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I just found this on my hard-drive - I did it a few weeks ago as a writing exercise and forgot about it. (And I'm definitely stretching the definition of a sentence to breaking point in some cases. Heh.) I can't remember where I found the meme - somewhere about.

One sentence Press Gang fics )

(It's hard. I think I prefer word limits!)
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Only two over two weeks, but here they are:

Prompt 49: You’re Mine
Sam’s fed up with waiting for Kenny to get the point, so now she’s going to spell it out.
(717 words, All ages, Kenny Phillips, Sam Black, Lynda Day. Kenny/Sam. Post S2 finale).

Prompt 38: Beautiful Disaster
Sam promised Kenny he could dump her when they were through. This is harder than it seems.
Breaking Up Is Hard To DO (Or Five Times Kenny Tried to Dump Sam).
(995 words, All ages, Kenny Phillips, Sam Black, Lynda Day. Sam/Kenny. No spoilers S2/3, and completely uncanonical.)
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I said this week would see less,didn't I? (I think I wrote both of these last Sunday):

Prompt #01: Black & White
Leaving is always a betrayal in Lynda’s world.
Don't Say Goodbye
(All ages, 585 words, Kenny Phillips, Lynda Day. S3/4. Minor spoilers for S4.)

Prompt #09: Touch Me
Lynda’s not the only female on the Gazette staff who’ll resort to shameless manipulation to get what she wants.
All That She Wants
(All ages, 497 words, S2, Kenny Phillips, Sam Black, Sam/Kenny)


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