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1. Petition to save The Hour (you can find all the details here via the links). It's fast heading up to 13,000 and needs over 2000 more people, so, if anyone else feels like saving yet another excellent TV show from winding up with a never-resolved cliffhanger, please go there. (It's about a BBC current affairs TV show in the 1950s with Romola Garai, Ben Wishaw, Dominic West and Anna Chancellor and having just seen S1, I can tell you I don't want it to be left unfinished. It's another Kudos show as well - Spooks, Life on Mars etc.) Probably doomed to failure, but who knows? 15000 people might make a difference.

2. Richard Briers has died (1934-2013)

Some of the quotes from him on his illness, though... I don't have any difficulty imagining him saying them: "I was diagnosed five years ago and didn't think it would go quite as badly as it has. It's a bugger, but there it is. I used to love smoking." And: "It's totally my fault," he said. "So, I get very breathless, which is a pain in the backside. Trying to get upstairs... oh God, it's ridiculous. Of course, when you're bloody nearly 80 it's depressing, because you've had it anyway."


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