today, so I was doing some aimless LJ-browsing, and found this! One Saturday morning CBBC show I used to like (late 1980s or early 90s, I think) was On The Waterfront, which was a comedy sketch show. And the best bit was the condensed and dubbed mini-episodes of (real old 1970s TV action show) The Flashing Blade.

As you've probably guessed - someone's saved their old video recordings of these, and put them up on YouTube. *joy* But the main reason I'm sharing is... well, guess who wrote them (apparently)? Russell T Davies! :lol:

All the people who wrote my childhood TV are now writing my adult TV, it seems. Is there no escape?

Anyway, the quality is shaky, as you would expect, but you can see for yourself, should you wish, as it must be one of the earliest bits of his writing around:

(There are quite a few more on YT as well. ETA: "We're surrounded by killer frogs!"/"That wasn't in the script!"/ "Script?! You mean there's a script?")

And, I know. One day I will rejoin you in the 21st C...


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