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23 May 2017 01:24 pm
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The return of that meme where you post random lines from any WIPs you have at the moment, because I felt like it.

(I see that I last did it in Jan 2016, which reminds me, I never did post that AAL! snippet as it stands. I should do that.)

I have a few [community profile] trope_bingo things partially typed and in scribbled format, at least two of which need to be done before the end of the week, although probably 2 here and the other being one currently only in notebook form:

1. Georgie bit back another sigh and told herself firmly that no doubt Adam was battling that horrible Lord Hamerton right now and putting a stop to all his plans. He’d soon be in here to rescue her, and she really ought to try and get herself untied before he lectured her about interfering again. It was so much easier to argue back when she wasn’t fixed to an article of furniture.

2. “Nice little piece, isn’t it?” said the pawnbroker, as he pulled it out for Van Helsing to examine more closely.

Van Helsing lifted it up, hanging it from his fingers, studying the design on the seal. It was ideal, yes, he decided.

“I should warn you,” the man added suddenly, “it’s unlucky.”

3. Still lurking unloved on my hard-drive, the ridiculous one where Elizabeth of York is a vampire slayer. (Not likely to be done any time soon, if ever. Even if I did, I'd probably only get eaten alive by Ricardians.)

Her melancholy reflections were interrupted by the sight of horsemen riding up to the castle. Elizabeth caught her breath and reached for the stake she always kept about her person. Vampires could not enter uninvited, of course, but many of them already had been allowed into Sherriff Hutton.

4. That [community profile] fandom_stocking 2015 fic that I still haven't finished (but I will). Look, totally at least two more paragraphs in existence! /o\

It wasn’t everyone else who had gone, Jack realised as he got his breath back. He was on his own and in what must be one of the upstairs rooms. It was small and bare of furniture, barring one old chest of drawers in the corner. He crossed over to it and the floorboards creaked alarmingly. He hoped they were still safe.

He pulled open the first drawer and found inside it a packet of letters. He pulled open the second, and found a pistol.

5. That [community profile] unconventionalcourtship 2015 Adam/Georgie Regency AU I am totally going to finish. Sometime.

“And now for you, Miss Jones,” said Adam, facing her. “You are unquestionably the most unsuitable and inadequate housekeeper it has ever been my misfortune to encounter, and your continued presence here in that capacity would be entirely inappropriate. Completely impossible.”

Georgina looked suddenly more waif-like than ever, hugging her shawl to her. “Oh, but you can’t be so heartless as to cast me out into the snow without even a reference! What would I do?”

“It’s not snowing,” said Simms. “Unfortunately.”

And some runaway_tales things, one of which is still lurking from last time, although I did at least finish the other long-time lurker. Mostly AUs.

6. Julia perched on the table and watched her. In the end, she felt she had to ask. “Did you really try to strangle Miss Aldridge?”

“No, not strangle,” said Meriem. “I merely wished to hold her still while I extracted her internal organs, but Edward asked me not to.”

7. And when they’d changed trains, and he cast a glance of enquiry towards her, sitting opposite this time, she leant forward, putting her hand on his knee. “I’m sorry,” she said, “please don’t make a fuss, but – I’ve kidnapped you.”

8. It was not a dream of any sort; that was all too much like Edward. She should be relieved; it would hardly be convenient to fall out of one unwanted engagement into another she had no say in, but nevertheless she could not help feeling that the whole thing was now very dull and flat and this carriage thoroughly uncomfortable. She swallowed, and tried to say it as lightly as possible, “So you have not abducted me?”

Also, not really fic, but I'm working on typing up some family history, as far as I've got with it & it is a big time-and-energy eater, so I'll throw in a snippet here, too:

9. One evening, having previously sounded out John, Salter approached Edward [his father] on the subject of John going with the Boston as armourer, a proposal that Edward couldn’t entertain at first, disliking the idea of parting with John. However, much as he had a few years before on the subject of John’s apprenticeship, he gave into the persuasions of his son, and John signed up for the rate of $30 per month, in addition to which Edward gave Captain Salter a sum of money for him to purchase furs on John’s behalf, to be sold in China to give John a profit with which to start his new life in America. “Such were the flattering expectations which this good man indulged respecting me,” John noted. “Alas! The fatal disaster that befell us not only blasted all these hopes but involved me in extreme distress and wretchedness for a long period after.”

That's four out of eight which are still the same old WIPs (and three from the previous post which I did complete in the meantime), but, to be fair, I keep writing and finishing other things in the meantime. I mean, I have [community profile] trope_bingo to finish and then I can destroy worlds for [community profile] tic_tac_woe! (I won't say nothing in the world can stop me, because some days it seems that just about anything in the world can stop me, especially in summer.)
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