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I did say, spamming, didn't I?

Probably too random to be of any interest, but doing the 30 Days Meme over on [livejournal.com profile] isurrendered ended up with me rifling through my scribbled sheets of paper for the two shows for likely 'quotes' and scenes, plus taking some from the snippets I did before. (And somewhere in the process, I've LOST some of them. This is why, of course, you should never have things lying around on loose bits of paper.)

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Another Cloak and Dagger fragment. I've been trying to write other things, too much to put a proper fic for this together, so again, another conversational fragment, this time S2 Kate and John (who understand each other a great deal better by this stage), on some dashed villain inconveniently forcing John into a duel. Except, like I said, I didn't have much time, so no actual duel. (I promise I'll write up one of the bits where something happens sometime soon, but I have a [livejournal.com profile] who_like_giants ficathon entry to do, and other things.)

525 words. Someone seems to be trying to dispose of John.

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This time 1,097 words - a random fragment with Bartram (Philip Glenister), Sophy (Felicity Jones), Hugh (Lee Williams) and Jenny (Claire Foy):

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For [livejournal.com profile] belantana, who asked me for 'Cloak and Dagger' fic.

A conversational fragment of 1,133 words.

I have several scribbled bits of fic for both shows, but mostly from working out season finales, or vital plot points (and more for Enigma House than C & D), so not much use, but there was also this: a conversation from early S1 where John Rothley takes Kate to visit his formidable grandmama – and feels he ought to explain why she didn’t meet her at the wedding before the Dowager Countess gives his bride a more alarming version. (Except I didn’t even get to the interesting bit of actually meeting the Dowager, either, as I was working out the family back-story...)

So, really not very exciting – but at least no one will do an annoying flashback, as they inevitably do on TV!

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For the 'I surrender' meme, [livejournal.com profile] persiflage_1 gave me this prompt: Regency-era Spooks - so a spy show, but set in the Regency era.

The cast list is hopelessly huge and unrealistic (although then again, if you look at something like Little Dorrit, maybe not?) but I'm not sure what else I could do. I've now corrected things, given people back their titles, put all the main characters first (but the basic premise does remain the same!). I tried wherever possible for people in appropriate period dress already, but sometimes it's not the right period, and leads to some unimaginative casting (but you try casting something with this many characters!).

Cloak and Dagger - the Premise )

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Recurring characters, guest stars and episode guide to follow.
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Well, I am back & will be catching up with people soon.

My trip to London included a day trying to find bridesmaids' dresses (my youngest sister is getting married in Sept) and this seemed like a tough proposition, given the budget, the varying tastes of the 3 bridesmaids (me being one) and the bride-to-be... and we did it. We picked up something unexpected, very different, that we all liked, and flattered all of us in somewhere we never would have thought of, in the sale. We are gleeful. If I reveal details, even under flock to a bunch of people who couldn't care less, I would be hung, drawn and quartered, so I shan't. Besides, I don't think you want stuff about dresses. (It's blue. I'll go that far.) And then we got into see a show cheaply in a mad rush - in the stalls! It was a bit of randomly great day. I also spent all of yesterday at The National Archives. I love TNA, but what I'm currently researching involves me ordering 3 volumes, waiting 40 minutes, looking in the index (No, no, no / yes) and then waiting at least 20-30 minutes for the next... I suppose if I was organised I would research something complementary at the same time. Still, I did find two new pieces of information, so it was not in vain. All the waiting is bad, because they have a bookshop full of history stuff.

And I have been plotting out casting and things for shows 2 and 3. (I know I posted a bit of Show 2, but it is actually missing major characters and some stuff is wrong, so stand by because I just posted all the background family stuff really before...)

Just a plea: out of current actors around who would you cast as the Duke of Wellington? (You can see a pic of him HERE.)
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For the 'I surrender' meme, [livejournal.com profile] persiflage_1 gave me this prompt: Regency-era Spooks - so a spy show, but set in the Regency era.

It couldn't really be more different to the other one... This is only part done, but I have the main set-up and the first part of the cast (naturally, it's one of those big ensemble dramas with scene-stealing guest stars), but I post this here now (before I go away for the weekend on Sat.)

I’ve cast whoever I liked in this because it’s a BBC period drama – no one is out of bounds, unless they’re dead (although generally anyone I can find wearing a bonnet or cravat just to help the scene setting). I apologise only because I know Richard Armitage is a too obvious here, but once you’ve thought ‘The main character needs to be like Richard Armitage… and Eileen Atkins is playing his grandmother’ it’s a bit late to do anything but cast him.) There is some casting overlap with my other show (guest stars only) but British TV is like that.

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