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Firstly, I finally managed to finish that First Doctor, Polly & Ben fic, The Rime On the Spray. (Which is something. I almost finished it May Day, but my housemate walked in when I was about to write the Exciting Ending (well, whatever) and I went and talked to her, and never quite got back into the moment.)

And, I think I'm so far behind on the TV Meme that I may as well answer the final days here and now, but I was not in the mood for waffling about TV much this week, so I left it.

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My rebellious streak reasserted itself and, since the next couple of qs bored me yesterday, and I had fic to write, that I would do this today, and catch up with the missed days in the week, since they probably didn't justify a post to themselves. Oh, but this one...

Day 24 - Best quote: Doctor Who - the closing lines of Survival:

There are worlds out there where the sky is burning, and the sea is asleep, and the rivers dream. People made of smoke and cities made of song. Somewhere there's danger, somewhere there's injustice, somewhere else the tea's getting cold. Come on, Ace; we've got work to do!

I'm so glad the series didn't, as it turned out, end here, but if it had, could you think of a better line to go out on?

So, I have one out and out winner that has never been bettered (as you see). But I also *love* quotes of all kinds. I had a friend who collected them and I used to pass any I liked on to her and it stayed with me. So, random assorted TV show quotes follow, because, whyever not?

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Day 21 - Favorite ship

I've tried being a bit unpredictable - now let's be 100% predictable here: Spooks - Ruth/Harry. So much flustering, subtext, confusion, amusement and genuine emotion at various points through the seasons. And the thing is, it was all Peter Firth's fault. Everyone laughed at him, and now it's an epic ship on the show and over the intrawebs with fic and postcards and comms and who knows what. A tribute to the achievement of one (or two?) actors getting carried away with their roles...

Have a Harry/Ruth fanvid and join the voyage...
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Day 20 - Favorite kiss

I realised that I had no idea how to answer this one. I tried to think about TV couples where you had to wait forever for a kiss, and then... (but, frankly, I refuse to put down Harry and Ruth's one kiss, because the pair of them were turning purple from the cold). So, I, um, went for what is probably the most memorable and very likely one of the funniest kisses ever instead, because, why be sensible?

Now, I bet no-one was expecting that... (The clip is from the DVD extras, so lots of comments from all involved. And - just to warn the squeamish - there is an extended sequence...). But, seriously, after all those years of locked up bickering, what do you expect? Plus, it's Lister's fantasy, which is highly amusing. I mean, we'd hardly have been surprised at anything from Rimmer. And of course, behind the scenes, the writers had kept threatening the two actors in question that if they kept counting which of them got the most on-screen kisses, they would make them kiss each other... And so they did.

If I ever, while watching something, come across the sensible answer to this question, I shall tell you. :-)

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I'm about to finally be caught up.

Day 18 - Favorite title sequence:

Now, while Doctor Who obviously has the best theme music of anything anywhere, and probably should win this, I decided to go for:

The X Files intro (and, sorry, this was the best version I could find!)

It sets out to be as scary, weird and indefinable as an opening set of titles can be and pretty much succeeds on both the visual and audio. And, like DW, it's not your run of the mill theme.

Day 19 - Best TV show cast:

Probably any BBC Classic drama ever done should win this, because their line ups are always incredible. However, I vote for Spooks. Many shows by S8 & 9 would be flagging, but Spooks has always excelled in finding up and coming actors and attracting household names in regular, semi-regular and guest roles. A quick roll-call off the top of my head: Peter Firth, Matthew Mcfadyen, Jenny Agutter, Hugh Laurie, Keeley Hawes, David Oyelowo, Tim McInnerny, Anna Chancellor, Rupert Penry-Jones, Miranda Raison, Raza Jaffrey, Hermione Norris, Richard Armitage, Robert Glenister, Gemma Jones, Hugh Simon - oh, and Nicola Walker... Do I need to go on?

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Day 16 - Your guilty pleasure show: Hotel Babylon

It's definitely not a great TV show, but I got hooked on S3. After all, nothing ever goes really badly wrong, celebrities visit each week and send themselves up, and it had Emma Pierson as Anna, the receptionist desperate to have a piece of the wealth for herself. I was a bit disappointed with last year's run, and I never saw S1 or 2, so maybe I just chanced on it at the right moment to enjoy a bit of well-done light relief. (So many pretty people capable of doing proper comedy pratfalls is, I feel, worthy of note in itself...). But if it does reappear, I'll have to give it a look, if only for Alexandra Moen as the slightly loopy press officer, Emily.

Sometimes you need a bit of escapism, and this one at least seems not to take itself too seriously!

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Only 1 day behind now! Yay.

Day 15 - Favorite female character:

So many to choose from, but there's only one who's definitely in the top spot here: Ruth Evershed, Spooks's Senior Analyst, as played by Nicola Walker.

nicola walker

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I'm still behind, so I'll probably post Day 15 later. They sit together happily, but I want two posts of joyous celebration, not one. Or something.

Day 14 - Favorite male character

Being a Doctor Who fan makes this answer pretty boring, doesn't it? Who can compete with the Doctor in all his incarnations?

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And I'm still catching up.

Day 12 - An episode you've watched more than 5 times:

Well, if I like things, I do tend to rewatch them a scary amount. However, if I think about one episode of something in proportion to how much I've watched the rest of the series, then Buffy's musical episode 'Once More With Feeling' probably wins. I don't think that needs any explaining, does it?

Day 13 - Favorite childhood show:

Oh, my, this is going to be a long post. Both for honorable mentions and for the extent of the love I still have for the show in question and the rambling reminiscences it brings in its wake. (No, it’s not Doctor Who. When I was small I was too busy sticking my head under a cushion and begging my parents to turn it off because of the scary music, so I missed that.) I have pics and vids, though.

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I'm still catching up and these days go together naturally, both in terms of the questions and that they're both shows I like/liked and have never mentioned here. Mostly because I dislike fannish debates and I suspect both could easily set them off. So be nice, I can't help my bad taste, or whatever it is...

Day 10 - A show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving:
Star Trek: Voyager. Further waffle here )

Day 11 - A show that disappointed you: Heroes

Yet more waffle )

I need to work out exactly how far I'm behind with this meme now!

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Still catching up:

Day 08 - A show everyone should watch:

Given how different everyone is, can there be such a thing? However, a show I think everyone should at least try Episode 1 of is Life on Mars. I'd call it the show of the decade without question save that it probably needed Spooks and Doctor Who paving the way for it, but still... for the UK, anyway.

It's different, strange as any TV show has ever been, scary, killingly funny and the cast are great, especially Philip Glenister. (The US remake has already proved the impossibility of recasting Gene Hunt.) (And it has this Camberwick Green moment, which is possibly one of my favourite things I've ever seen on TV ever.) I perfectly understand people finding it too peculiar, too British, too regional, but worth a shot. Yes.

Day 09 - Best scene ever:

What, just the one? I could do top twenty DW scenes and still kick myself for missing things, but off the top of my head, here are some, from different shows (& I couldn't find YouTube clips of any of them, and darn it, there used to be for The gateau from the Chateau!)

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Since I'm all behind now, two days together - they seem a natural pairing.

And... I have no time left to talk about this but,

Day 06 - Favorite episode of your favorite TV show: Robots of Death and Ghostlight.

I have talked more than enough about Robots and one day I will about Ghostlight, which may be confusing (really?) but still has its own logic and is gorgeous in every way. There are a lot of honorable mentions, but I've probably mentioned them fairly often, too.

Day 07 - Least favorite episode of your favorite TV show: 42 The only moment ever, I nearly turned the TV off on DW, ever. As a result, I'm not sure I want to watch the ep I missed on Saturday. I'll see how annoying next week's is - or not - before I risk it.) I kept the TV on because David Tennant suddenly decided the show needed saving and threw himself into the effort. I was grateful, because I don't like turning the TV off in disgust at my favourite show. (Chris Chibnall should get some kind of award for writing my least favourite episodes of DW, Torchwood and Life On Mars. It's quite an achievement for someone who isn't even technically a bad writer.)

And now I must run.

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Day 05 - A show you hate:

I have to waste a post on something I don't like? A meme is a harsh master. I suppose the top candidate would be Big Brother for starting off all the reality TV shows and not even being an actual talent context or something where there's a point to anything# other than, well, voyeurism that sends me back to watch Vengeance on Varos and feeling smug about the foresight of my favourite TV show.

Mind you, there are two shows I can't bear to stay in the room with, but for reasons of inexplicable fear picked up at some point rather than actual hate: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (I can't stand being in the room with it. I want to run away very fast. I blame my Dad for making me play the computer game of it years ago. It panicked me. ("Is that your final answer...?" *shudder*) But then I never like quiz shows anyway. So, yes, it's a perfectly good quiz show, if they don't bore you solid in two minutes as they do me, but I am traumatised by the computer game version).

And the other thing, which is silly, because I even quite like it in it's own way, but Columbo. It's the way he hunts down his victim so remorselessly in that old mac solves the crimes. I reason my aversion to it has to do with the way we so often see things from the murderer's point of view, but I think it was something to do with the episode in which Johnny Cash was the murderer. I have no idea what happened in the episode now, or why it bothered me but after that I was scared of Columbo. Before that I liked the show and thought it was funny. (Mostly). And I still have to slide out of the room with a muttered excuse when it's on even though it's about 20+ years later. I can watch about 3 minutes and then I have to go.

I'm weird, yes. I was also scared of Miss Marple, but I got over that.

(#confesses accidental addiction to the Maria/Joseph/Nancy/Dorothy things. I know. I knew one day one of those things would get me when I wasn't taking proper precaution not to watch them. This is the real reason I refuse to watch, ditto soaps (and football). I already have enough trouble fitting things in my life, without getting addicted to something else time-consuming. I have once or twice pretended it's to do with being intellectual and superior, but this is an utter lie, so I've stopped. Things that other people genuinely love aren't really to be sneered at without good reason, I decided.)

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Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this TV season): The West Wing

My answer to this shows how hypocritical me recommending shows is, because I simply haven't watched anything new new for a long time, only returning series I already like. Bad me. However, in the meantime I have been watching some new old things on DVD, and in the spirit of this question, I choose the most recent.

(Disclaimer: I was keeping quiet about this in case anyone in the US had political objections, or anyone wanted to spoil it by telling me it got rubbish after Season X or Y. I have some knowledge of US politics, but only historical. I just like it as a TV show.) It is very well written, exceptionally so, in places, and the characterisation is second to none. Martin Sheen is awesome (the entrance is pretty great in ep1 "I am the LORD your God!" :lol:), and Donna Moss is one of my new favourite characters in anything, which means I have to watch the rest of it now. I don't think this counts as a spoiler but )

I'm only up to the first eps of S4, so spoiler me and I may have to do something nasty.

(But when, when are they going to run around a bit and try to defuse a bomb/save the world/solve the crime? Oh, wait, have I been watching too much Spooks and stuff? Don't people on TV always solve crimes, save the universe and fight the bad guys?)

Having said that, I think there ought to be quotes:
Quotes )

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Day 04 - Your favorite show ever

(Because I'm slightly bored with the show that will be my answer to Q3 right now. I won't be tomorrow).

Hmm, my favourite TV show ever? What could that possibly be?

I think it might be this old thing. It's quite well-known and it's one of the longest running shows in the world. Its lead character has been played by 11 different actors (and I love all of them, really and truly). It can be anything it wants, and pretty much has been at some time or another. I know everyone will have their own favourite show, but this is absolutely the most unique TV series there is: love it, hate it, never even seen it, but you've surely got to admit there's nothing else that's anything remotely like it. (Not all of it at once, I mean.)

And I think people might possibly have guessed what my answer would be there. I have other TV obsessions, but they come and go. This one is forever, I think.

And, yes, I like it all. I don't believe in Classic Who and New Who, though I use the terms sometime. I like the 1980s, even Timelash. I love the b&w stuff and can even amuse myself while watching The Sensorites. I have no problems with dodgy 70s CSO. I am a totally hopeless case. I don't even hate any producers. I can grumble about Chris Chibnall, but that's about as far as my disgruntlement goes.

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Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching: Spooks

I think I'm supposed to pick something relatively unknown, but the amount of people who aren't watching Spooks when it's on seems to be shocking. Not non-UK people, obviously, but Brits when it's on TV every autumn. I mean, if you like your TV relatively fluffy, fair enough, but otherwise why not?

(Of course, this is totally hypocritical, given the things I miss through laziness, forgetfulness, addiction to writing fanfic, and scheduling that's too late for a morning person like me.)

But the meme did ask.

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Day 17 - Favourite mini-series. (I'm rebellious, I'm doing the days out of order. This post has to be done on a Sunday - classic period drama day. ;-D Besides, as [livejournal.com profile] pedanther pointed out, otherwise this meme ends on a really depressing note!)

This had to be a BBC period drama as I don’t watch many other self-contained serials (that, I take it is a mini-series, yes?), although Lost in Austen gets a definite honorable mention here. I also love very much the 1995 Persuasion, The Way We Live Now, Wives and Daughters, Bleak House and Our Mutual Friend and Little Dorrit, among, well, just about all of them, but I choose North & South.

I hesitated over this, as I know the only two people I persuaded to watch in the virtual world didn’t like it and fair enough (that’s what makes life interesting!). However, this is why I do (or merely scratching the iceberg of that, possibly), and if my flist are kind and read the entry, I’ll explain something about what I really like in TV in relation to this. And I have some pretty and non-spoilerish pictures, too and links to the beautiful score by Martin Phipps. So, humour me here. You can ignore the other answers for all the other 29 days, but I want to share my love for the BBC's North & South.

And this is why I still like it, okay )

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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] curuchamion. (With the disclaimer that I can't guarantee to post every day, but I will make 30 posts.)

Day 01 - A show that should never have been cancelled: Blake's 7

It wasn't meant to end with that episode. And I would have liked more. :-( Four seasons, I know, so it could have been worse, but I would have liked more. And I love that S4 ends as it does (I'm keeping spoiler-free for this) and yet Chris Boucher says on the commentary, "It was only meant to end the season!" Looking at the finales for S1-3, that isn't all that surprising. For something with a budget probably smaller than DW, it never lacked in daring when it came to storytelling. And they could remake it now, using the universe setting, but we can't have those characters back. (Or they might try that, but that would be bad, bad, bad. Remakers of TV shows have to learn that the original cast do have something to do with the success of a series. Just a teeny, tiny bit.)

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