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Let's finish this meme, since I've said all I need to in the vid...

26. Favourite quotes

I included a bunch in my big Public Eye post, so I'll just find some different ones I also like, except for this, which is my favourite:

Helen: "A man seems to think all he has to say to a woman is 'I need you' - she'll pack a nightie and a toothbrush and run!"

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(Now, what show next for this meme? ;-p)
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19. Something that made you think

Public Eye nearly always makes me think, and that's one of the main reasons why I like it. For something that features very low-key, mundane stories most weeks, it causes me to spend a lot of time thinking about it and rewatching things and working out what it's about. It varies (episodic old TV!) but most of the time, it expects me to make my own mind up, it doesn't tell me what I should be thinking. Which takes a little while to get used to, but it's wonderful once you have.

20. Something that made you laugh

Oh, meme, you want me to sit here and describe jokes while everyone else looks on unmoved? Okay, once I rewatched the Christmas episode from S6, that made me laugh quite a bit. (My favourite part is when Frank shouts at two carol singers, and then turns round, looks at them, and plaintively begs for a chip.) Also, the whole of the scene in S5's "Transatlantic Cousins" between Frank and Sir Roger L'Ettrell is just priceless. You'll have to take my word for it, but, really, you should have been there...

21. Best series opener
22. Best season finale

If you've been paying attention so far, you'll realise "Best anything" usually winds up at S4, so... "Welcome to Brighton?" and "A Fixed Address" (S4 opener and finale). "Welcome to Brighton?" is so bleak I find it hard to watch, but it's still exceptional TV.

For the other series: S1-3 don't have any openers/finales surviving. "Don't Forget You're Mine" feels like an opener (and a great one, too), but it isn't. If "Cross That Palm When We Come To It" existed, it might win best finale but it doesn't. (It's quite intriguing that the only time in 10 years that Public Eye knew it was coming back, they set up a really impressive story arc. I can't help but wonder what they'd have done if they'd ever had that knowledge again?) "A Mug Named Frank" (S5 opener) probably has the best opening scene, in terms of effectively introducing the character - Frank, in a supermarket, stops to help a shoplifter. (♥) S7's opener "Nobody Wants to Know" is pretty strong, too. But S4, people, S4.

23. Crackiest moment

There aren't a lot of cracky moments in Public Eye (at least not that I can think of off-hand), but there is one that's down to the fact that the first few scripts were written before the lead was cast, and so Roger Marshall still had in mind that Frank would be a man of iron. (Fate and the S1 producer happily had other ideas.)

So, in the first surviving episode, Frank's getting beaten up by two hired heavies... and the next scene, they're both lying unconscious. How did that happen? The mind boggles. Maybe he tried his divide and conquer tactics and had them fight each other, or an anvil fell out of the sky? Or they both inexplicably fainted, who knows? (I'd add in the whole storyline in which he's hired as bodyguard to a millionaire, except that Frank clearly found the whole idea as amusing as I did.)

Oh, and this:
Unintentionally amusing moment )

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6. Best title sequence

Public Eye had a different title sequence each series (except for S3), and I quite like most of them. However, while the usual theme is my favourite, you've got to give them points for S4: they not only made a new credit sequence, they recorded a different, slower and more downbeat version of the theme, and then "Welcome to Brighton?" had a separate, shorter credits sequence used only on that episode, in which we flick through Frank's prison file, which doubles up as a way of reminding viewers where they left him at the end of S3. If anybody could have forgotten...

The main/original theme and the rearranged S4 theme. (Written by Robert Sharples under the pseudonym Robert Earley).

8. Missing episode you would like to see found.

All thirty-six of them, of course! Narrowing it down, I'm more keen to see anything from S2 or 3 than S1, but anything would be wonderful. Everything that survives suggests it was always of a pretty high quality, and any tiny piece of Frank Marker than could be restored to the world would be amazing. (Sadly, they were wiped rather than lost, so... it's not likely, to say the least). Especially, I'd like the 8 lost Roger Marshall episodes, the 6 lost Robert Holmes stories, the David Whittaker, and the one that had Jacqueline Pearce in it, and also Pauline Delany's first guest appearance, but if you pin me down and make me choose one, then there's only really one answer...

"Cross That Palm When We Come To It" (S3) by Roger Marshall, the episode in which Frank gets set up and arrested, and there is no escape or proving his innocence for him. Viewers at the time wrote in demanding Frank's release, so maybe it was too heart-breaking to survive, but still, it's a crime that it doesn't.

9. Favourite photo/screencap

I thought about this, and flicked through my epic collection, but honestly:

The obvious one and some other contenders )

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