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1. Two more [livejournal.com profile] runaway_tales installments:

Errors, Corrections (All ages, 661 words. Charles Terrell, undercover for the revolution – compiling lists.)

The More Things Change... (PG, 1198 words. Charles Terrell, Anna Miller, Edward Woodfield. For some people, it seems the rebellion isn’t over.

2. I was poking around at some very old fic the other day, including some efforts from This Time Round (the pub outside reality where Doctor Who characters go in between stories, courtesy of alt.drwho.creative on usenet), and while most of my TTR fics don't really transfer so well out of the Round, I found this Harry and Sarah do a classic Agatha Christie fic and though, despite being rather meta-ish at the edges, it's comprehensible as an AU and hopefully fairly entertaining & so I've been tweaking it and uploading it to AO3.

(Some of the characters are aware of the narrative they're in though, and there's some playing around with that. I seem to recall the original idea was that there were things called 'genre bubbles' that could occur around Nameless, and the characters in the vicinity would all start acting in accordance to narrative rules of that genre. Hence Harry and Sarah in a Miss Marple story.) I seem to have written it some time during or soon after S4 of New Who.

Murder at Mill Cottage (23135 words) by vvj5
Chapters: 11/12
Fandom: Doctor Who (1963), Miss Marple - Agatha Christie
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Relationships: Sarah Jane Smith/Harry Sullivan, Ben Jackson/Polly Wright
Characters: Harry Sullivan, Sarah Jane Smith, First Doctor, Charley Pollard, Eighth Doctor, Polly Wright, Ben Jackson (Doctor Who), Jamie McCrimmon, Jane Marple, Various Characters, Amelia Rumford, Louisa Pollard, The Master (Delgado), Inspector Mackenzie (Doctor Who), Mehendri Solon
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Detectives, Metafiction, Humor, POV First Person, This Time Round, Murder Mystery
Summary: Dr Sullivan's finally got a nice little practice in the country, just like he always wanted - except it turns out there's a murderer at large. It's lucky for him he's got help from a visiting journalist, and, of course, his favourite little old lady, Miss Marple...
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Inspired by [livejournal.com profile] clocketpatch's entertaining typo, I wrote an End of Time This Time Round story called The Topys of Domo.

Ten finds himself up against an early draft version of his finale. With typos. Benny does her best to help, as do various other inhabitants of the Round.

It is very silly, yes.

See here if you need an explanation for This Time Round beyond the fact that's where DW characters hang out off screen. Stuff like this happens all the time there.
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Fic commentary for First Year Camp. Spoilers for the story itself, but nothing else that I can think of. Requested by [livejournal.com profile] john_elliott.

“New )
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Story: This Time Round: Let's Play... Blind Date (with Leela)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 2,616
Characters The Celestial Toymaker, Movie Master, Leela, Fourth Doctor, Poul, Professor Litefoot, Professor Colby, Cordo and Andred.
Summary: Leela goes on Nameless TV and finally has to choose between her queue of useless admirers. (Well, that's the idea...)

What was I thinking? )

Edit: It's already up here on the archive, if that's easier. (With amazing speed!!)
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All right, I will post the other chapters here eventually, but I am a little busy right now, so the whole thing is here at the This Time Round Archive.  But I will have to put the others here eventually, just because Miss Marple really does need italics.  (She has pretty much one per sentence, I tell you...)

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TTR: Murder at Mill Cottage
Part One: Dr Sullivan in Practice
(All Ages, Sarah Jane Smith, Harry Sullivan, Miss Marple and various other supporting characters from a certain 45 year old TV show).

Edit: I've just done something weird to my entry again.  Oh, well.  There must be a html code out of place, but it's hiding when I g to look.  (I've got to get better at this.)  I just realised the below doesn't actually sound like the story, which is a mock-Agatha Christie mystery (I can't quite claim parody) with Harry as narrator & village GP.  If I explain too much more about why & the joke I'm having (with myself if no one else), it'll give away too many clues about whodunnit.  Well, assuming anyone cares...  But put Harry and Sarah in a Miss Marple - don't they fit nicely? - and then think about The Murder of Roger Ackroyd...

Harry's the local GP in Nether St Yorick, Sarah the journalist who's arrived just as there's a murder.  Together they attempt to solve the mystery, but find there are some things that should be left to little old ladies.

My latest This Time Round effort, the idea shamelessly stolen from Helen Fayle, who should have kept something that priceless better guarded.  (That Harry and Sarah should be the leads in an Agatha Christie type village murder mystery).

I'm posting it here because I think the idea's general enough to appeal outside TTR, plus I can give Miss Marple italics here (& writing Miss Marple without italics is not easy).


Chapter One: Doctor Sullivan in Practice )
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A couple of my TTR stories I haven't linked to yet....

Master Test
(All Ages)
In which the Deadly Assassin and Traken Masters challenge their other selves to restore their evil reputations (after slurs of good behaviour are made in Plot and Loophole).  This is not as easy as it seems.

A very silly story in which the Delgado, Jacobi, Ainley, Roberts and Simm Masters find that being evil is too much like hard work.

A Tale of Two Fashion Houses
(All Ages)
The Movie Master is set on being a fashion designer, he's enlisted the help of the Eliot sisters and a sinister tastefulness is invading the Round.  Wouldn't you know?  Eight and Charley struggle to put things right before anyone other than Harry gets killed.

This one came about due to the fashion designs of the Movie Master in Master Test.  Poor Bea and Evie are now in the Round for good.  I don't know what I was thinking... (Yes, I wrote a brief Who/House of Eliott crossover.  I'm sorry.)
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Well, I've been a bit busy lately, but that doesn't mean I'm not getting ideas for fanfic.

The trouble is I now have a computer-bound (well, ish) job that means I should be out running around in my spare time.  (Of course, I don't)   Some weeks are busy and I only resurface again on Saturday, leading to a desperate day of fan fic writing.  I really must sort my life out.

Plus, I should finish the family history forum's Virtual Holiday (we arrived at the fantasy island in June and we're still there.  I suppose it's not all bad); update my family history before I have a third lot of Somerset research that I haven't typed up, update my family history blog and decorate the front room.

And I should do some reccing here, as I keep finding lots of great fics on Teaspoon. 

However, this is what I've been thinking about instead:

Fan fic Ideas )
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TTR: Then Do That Over - Ghosthunting
(All Ages)

Another story set in HG Wells, this time a follow up to First Year Camp, so more fun and games with the Y7s / First Years (11 yr olds)  - all New Who characters.

Fitz is still stuck as a PE teacher, but he's coping; Chris & David Doctor are going ghosthunting and Donna's watching telly.

Taster )
I really don't think there's anything much to say about the story, except that obviously, having left poor Fitz in this situation, I had to follow it up.  And I read far too many children's books...  Hope it makes you smile.
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TTR/TDTO: Polly's Guide to the Rules
(All ages)

Polly's the most popular girl in the school, but she'd rather be Dodo...

Taster )


Waffling about story )

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No. 2 on my list!

Then Do That Over: First Year Camp
(All Ages, TTR story)


Taster )


Then Do That Over - what am I wittering about??? )
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I was going to rec other people's storytimes, but I realised I'd just have to put them all in because they're all much too good and funny.

So go here:
Read, laugh and enjoy and then, when you're ready, move onto this: 

Storytime! Macbeth 
by John Elliott, 

It has to be said it's the King of Storytimes.  (Curses and all that!)

Blurb )

Brief snippet:

Not mine.  Sadly.  (Turning green).
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 The only other narrator I've had so far is Gwen Cooper, who decided that it couldn't be worse than the day job.

Blurb )
Storytime! Gereint and Enid

Intro to story )

Oh, and, this is what Peri and Six are arguing about throughout:

gereint and enid (Peri and Six) )

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Of course, it's not only the Simm Master who likes to tell stories at the creche.  All sorts of characters have been roped in, either by Izzy, or trying to carry out some evil plot.  

Other narrators (1)
Barbara - Izzy asks the most sensible person she can think of to tell the children a classic story.  She was thinking Winnie-the-Pooh, but Barbara tried Pride and Prejudice.

Waffle )
(Please note I wasn't clear about which chapters should get archived, so I'll have to link to each part separately, otherwise Part 1 doesn't have the obvious joke.  It still should be better, though).

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Part Five:

Part Six:

With sincere apologies to both the Brigadier and Jane Austen.
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 One of my very favourite aspects of This Time Round has to be Storytime!  I wasn't too sure about writing for the creche (think Doctor Who crossed with rugrats or something like that.  Yes, mini-Who characters...).  Then I found out about Storytime.

Storytime! )
Snow White as told by the Master )http://www.ttrarchive.com/mastertest3.html

The Master got a bit addicted to storytime and tells Cinderella (the Brothers Grimm version.  Well, mostly.) in Sequelitis:
This one stars Polly, Ben, Jamie & Zoe and a lot of chickens.


(I should add that Douglas B Killings had already done Cinderella, so I was being cheeky...

I'm rather fond of the Master's Season 3 allegory (the slightly sentimental Beauty and the Beast starring Ten and Martha):

and a bit of nonsense as the Simm Master champions Roald Dahl's version of Little Red Riding Hood, (starring Sarah, Rose and a Plasmavore).  Yep, that one:

My efforts pale beside lots of the others, so I'll carry on with my collection of Master stories before we go there.  Once someone's read Macbeth, everything else just can't live up to it.)

Hmm, one further appearance from the Simm Master in the creche so far in Rapunzel.  (Yeah, any excuse to throw Ten off a tall tower and blind him).  With more than one unexpected pregnancy...
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 Sometimes I ship... 

Here are my Tegan / Five stories:

Why )

In which Tegan's in a bad mood, Turlough says too much and the Doctor has to kiss the girl to save the day.

Info )


The Doctor and Tegan are in a strange house without their memories.  

Comment )

Romance in the Round.

It began in Banned Valentines when the Doctor and Tegan discover their true feelings on Valentine's Day.  Which has been banned in the Round as it only ever causes trouble, arguments and horrible murders.  Plus, nobody's about to give them any space or even believe them.

Banned Valentines taster )
The sequel Interference (in which Turlough causes trouble and the Master plays Cupid) I'm much happier with.   The Doctor's not talking to Tegan and there's trouble with a plot, a PLOT hole, the Master and Turlough.  And a coda with some vegetable jokes.  (I know.  I'm mad.)

Interference Taster )(I'll leave Geraint and Enid for when I start tackling the wonderful idea of Storytime...)
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 Polly drabbles & short fic:

Polly is continuity cop at the Round and has the job of deciding who's allowed in and who's not.  Lately, things have been getting to her.  In this first of these two, the First Doctor covers for her in a drabble (it's a VERY quiet night...) and in the second, she's forced to flee when someone decides a Doubles Night would be fun.  (Naturally, it's a double-drabble)



The Sixth Doctor decides to educate the inhabitants of Nameless with evening classes.  Peri does the poster.  (double drabble)


There seems to be an invasion of fast food outlets into Nameless.  Some of the inhabitants really aren't keen:


But on the other hand, the teenagers from H G Wells High School are:


(And John Elliott followed up with Zoe's difficulty:


The others are either too linked into ongoing arcs or stories or not things I want to shout about.
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Time for a This Time Round story, I feel.  And where else can I start but with this bit of fun & nonsense, even if it wasn't my first entry to the Round?

If you’re new to the concept of This Time Round, the pub outside reality where Doctor Who characters go when they're not in a story, then go to the main page of the site and do a bit of exploring.  The FAQ will give you the lowdown & recommend some stories to start with.



This Time Round info )

The story:

The Second Doctor’s got a copy of the book 'About Time 2' and finds the essay at the back: 'All Right, So Was There Any Hanky-Panky in the TARDIS?'

Needless to say it causes chaos, murder and outrage.  So, just your average night in the Round.


Extract )


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