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... And talking of old screencaps and things, I've had this lurking on my LJ since February. Which illustrates that hopefully Tumblr will be better for sharing random old pics, I think. Not that I won't still do picspams of David Collings things here when I feel like it, of course.

Anyway, it was lurking, because I kept meaning to add some more, but I think I may as well post it rather than wait till it's even more out of date.

(I have a sort of backlog of things to work through here; I may post again before the day is out.)

Picspam from the BBC's 1974 historical epic about the fall of three European monarchies from 1848-1918. The cast list is every bit as epic as the premise, but included in this picspam: Diane Keen, Gemma Jones, Denis Lill, Curt Jurgens, Charles Kay, Jan Francis, David Collings, Patrick Stewart & more.

We dig our own graves... )
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When I said the other day that part of my problems were my own fault, it was the making of this (largely) over the weekend that I meant. (And, don't worry, I'm not making another vid until I can be sensible again, which I thought I had trained myself to be. Also I encountered yet more technical issues. *joy*) Anyway, I killed my brain for a Completely Obscure Fanvid! Yay, me. And here it is:

Death Waltz (Fall of Eagles, 1974) to Tchaikovsky, Waltz (Serenade in C).
Royals and revolutionaries dancing towards disaster. Featuring (deep breath): Charles Kay (Nicholas), Patrick Stewart (Lenin), Gemma Jones (Princess Vicky), Curt Jurgens (Bismarck), Denis Lill (Fritz), Gayle Hunnicutt (Alexandra), Barry Foster (Kaiser Wilhelm II), and Diane Keen (Empress Elisabeth). With Miles Anderson (Franz Josef), Pamela Brown (Archduchess Sophia), Michael Kitchen (Trotsky), Lynn Farleigh (Nadezhda Krupskaya), Paul Eddington, Donald Gee, Freddie Jones (Witte), David Collings (Pavel Milyukov), Maurice Denham (Kaiser Wilhelm I) and Jan Francis (Ballerina).

With a warning for some mild blood & violence, and use of (what I assume to be) contemporary historical images.

If you have a moment to look at it, that would be very kind - it's not spoilery (I'm still only halfway through the series and anyway, it's history!) and I hope that it will either work in a) conveying the general overall sense of the vid, or b) at least be a pretty thing with dancing and movement and Patrick Stewart eating pancakes. (It is a fairly painless way to see some of Patrick Stewart being Lenin.) If not, well, at least I like it...

The first episode was entitled Death Waltz, and I immediately had this idea - luckily, as I found, I actually had a fitting piece of music by Tchaikovsky as well. Although I am probably a bad person for making even dramatised versions of Lenin and Trotsky sort of waltz.
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I've been watching the BBC's 1974 drama Fall of Eagles lately (in between the Shakespeare and things). Yes, guess whose IMBD I found it on? But when I saw that it was about the fall of the three big European royal houses at the turn of the century, I was immediately v interested. And then I saw that it had everybody ever in it, so I had to watch it. As history lessons go, it is pretty painless & I will picspam it properly when I've finished it because it has people like Gemma Jones (Spooks) and Colin Baker (he is playing Crown Prince Willie, I gather, but he hasn't turned up yet) and lovely costumes and locations, and I will do it to save you watching TV that is nearly 40 years old because I am a nuisance kind like that. Oh, and btw, Patrick Stewart is Lenin.

Anyway, today has not been the greatest of days, so I was much cheered to reach the first of David Collings's two episodes, and also the first ep for the rest of the Russian contingent...

David Collings and Patrick Stewart )


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