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And, as I said, I also made some things for people:

Falling From A Cloud for [personal profile] akashasheiress (Doctor Who, Ben Jackson/Polly Wright, 346 words. Also a 500 prompts ficlet.)

9 Avengers Icons for [personal profile] glinda (Emma Peel, John Steed.) (Liadt sent me some Avengers! I have only watched 1 episode, but once I've watched more, more icons will happen because it was heaps of fun to play with.)

The Gods Walk Among Us for [personal profile] kaffyr (Doctor Who, Ian & Barbara, Drabble.)

Dance of A Lifetime for [personal profile] azarsuerte (Doctor Who, Five/Clara, 169 words. One of the random drabbles - the poetry line was "and the last stroke of midnight dies").

13 Silmarillion icons for [personal profile] moetushie (Mostly from Ted Naismith images.)

13 The Good Life icons for [personal profile] ozqueen (Tom, Barbara, Margo & Jerry and all combinations thereof.)

Radical Actions for [personal profile] liadtbunny (Er. The Fight Against Slavery, Wilberforce/Pitt cake!fic drabble. Yes. /o\)

The Man Who Cried Lion for eve11 (Doctor Who, Six, Evelyn, 329 words. Poetry line: rushed out onto the fire escape screaming Lion! Lion!)

some lovely perilous thing for [personal profile] ein_papier (Once Upon A Time, Belle/Rumplestiltskin, Drabble. Poetry line as the title "some lovely perilous thing".)

... that was more than it seemed like at the time. :-)

(Obviously, icons made as gifts are not for snagging unless the recipient is okay with that.)
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I should have turned that into a meme, shouldn't I? Something like this:

Think of a Doctor Who story. Go to The Hobbit Name Generator and turn all the characters into Hobbits (or Elves if you want to be dignified). Then type the summary of the new 'story' in your journal.

How about that? The only trouble is, you have to use people with two names. Rebels rarely have these. Oh well, there goes my Completely Ridiculous Idea for a Meme. :lol:

(And Hobbit UNIT are hilarious. I wouldn't trust them to cook me breakfast, let alone save the world...)

*sighs* Yes, I know. I am so uninspired about the puppets and I have to write it NOW.
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I was exploring some daft websites at work (for work purposes, as I want to do some teen events in the summer, thanks. And I did allocate all the Branches summer reading challenge materials out, contact partners and spend all afternoon in a meeting about performance indicators, I hasten to add). I didn't really have to test out The Hobbit Name Generator again (as I know it well; it is one of the few things involving non-bloodthirsty PC games that entertained my ex-Reading Club, they of the continual chorus of "This is Boring!!"), but I did and since I've put everyone I know in it, I stuck in names from Image of the Fendahl... (I wasn't going to, but sticking one name in got such a fun result, I had to do the rest.)

Image goes all Tolkien in my head... )
More sensibly, in this meme (that I haven't forgotten, it's just that I was a bit under the weather on Sunday and now this week has been busy), I had two crossovers written for me, one by [profile] john_elliott, which is First Doctor/Sherlock Holmes. Brilliant!

The other is by [profile] daibhid_cand is Death/Dungeon Master. Which probably shows how weird I am to ask for it, but it's just right! (That's Discworld's Death meeting Dungeons and Dragons - the cartoon, of course - Dungeon Master.) Yay.

(I note this because I seem to have sort of circles of friends who are also friends and the circles don't necessarily cross over yet.)

For those awaiting their stories, I do have the ideas in my head - three's only one that might take longer. But I have to write a puppet sketch about the prodigal son first. Which I should have done rather a while ago...


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