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[community profile] remixrevival went live yesterday, and Remix Madness today and I had a remixed fic in each! (I didn't until late yesterday, though; only my regular Remix and then I poked at Madness and was startled to see that it had a Chalet School/DW crossover involving Miss Annersley and Seven, because it seemed extremely unlikely that someone else as well as me had done that, and they hadn't. It had just been slipped in while I wasn't looking!)

Anyway, in unexpected Remixes, my official Remix fic is a reworking of my old NYR 2009 Dungeons & Dragons fic, via a clever device:

Among the Shattered Tales (The girl once helped remix) (1235 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Dungeons and Dragons (Cartoon)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Sheila "the Thief", Hank "the Ranger", Original Female Character(s)
Additional Tags: Implied Sheila/Hank
Summary: She has many stories, but for some reason a lot of people like this one.

And in my even more unexpected Remix from Madness, I have this really lovely little reversed-POV version of Each A Glimpse and Gone Forever in which Seven turns up on a train in time to help out a young and grieving not-yet-Miss Annersley; all the more pleasing because the original is an odd little piece I have a lot of fondness for:

In The Wink Of An Eye (Each A Glimpse, And Gone Forever Remix) (819 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Chalet School - Elinor M. Brent-Dyer, Doctor Who
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Hilda Annersley, Seventh Doctor
Additional Tags: Remix
Summary: On the worst train journey of her young life, Hilda Annersley meets a kind - if unusual - stranger.

I see Madness doesn't actually close till the 25th, so maybe I should have another go, but for that I might need brain and mine got used up today dealing with insurance renewal, blah blah blah. (In the usual nature of these things, the simple thing is complicated by technology being disobliging because OF COURSE and is still only part done. Probably.)

Still, I am rewatching The Shadow of the Tower, so that keeps me reasonably happy. (I even dreamt the other night that James Maxwell held my hand for a moment. He was a fleeting sort of time ghost, part of a performance that had slipped through time to where I was lying, which apparently kept my pesky inner dream monitor from spoiling things with the usual "well, that isn't v realistic, we can't have this, and WHY ARE THERE BEES/isn't he dead etc. etc." Bees = totally implausible. Timeslip ghosts = perfectly natural and believable.)
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Time for the answers! \o/ (Between this and more family history, I must await more spoons before catching up & commenting again, but I will. In the meantime, wacky crossover nonsense awaits...)

15 Characters Reveal )
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I'm back! I'm very tired, so comments and posts will wait/be erratic until I'm not. In the meantime, I'm trying to get some Yuletide recs up before Reveal. I carefully bookmarked on AO3 as I read while away, so hopefully this should be a quiet, simple thing to do?

It's a fairly random first pass of the archive. I tend to read shorter fics, and also have a terrible habit (faced with the chocolate box that is Yuletide) of reading only one or two fics out of a fandom with several in it before skipping to the next shiny thing, but still, an overview of some things I've particularly enjoyed so far, in the hopes that others might enjoy them too:

19 Recs in Archer's Goon, The Avengers, Chalet School, Georgette Heyer (Devil's Cub, False Colours, Frederica), Dracula, Fionavar Tapestry, Forsyte Saga, The Highwayman, Honeysuckle Cottage, I Capture the Castle, Ngaio Marsh, Indiana Jones, Jane Eyre, Jane the Virgin, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, and Maid Marian )

More to come later today! (Hopefully! But definitely including my shiny Madness Treat when it does. \o/)
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As promised!

These are a tiny handful from a first and rather erratic sweep of the archive. There will be more - when I finally make it through the whole alphabet! (As ever, I had to stick to mostly short things, although there is - amazingly - a 30,000 S&S fic featuring original Elements which I will have to go and print off, because... amazing.) There are more fics for many of these fandoms! There are whole novels and things in there... *waves hands in incoherent admiration of the 2014 Yuletide Collection*

17 recs in Archer's Goon, The Avengers, Blackadder, Blake's 7, Bleak Expectations, Chalet School, Chronicles of Prydain, Doctor Who (BFAs), Curse of Fatal Death, The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, Drop the Dead Donkey, Fire & Hemlock, Hamlet, Henry IV, and Sapphire & Steel )


30 Dec 2013 10:01 am
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I'll attempt to find some brain not occupied by Public Eye, and tell you about how lucky I was for Yuletide (again).

I had a marvellous gift fic in the main collection, from someone who dealt with my incoherent Chalet School request and wrote me a wonderful fic (involving Hijinks & Shenanigans no less) that took so many parts of it and used them to great effect. And Mary-Lou faces down a ghost - and tells it (not unkindly) that it needs to buck up its ideas and stop feeling sorry for itself. Anyway, it's great, and I love it. If you also like Chalet School stories, I'm sure you'd enjoy it too:

The avenues of time (4343 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Chalet School - Elinor M. Brent-Dyer
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Mary-Lou Trelawney, Original Male Character(s), Verity-Anne Carey
Additional Tags: Sister-Sister Relationship, Female Friendship, Ghosts, Murder, Indiana Jones Style Archaeology, Post-Canon, Hijinks & Shenanigans, Roman Britain
Summary: In which Mary-Lou Trelawney visits a town in the north of England; makes a surprising new acquaintance; and reminisces about her childhood.

I was also lucky enough to have three treats in the Yuletide Madness collection. Two of them were for the Ten Stupidest Things I've Heard Since Richard III's Remains blog post - which has taken off and had some marvellous and hilarious fic written for it. Dear flist, it's a thing! We made it a thing! (Especially [personal profile] akashasheiress who linked me to it and [personal profile] justice_turtle who did the important bit of actually nominating it, of course!) They are both excellent, one a great drabble, one a short, brilliantly biting satirical ficlet. I'll try to do a recs post, but you should definitely check out the rest of the fic for it!

The King of Tallstoria (429 words) and Delayed Interment (100 words).

Also, also - somebody wrote me Inspector Neele and Mary Dove from the Miss Marple story A Pocketful of Rye!

One Good Turn (966 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Miss Marple - Agatha Christie
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Mary Dove, Inspector Neele
Additional Tags: Flirting, Banter, Cordial Adversaries, Ambiguous/Open Ending
Summary: They are getting some practice in saving each other. They just aren't either of them sure what the practice is for.

It's exactly what I wanted when I read the book! *dances a bit* It's a delight and I'm thrilled to bits.

Also, happily, my recipient seemed to like my story, thankfully, and my two treats (one in the main collection), one in Madness also. (There are no points whatsoever for anyone guessing which Yuletide Madness fic I wrote. I have never in my life been less anonymous in a gift exchange, but it had to be done.)

I did manage to do some reading while home and there are some glorious things in the collection and in Madness - I'll see if I can manage a recs post before reveal. In the meantime, my brain apparently belongs to Frank Marker. He doesn't deserve it at all, but what can you do?
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Memed from astrogirl2: Post a line or a snippet from each of your WIPs, and invite people to ask questions about them.

(It's always slightly different, this one, so I may have freely adapated it for my own purposes. A meme, after all, is a living, evolving thing, right? *hides from those meme police once again*)

WIPs again )
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Nothing to see here, except my annual ridiculously epic Yuletide Letter:

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Firstly, thank you! You are ready to attempt to write something for me - and you share a tiny fandom with me. ♥

I am a great believer in the story that you want to tell being the one that's going to be the most compelling to read, so please, write that. In fact, for several of these requests, what I want most of all is just to see what you would write in these worlds. So, if you are the sort of person who likes a concise letter and a free hand, please, just go for what you have in mind. All the extra details are for souls like me who want them. Do not attempt to give me everything below in one fic; you'd do yourself an injury. If anything seems contradictory, it's mostly because I like all sorts of different things at different times in different fandoms. So, if you've got that burning idea, go write it. I'm sure I will love it.

More details here )

Fandoms - Ten Stupidest Things I've Heard Since Richard III's Remains Were Identified, Enemy at the Door, Miss Marple, Indigo Series, Jago & Litefoot and Chalet School )
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Here's the fic I wrote for [community profile] fic_corner. I was waiting to post it because I started finally typing up the original treat I was going to write for someone, but it is still not quite working out. That's about two months of it not quite working out now, so I shall just have to bury it until one day it resurrects itself as something (as stories often do) - and get on and post my fics and some recs for very shiny fics from the collection:

I defaulted early on, but I wrote two treats, one in the short treat collection, one in the main:

Two fics in Enid Blyton (Adventure Series) and Journey To The River Sea )

And now, recs! I have to say, from what I have seen, it looks as though there is a very high percentage of exceptional fic, so I'd recommend poking around to see what childhood favourites you might find in the 100+ fandoms. However, here is a selection from those I know and read (mostly in the first half of the alphabet, because I'm incurably alphabetical and don't have that much reading stamina).

Recs at Fic Corner )
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[profile] hhertzof is planning a children's/YA lit fic exchange, and you can find out more and vote in the name poll here. I think it's probably of interest to quite a few of you - every and any child/YA lit is probably going to be eligible.

(So, yes, Diana Wynne Jones, Chalet School, Enid Blyton, picture books, modern YA epics, time-honoured classics, anything).
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Belated birthday icons for Paranoidangel! (Who once said to me that she'd like to see Chalet School quote icons. I tried collecting some likely phrases/quotes for it a while back, but was never quite sure about them. However, I fished them out and had a go - and so here are six CS icons!)

I'm not sure how use they are out of context, though - but I did at least manage one typical Corney insult!

 photo csidea_zpsbe17d9a1.png  photo csimps_zps5ba95052.png  photo cscorney_zpsf4c3aa6c.png

And three more under the cut )

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1. [livejournal.com profile] violetcreme made lovely cover art for my House of Eliott Bea/Jack ficlet, which I don't think anyone's done before!

2. A very entertaining post I found in my meanderings about why Miss Marple is awesome. (Because obviously, she is. I just watched an old ITV Dracula in which Van Helsing was patronising to Joan Hickson as a fluttery old lady. It was awful and wrong.)

3. A Ficathon Walked Into A Bar has returned from the dead! Sign-ups can be found at [community profile] intoabar or [livejournal.com profile] intoabar. I've been wanting to do it ever since I found out about it, but it was deceased by that time. And since the rules are pretty much "random crossover meeting in 500 words or more" I think even I can cope, since that's the kind of thing I write anyway.

further waffling )

4. ... and so then I wrote a Miss Marple meets Dracula ficlet for [livejournal.com profile] fan_flashworks in revenge for the 1960s TV. Just to prove the point. :lol:

5. Anyway, it's open, and it should be fun. And just looking at the LJ version brought up a Chalet School fic I didn't know existed! I'm having a sort of craving for new Chalet School fic, which is because I am really bad still at reading anything offline that isn't a CS book, but I've read the whole lot (very slowly) twice in two years now and I can't do it again. I hope. Also because I'm miffed that lots of the fill-in books cost £80 on Amazon, which would be the ideal solution. *sigh* (What if I went to [livejournal.com profile] freudesheim and said "Let's have a ficathon!"? Do you think there is anybody left there? *sigh again*)

6. Also, thanks, LJ, I suddenly seem to have 6 extra loyalty icons appear in the last few days for reasons beyond my understanding, so now I need to re-upload my CS and HoE icons. I have already instantly used it to have at least one more [livejournal.com profile] sallymn masterpiece and G'Kar. (I don't know how fannish I will be about Babylon 5 yet, though I enjoyed it v much, but obviously my life would be incomplete without a G'Kar icon.) (I'm pretty sure I'm not imagining things! I know I had only one icon space left and was deliberating over what to use it for and whether to delete other things and then suddenly I had 7 spaces left. Or maybe this is an alternate universe with only very slight changes...)

7. I am reasonably sure I had something else to say, possibly something more sensible. Oh, yes. I am, for the time being, feeling a bit better again, at last. :-)
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1. A question for any other Chalet Schools fans (that probably I should post to freudesheim, I know, but anyway): I've just finished The Chalet School Does It Again and there's a really odd bit at the end I've noticed before, but I usually forget where it came before I ever think to ask.

Basically, during the Welson play (the Willow Pattern one), in the audience, Madge Russell hears a stranger commenting on it, as does Miss Wilson, who turns to look and thinks the speaker is slightly familiar. And... nothing. So, either this is an odd little Elinorism, or else the conclusion (who the speaker actually is) has been edited out of the revised pbk edition. (My collection, barring one book only is entirely comprised of the Armada paperbacks.) Anyone round here have the hardback/GGB edition and can tell me? It's just a couple of pages from the end, in the middle of the Willow Pattern play. I'd be grateful, because it's definitely odd.

ETA: apparently it is a slight anomaly in the full-text version too. (My flist knows everything. ♥)

Talking of Elinorisms, wouldn't it be hilarious if CS was a really large fandom. We could have wars about what everyone's names really are. Is Matron really Gwyneth Lloyd, or Matron Gould? Is Mademoiselle Therese or Elise or Therese Elise and is she Le Pattre or La Pattre? Is Rosalie Browne the same person as Rosalie Way? Is Mr Barras Adrian or Miles? Verity-Ann or Verity-Anne? And etc. etc. Other fandoms would not know what to make of us. We'd never get past the spellings to have ship wars.

Or maybe this actually happens on the forum and I don't know because I don't ever look at it...

2. [community profile] gen_battle is now a thing. Of course, at the moment I have 500 prompts already (well, no, really I have about 200 *cough*) but I think that will be relevant to various people's interests?

Oh, and 3. I feel a bit less tired again now. :-)
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[livejournal.com profile] paranoidangel42 asked: How about Chalet School icons? Have you ever done any of those?

I have had two tries and I'm sure I've still got the cover scans somewhere & I'll have another go. In the meantime, I tried to salvage a handful:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

A few more under here )

ETA: Or I could do text ones... are there some typical CS things that would work? Like maybe not knowing whether it's German/French/whatever day... or... I don't know?
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I've had this recs post ready on my LJ since early April. Thought it might be worth actually posting at last! And, wait, don't run away... this post includes scenic vids of Austria; also Doctor Who and Jeeves & Wooster crossovers and an excellent & totally strings-free historical fic set in Nazi Germany.

The School at the Chalet )
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The fifteen characters (and sorry, I was a bit obscure in places. I'll go back to my usual suspects another time):

1. K9
2. Eighth Doctor
3. Soolin (B7)
4. Darth Vader
5. Miss Pole (Cranford)
6. Mary-Lou Trelawney (Chalet School)
7. Leela
8. Zafar Younis (Spooks)
9. Dayna Mellanby (B7)
10. Vicki
11. Charlie Crews (Life)
12. Venger (Dungeons & Dragons)
13. Jeeves
14. Tom Paris (Voyager)
15. Gordon Brittas (The Brittas Empire)

I got quite a few great questions, so I haven't finished answering all of them & it's getting long - this is part one (in order the questions were asked):

Answers to jjpor, persiflage, john_elliott, cersia5, arnie1967, aralias, lizzie_marie_23 and pitry )
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I flipped through Yuletide Madness, and A-L of Yuletide2010.

Because they're rare fandoms, I don't know who will might be interested, but my picks so far:

One that should interest the flist, first:
The Curse of Fatal Death (DW comic relief sketch)
Sometime, Later in the TARDIS
2201 words, Teen (esp. at end). What the Lumley Doctor and Pryce Master got up to, post sketch. It's so funny and just like the actual thing. The Daleks' idea of being good, the Doctor infuriating the Master by... being the Doctor. *snort*
“Who would have thought that just as I was returning to Earth, the Daleks would try to invade for the thirty-seventh time?” the Doctor said.

More shiny treats under the cut - Fairy Tales, Spooks, Downton Abbey etc )

Also, my gifts:
Firstly, my Yuletide writer wrote me two lovely Chrestomanci fics centring on Janet and what she will do now she's been trapped in Chrestomanci's world as Cat's sort-of sister. (You need to read Charmed Life to understand, a book I recommend to anyone.) The first is probably reasonably accessible to newbies, but not the second. However, I am very pleased - they're both so well-done and there's sharp characterisation of Cat (despite his not appearing in it) in the second, and the first, aside from everything else, features a splendid new dressing gown for Chrestomanci, which is obviously the most important thing. (It's all in the books, okay?) Both are short, gen, and safe for all ages:
their fine incisions
best, Janet

And, also, lucky thing that I am, had two Yuletide Madness treats, too:
Changing Directions
Hee - someone saw my prompt and love of crossovers, obviously, and wrote me a great, unexpected AU cross for my Janet Chant request.

and, I also got a Blake's 7 (yay!) double-drabble, in which a Federation guard is unfortunate enough to encounter our heroes. (I love all those random guards with backstories, who usually end up dead in two minutes, even so...)
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Okay, snippet from the latest Spooks write-up from Alison Graham. (I cut only for any sensitive flowers who can't even bear to read the 'blurb' about the next episode 9.04, as I am related to one or two.)

An Analyst at the Chalet School? )

Ruth At the Chalet School, anyone? Oh, my. My head goes to crossover-land very easily, as everyone will know by now, but even so... She'd like it there. Except when she felt the need to be evil, as she does occasionally. :lol: (Probably the only other person on my flist who will get the wonder will be [livejournal.com profile] paranoidangel42, but I couldn't keep it to myself.)

And [livejournal.com profile] persiflage_1 will no doubt approve of her proper verdict of Mary from Downton Abbey as "the toxic Lady Mary..." Heh, again.
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A great little inspirational writing meme doing the rounds, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] primsong and [livejournal.com profile] curuchamion.

1: Pick five fandoms. List them in alphabetical order.

1. Blake's 7
2. Chalet School
3. Doctor Who
4. Press Gang
5. Spooks

2: Visit this site to find your first RANDOM POEM OF POWER. Write down the 5th line (yes, even if it's an E.E. Cummings poem and you wind up with an apostrophe). Repeat five times and - you guessed it - list 'em in alphabetical order! (No cheating, mind! This is a challenge and it's always been about creativity.)

3: I think you can see where this is going. Write a very quick 50-word half-drabble for each fandom (try to do it all in one sitting - make your brain explode!), using the line from the poem as a prompt. You don't have to include it in the half-drabble - it's just inspiration.

4: Bravo! Have a cookie.

My resulting demi-drabbles under here )
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I had another try. These are still newbie efforts, but playing with some of the effects made it possible to get away with those 'dotty' 1980s Armada covers, which was exciting (for me). Now, I'm beginning to get how the programme works (and I can see some more of the things I'm doing wrong), does anyone have any advice about how to get screen caps from things? (I'm willing to spend some money!)

Chalet School icons )
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Edit: Sorry, LJ was refusing to cut everything the other day and now it's done it again.  Sorry about the long entry, but I am not playing about with it any more.  And it's eaten the links again.  *goes off to hit things*

I got this off [personal profile] persiflage_1 a couple of days ago and have been busy. In fact, really I am still busy, but there we go.

Memes under cut )
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I snagged this meme off [livejournal.com profile] primsong.

When you see this, post a brief snippet of all your fannish works-in-progress.

I'm not normally too bad, save a few long-hand snippets lying around under the bed, but I seem to have a few half-typed at the moment. So, here goes:

Snippets as promised )


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