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I've been tired today, so I was doing some aimless LJ-browsing, and found this! One Saturday morning CBBC show I used to like (late 1980s or early 90s, I think) was On The Waterfront, which was a comedy sketch show. And the best bit was the condensed and dubbed mini-episodes of (real old 1970s TV action show) The Flashing Blade.

As you've probably guessed - someone's saved their old video recordings of these, and put them up on YouTube. *joy* But the main reason I'm sharing is... well, guess who wrote them (apparently)? Russell T Davies! :lol:

All the people who wrote my childhood TV are now writing my adult TV, it seems. Is there no escape?

Anyway, the quality is shaky, as you would expect, but you can see for yourself, should you wish, as it must be one of the earliest bits of his writing around:

(There are quite a few more on YT as well. ETA: "We're surrounded by killer frogs!"/"That wasn't in the script!"/ "Script?! You mean there's a script?")

And, I know. One day I will rejoin you in the 21st C...
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I've no excuse for this, except my post a while back made me keep watching bits on YouTube and I thought 'that'd be fun to icon'. Except I have no DVDs and therefore, no screencaps, so went (appropriately) pillaging on Google... and retrieved all of... two relatively decent images. Neverthless, I amused myself and got 11 icons:

Total Icon Count: 11


Icons Here! )

I don't suppose anyone does, but the usual: want, take, have, credit. No hotlinking.
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I've been collecting links again, so time to share, this time for something even more obscure than the last: Maid Marian and Her Merry Men.

But don't run away: this fic I recommend to anyone with a passing knowledge of Robin Hood, and a sense of humour. Seriously. It's got a great style &, as long as you get that Marian does all the work and Robin prefers to look good and design the outfits, you can just read & enjoy the crack - this is huge fun:

Woo the Day by alyse.
(5780 words; All ages - in which Robin wakes up to the fact that Marian is a Girl. Obviously, it doesn't go well. Warnings: complete lack of historical realism?)

If you need to know: MM was a CBBC show was written by Tony Robinson (aka Baldrick from Blackadder) & he was also the Sherriff, while Danny John-Jules (Cat from Red Dwarf) was Barrington (this Sherwood's Will Scarlett). And there was mud. And crazy songs. (Have the End Titles, just to complete the illusion that this fic was an actual ep).

In which I have a thought or two )

Anyway, if anyone wants it, a YouTube nostalgia-fest lies beneath the cut.
(No spoilers anywhere here, btw, in clips or fic - don't think there is such a thing for this show).

She's back... and this time she's wearing a hat! )

(Sorry about the deja vu if anyone saw this post's brief appearance on Sunday. I needed to edit.)
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You know when you're feeling pretty much better, but not at work and not up to doing anything sensible. Obviously, the only thing to do is to screencap some random DVD and make icons. So, here, the BBC's 1990s version of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. (I did the first couple of episodes. I might do the rest, but only if people think it's worth it. Or I get really bored again. Anyway, this is a sane-sized post this time.)

Oh, and can anyone put me out of my misery? The theme from this is here. This is clearly taken from something I used to sing at school, but I can only remember random snatches of. If anyone else can tell me the actual words, or the title, I'd be less annoyed. ("Back into storyland oft may we go... but the giants are dead and the dragons have fled... [And now we fight] 'Gainst the dragons of anger and the ogres of pride" something like that. Seriously. I'm not going mad. It had three verses. And the words match up too well for the use of it to be coincidence. If I could remember them properly.)


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