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Excuse the spammage tonight, but I have decided that over the next few days, I will post all the uploaded but unposted icons I have. Some of them are now very old (but obviously I deleted anything I really didn't like). I kept thinking I would do more of each, but even if I do, they'll look different now, and it's getting silly.

This post contains all the non-text, non-DW ones. The text and DW will follow in due course.

Allo Allo [1 - 11]
Carry On Films [12 - 92]
I Capture the Castle, Inkheart, Inspector Alleyn [93 - 121]
Julia Sawalha - WDYTYA [122 - 132]

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I thought, since I had little brain this weekend, I'd amuse myself with making some more icons. I managed the following, but for some reason my computer decided to object in every way possible. However, icons from the DVD galleries for Carry on Follow That Camel, Doctor and Khyber can be found here.

Kenneth Williams, Jim Dale, Bernard Bresslaw, Barbara Windsor, Sid James, Hattie Jacques, Peter Butterworth, Angela Douglas, Roy Castle, Frankie Howerd, Anita Harris, Charles Hawtry, Terry Scott, Peter Gilmore & a camel. Plus Valerie Leon, Valerie van Ost and Alexandra Dane. Also, unexpected Dick Van Dyke, Penelope Keith and Tommy Cooper.

carry on films,icons carry on films,icons Photobucket

Total Icon Count: 43

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I know, why can't I do Doctor Who icons? Well, it's so easy and fun to do Carry On icons in comparison: everyone looks so cheerful, and the faces are so distinctive - literally iconic; nobody else is doing them, and the lighting and colouring is all pretty much just there. It's addictive.

Anyway, 45 Carry On Girls icons:

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I shall now be cheerful ... and what more cheerful than the Carry Ons (well, unless we dwell on the relatively early deaths involved, but let's not.)

Icons taken from the stills galleries for Matron, Girls, At Your Convenience, Loving and Abroad, with random trivia from my recent listening to the commentaries. (Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Bernard Breslaw, Peter Butterworth, Jacki Piper, Richard O'Callaghan, Valerie Leon, Joan Sims, Hattie Jacques, Charles Hawtrey, Patsy Rowlands, Carol Hawkins, Sally Geeson, Julian Holloway, Bill Pertwee, Geoffrey Hughes, Imogen Hassall, Robin Askwith, Madeleine Smith, Margaret Nolan, Yutte Stensgaard, Valerie Shute, Mike Grady, Terry Scott, James Beck & also Gerald Thomas, Peter Rogers and Talbot Rothwell.)

carry on films,icons carry on films,icons carry on films,icons

Total Icon Count: 54

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Sorry, I'm going to be spamming...

Carry On The Up Khyber icons (Batch #2: The Dinner)
(I didn't make the previous ones today, I hasten to add!) I thought, as the dinner at the end of this film is probably the most famous (and funniest) set-pieces in the entire run, that I would take whatever caps I had from it and do 'straight' icons (or bases) in sequence. This is the result. (I didn't take the caps with this in mind, unfortunately, so it wasn't quite what I thought, but surprisingly pretty in places anyway...)

Total Icon Count: 39


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Carry On Up The Khyber icons (Batch #1)


carry on films,carry on up the khyber,icons carry on films,carry on up the khyber,icons carry on films,carry on up the khyber,icons

So, time for that well-known epic tale of the British Raj being caught with their underpants on. It could spell the end of the Empire (but that's only what Major Shorthouse thinks, and who asked him?), but there'll certainly be much tiffin, Belchers, Burpas, cunning disguises, stiff upper lips, Rank stupidity, British incompetence, and no political correctness whatsoever.

For DW fans, there's Roy Castle (film Ian) joining the regulars, Peter Butterworth in his Finest Hour, Angela Douglas as Princess Jelhi, Joan Sims, Julian Holloway (in his only Carry On role that's more than a cameo: "Oh F...udge!") and unexpected Wanda Ventham.

Total Icon Count: 58

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Did I say the Carry on Doctor post was insanity? It's nothing to this one. However, for DW fans, there is Jon Pertwee (never heard of him), Angela Douglas (aka the Brigadier's Doris, which is why a couple of these icons are labelled that way. I'm not confused with Carry on Screaming), Peter Butterworth (the Meddling Monk), also Joan Sims & Peter Gilmore.


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Part Two HERE
Part Three HERE
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A sort of epic post of insanity, really. I just thought that Carry On Doctor would be fun to practice icon-making with... two or so weeks later, and 188 icons down the line, here's a post. Um. Yes. It's not my favourite of the series by a long chalk, but definitely iconic in all senses of the word.

For the DW majority here: icons of Peter Butterworth (the Monk), Bernard Bresslaw (what an Ice Warrior looks like underneath), Joan Sims (Katryca), Julian Holloway (Survival) and Peter Gilmore (Frontios). Also Peter Jones (the voice of the Hitchhiker's Guide). But mainly the usual suspects.

I still have an issue with the basic quality of the images (causes: Me? Software? One or the other, since any image has the same problem, regardless.) However, I think I managed some prettiness.

If anyone does want any, go ahead. Any comments are much appreciated. As is obvious, I'm all new to icon-making.
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I did promise this a while back - just a few.  (Sorry, the quality isn't great on some of them.  My technical skills are developing slowly!)

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I had a nose round some charity shops today and (yay) managed to pick up Carry on Cruising and Carry on Don't Lose Your Head (yay again). Then I went and cheated. I went to HMV, because I really do want to see Carry on Screaming. And you could get 4 on one DVD very cheaply (Spying, Cleo, Screaming and Cowboy) and there was also Carry on Cabby with That's Carry On (the compilation film) attached. And given that the only other TV/films I'd waffle about this much (Doctor Who, Spooks, Dungeons and Dragons etc), I already own and I've got a week to myself...

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