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Okay, my thoughts on Out of the Unknown, because, hey, despite my embarrassment at my lack of science education and unfortunate introductions to anthologies I once read, I've decided that I am still allowed to like and have opinions on science fiction. However, it's mid-century stuff, so this probably barely counts as a rebellion, but given that I simply can't read things like this at the moment, it's lovely to have even this I can watch.

And let's just say - can you imagine any TV station now deciding to put out an anthology of serious SF plays based on current SF stories and novels? But back in the 60s, Irene Shubik thought it'd be cool and so did Sydney Newman, so here we have another series by Sydney Newman and a female producer that unfortunately got partly burninated by people.

Here goes - some brief reactions to the remaining episodes, without being spoilery! (Possibly a pointless exercise, but here goes!)

Disc 1: No Place Like Earth, The Counterfeit Man, Stranger in the Family & The Dead Past )
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I wrote this for [community profile] hc_bingo for the wildcard square - I chose "Dystopia" from the list. There was no point in writing this, except I wanted to, which is reason enough, but since it's kind of a gratuitous sex scene, basically, and I can't write such things (so here be implied sex scenes without any pr0n at all), I probably should instead have found some way of forcing someone else to watch "Level 7" and then holding them down and making them write it. I don't think I can even guarantee it makes sense in isolation. Still, it gets me a bingo square and that's what counts here.

(And, yes, yes, yes, I did just write slash for an episode of 1960s BBC SF which happens to contain wee!doomed!David Collings. Please send help, I clearly need it.)

Title: Exercise in Futility
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1871
Characters/Pairings: X127/X117
Notes/Warnings: Dystopia, very old and obscure tv, 1950s cold war fables, sex scenes without any pr0n, hurt/comfort that doesn’t work.
Summary: Sometimes you just can’t make things better, even when you try…

Exercise in Futility )


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