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As promised!

These are a tiny handful from a first and rather erratic sweep of the archive. There will be more - when I finally make it through the whole alphabet! (As ever, I had to stick to mostly short things, although there is - amazingly - a 30,000 S&S fic featuring original Elements which I will have to go and print off, because... amazing.) There are more fics for many of these fandoms! There are whole novels and things in there... *waves hands in incoherent admiration of the 2014 Yuletide Collection*

17 recs in Archer's Goon, The Avengers, Blackadder, Blake's 7, Bleak Expectations, Chalet School, Chronicles of Prydain, Doctor Who (BFAs), Curse of Fatal Death, The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, Drop the Dead Donkey, Fire & Hemlock, Hamlet, Henry IV, and Sapphire & Steel )
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In the summer, when things were terrible, I wound up, mostly by way of wrangling, listening slowly to all five series of the BBC Radio comedy Bleak Expectations, which was one of the few things that cheered me up. Somewhere in the middle, my over-heated brain produced this, which I finally decided to type up for [community profile] trope_bingo. It isn't spoilery, but probably defies explanation, so just ignore me... (And, no, it didn't have David Collings in it. It had Anthony Head and Celia Imrie, though, and it was very funny.)

Title: An Absolutely True And In No Way Fabricated Account of the Difficult, Dangerous and Entirely Improbable Invention of the Biscuit
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 910 words
Characters/Pairings: Sir Philip Bin
Notes/Warnings: Pre-Series. If you haven’t ever heard BBC Radio’s Bleak Expectations, this is fandom appropriate ridiculousness, not merely out of my head. If you haven’t, no spoilers follow, merely a lot of nonsense.
Summary: A true and faithful tale of the invention of the biscuit by the father of Harry Biscuit, with some partial account of the effects of the controversial 1784 Landscaping Act, as set down by the famous novelist and inventor, Sir Philip Bin, in his own hand.

For [community profile] trope_bingo square “against all odds”, though somehow, I don’t think this was quite how the trope was meant to go, but I claim fair use. ;-p (Sir Philip's opinions, as I hope you already know, are parodic and very much not my own.)

A true and faithful tale... )


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