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There is some good to this old TV watching of mine. Have some pretty pics of a fez-wearing Roger Delgado in Espionage (ITC 1963).

Espionage: A Camel To Ride )
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5. The Master / Roger Delgado (Doctor Who)


"In reminiscent mood, are you, Doctor? Poor Miss Grant, you have my deepest sympathies."

This is a very simple one. I love Roger Delgado as the Master. I have no rhyme or reason for it (although I know I'm far from alone!*) other than that he is quite, quite beautiful in his own way and the first Three-era story I saw was The Sea Devils, which sees him dressing in white, and claiming to be reformed, and watching The Clangers.** ("It seems to be a rather interesting extraterrestrial life-form.") Three himself never had a chance, no matter how many sandwiches he pilfered later on. My heart was irrevocably given to the villain (with a little room left over for the Brigadier). In fact, that bit in The Claws of Axos where the Brigadier and the Master wind up working together? If the Doctor had run away at that point and never come back, I wouldn't have minded. Well, not much. (And, his genuine dismay at what the Doctor has been doing to his TARDIS and the state it's in: "Overweight, underpowered museum-piece... might as well try to fly a second-hand gas stove." And on what the Brigadier might do if there's a nuclear explosion: "You could try the usual precautions... sticky tape on the windows, that sort of thing." ♥)

Some more, and a pretty picture )


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