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 One of my very favourite aspects of This Time Round has to be Storytime!  I wasn't too sure about writing for the creche (think Doctor Who crossed with rugrats or something like that.  Yes, mini-Who characters...).  Then I found out about Storytime.

In typically weird and wonderful TTR fashion, when Izzy (or whoever) tells the toddlers a story, unfortunate Who and crossover characters are roped in to enact it.  Which inevitably leads to chaos, hilarity and very few traditional happy endings.  And a few running jokes (Four always gets the Dead Father role, Jamie's annoyed to find that the book can't tell the difference between skirts and kilts and Martha is getting fed up with Human Nature resulting in her playing every maid servant going).

The creche itself is the work of Imran Inayat, but Storytime! started properly with a version of Red Riding Hood by B K Willis:

My first entry was during Master Test (in which the Jacobi, Delgado, Ainley and Simm Masters attempt to prove they're evil, and fail hopelessly) when the Simm Master broke into the creche with the intention of doing something nasty to the toddlers, but discovered that it was much more entertaining to make use of Storytime for his own evil ends.  Naturally, the children liked his approach.  The story he tells is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  Starring Peri and seven rather irritable, shorter-than-usual Doctors who aren't feeling all that co-operative, plus Mel as the evil Stepmother...


The Master got a bit addicted to storytime and tells Cinderella (the Brothers Grimm version.  Well, mostly.) in Sequelitis:
This one stars Polly, Ben, Jamie & Zoe and a lot of chickens.


(I should add that Douglas B Killings had already done Cinderella, so I was being cheeky...

I'm rather fond of the Master's Season 3 allegory (the slightly sentimental Beauty and the Beast starring Ten and Martha):

and a bit of nonsense as the Simm Master champions Roald Dahl's version of Little Red Riding Hood, (starring Sarah, Rose and a Plasmavore).  Yep, that one:

My efforts pale beside lots of the others, so I'll carry on with my collection of Master stories before we go there.  Once someone's read Macbeth, everything else just can't live up to it.)

Hmm, one further appearance from the Simm Master in the creche so far in Rapunzel.  (Yeah, any excuse to throw Ten off a tall tower and blind him).  With more than one unexpected pregnancy...


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