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My resolution not to talk about Public Eye at you any more unfortunately only ended in icons. What else was I to do? And so here they are, before I add them to my pile of Icons I Must Actually Post Some Day. 71 icons - text and images (mainly images). (Also including a few familiar guest stars at the end.)

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I got to the end of Fall of Eagles the other day, so here (finally) are screencaps of Colin Baker as Crown Prince Willie. (1974)

He turned up in the last episode (End Game), which was set in 1918, so there was absolutely no dashing about with plumed helmets, or any of that. He did, however, get time to make a (definitely kinky) phonecall to his mistress.

Colin Baker in Fall of Eages )

I am making a bigger picspam of the whole thing, which hopefully I'll finish soon, now that I've watched it all.
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I've been watching the BBC's 1974 drama Fall of Eagles lately (in between the Shakespeare and things). Yes, guess whose IMBD I found it on? But when I saw that it was about the fall of the three big European royal houses at the turn of the century, I was immediately v interested. And then I saw that it had everybody ever in it, so I had to watch it. As history lessons go, it is pretty painless & I will picspam it properly when I've finished it because it has people like Gemma Jones (Spooks) and Colin Baker (he is playing Crown Prince Willie, I gather, but he hasn't turned up yet) and lovely costumes and locations, and I will do it to save you watching TV that is nearly 40 years old because I am a nuisance kind like that. Oh, and btw, Patrick Stewart is Lenin.

Anyway, today has not been the greatest of days, so I was much cheered to reach the first of David Collings's two episodes, and also the first ep for the rest of the Russian contingent...

David Collings and Patrick Stewart )
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I watched one of the extras on the new Caves. It was one of those clips from a chat show, with Colin and Peter, and I was expecting it to be mildly interesting. What I wasn't expecting was...

Gratuitous picspam of Colin and Peter on Russell Harty in 1984. Not dial-up friendly )
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This wasn't going to be the character for today, but I got carried away earlier when my collecting of bits and pieces and so on led to unexpected Colin Baker and Anthony Stewart Head (see below) among other things. (Besides, does Jonathan Creek count as obscure? Doesn't feel like it can be, really...)

How come when I stay at your place you get the bed and I get the sofa, but when you stay at my place you still get the bed and I get the sofa? )

So Far )

ETA: Oh, yes, forgot to say that Colin Baker's character has a wardrobe that is painted a suspiciously familiar colour of blue.
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Hey, I spent some of my birthday money on this... and have made some icons. I couldn't help it (plus, yet again, Friday insomnia strikes, so I have little brain for writing). You will be relieved to hear there are none of Turlough in speedos.

There are also some extra I did last week for Vengeance on Varos. (Now that my skills have improved a bit.)


Fifth Doctor,doctor who,icons fifth doctor,icons Fifth Doctor,doctor who,icons

Total Icon Count: 68

Icons Here! )

As ever: want, take, have, credit. No hotlinking.
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Yes, really. I actually did some Doctor Who icons... (I learned how to do at least three obvious things with images this morning, too.)

doctor who,icons,sixth doctor doctor who,image of the fendahl,icons doctor who,image of the fendahl,icons

Total Icon Count: 58

Icons Here! )
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...looking for a present for my Dad. (And since his birthday list is miles too short, he still hasn't got one, but I have an idea.)

And then I saw Blake's 7 S3 sitting on the shelf, all on its lonesome. ("It's a sign!" cried my optimistic self. The other half of me raised an eyebrow and said, "It's £10 dearer than on Amazon, you were supposed to be having a break, you've still got the commentaries, you want to write your story and don't be silly.")

And then while I was staring at it battling temptation (get this straight, Tanith Lee wrote an episode?) a 10 year old boy and his mum arrived beside me and started looking at the Doctor Who stuff. I earwigged, as you do. And what was he after? He only likes Colin Baker, apparently. This made my day and I forgot I wasn't allowed to do the Librarian thing and stepped in to help Mystified Mum ("I like David Tennant") who was baffled by the absence of a Season boxset, barring this Trial of a Time Lord thing by explaining how classic DW releases worked. "He really loves Colin Baker," she informed me with a shrug, obviously thinking I was sane (which she wouldn't if she'd known I was staring at B7 S3).

Isn't that great?

Which reminds me, I haven't actually signed up for [livejournal.com profile] sixathon properly yet. I at least know which companions I want prompts for. I'm looking forward to it - the time scheme is pretty decent and I do like writing for Six.

I'm just rubbish at coming up with prompts. I mean, if I had a story idea, I'd probably be writing it, more fool me.

I just thought of an overly cute ending for Strange Weapons. *Glares at self* Said story is not cute. Well, it had better not be. Grr.

Oh, I didn't buy S3!


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