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Aha, another awesome female. Well, I think she is. I know some people on my flist can't stand her, but this is my list and she's quite high up on it. (Not that there really is a ranking before you ask, except that No. 1 is a certain person I haven't done yet. It won't take a genius to work out which female character I might mean.)

Our discussions tend to go about three minutes, then it's strictly name calling and hair pulling )

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The meme continues, and I am definitely back to being British, although I don't know about obscure. A current show hardly feels obscure to me... I was wavering as to whether or not to include this character, but now I've seen the pilot and S1, she is totally on this list, as she should have been all along...

I don't know about you but she's making me very excited... )

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When I'd only done a few entries for this meme, [livejournal.com profile] dbskyler told me she was looking forward to when I did this character. Some things about me are fairly predictable, it seems! So, nobody is going to be shocked at today's post...

She has a temper as short as her skirt )

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Another female for the meme; I don't think this will surprise anyone who's been hanging around here much lately:

You have enormous value to me, you have no value to Eastern Europe. )

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It occurred to me part-way through this that while I had excluded Doctor Who (so that it didn't take up all but one of the 30 days) - and DW for me always includes the main lines of audios and novels, as they were each intended as genuine continuations when they started - that there were two DW spin-offs, that would never get a look-in if I had the whole of the show to play with, so...

She is no witch... she is an angel... )

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I am quite glad I outlawed Doctor Who from this meme, because it has had me looking at some more unexpected people (well, some of them), and then again, maybe I'm driven to people I shouldn't pick - like this character...

It's called a double-take: the first look is disbelief, the second is sheer horror... )

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Not everyone in this meme is on the side of the angels... I'm not sure whether this ought to be the case or not, but here's proof that the villains don't always wear black:

If you were the girl next door, I'd move! )

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Since this is my meme, and I can post as many or as few entries for it in a day as I wish, here is the other character that I didn't like to begin with. In fact, I might go so far as to say that I hated her. Maybe even now like is not the word, but 'awesome' certainly is. It's Spooks's Ros Myers and she really doesn't care what you think of her...

What part of Harry did they use to clone you? )

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The next two posts will both be characters I disliked to begin with, and both from shows that you will see again during this meme. The first is from Downton Abbey which I am sure people will have seen getting mentioned up and down their flists (well, if they have anyone from the UK on them, or at least the parts of it that aren't Scotland - ask STV about that one).

Even you can't take every prize... )
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This wasn't going to be the character for today, but I got carried away earlier when my collecting of bits and pieces and so on led to unexpected Colin Baker and Anthony Stewart Head (see below) among other things. (Besides, does Jonathan Creek count as obscure? Doesn't feel like it can be, really...)

How come when I stay at your place you get the bed and I get the sofa, but when you stay at my place you still get the bed and I get the sofa? )

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ETA: Oh, yes, forgot to say that Colin Baker's character has a wardrobe that is painted a suspiciously familiar colour of blue.
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On with the awesome (I could use some of that). I'll be neither obscure, nor the least bit surprising with my next choice. It's Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager, (who, oddly, seems to sit quite nicely next to Bea. I feel they'd get along).

Is this a ship of the Valkyries? )
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I began a little scattily on the 30 Days of Awesome Females meme, and despite the subject of this entry, will tidy myself up now. This list excludes DW (for the sake of not taking up all 30 places) and will include more than one character I wanted to grow up to be (of whom this character is one. Erm. Yes.), at least two I never even thought I'd like when they first appeared and a few so obvious they could almost go without saying (but where would be the fun in that?)

It is Michelle of the Resistance. She will say this only once... )

This meme will resume with somebody more sensible shortly.
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I've kept seeing this around, and while I never want to do a consecutive 30 Days Meme again, ever, I like the idea of this one. I have, however, left out Doctor Who, because that would have taken up all 30 days, and [livejournal.com profile] infinitejoys is doing very nice work on that front as it is.

So, starting with Blake's 7 in a sort of reverse chronological order, because when I think about awesome female TV characters, even though B7 is a recent thing for me, all of the main B7 female characters are people that Leela and Ace would approve of. (Even some of the passing minor characters, and then there's Servalan, who is in a category all her own, obviously.)

There are two classic ways of dealing with an hysterical woman - you didn't expect me to kiss her, did you? )

I can't be all that repulsive... )


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