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Another handful made for [community profile] iconthat challenges "orange" and "stock." (Sapphire and Steel, The Mummy and Department S, plus several stock images of books/reading.) 3x icons per challenge, plus 3 alternates for the stock challenge.

Plus 6x books & reading icons under here )
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(I started writing this post a while ago as I was going to cover more things I've watched over the last couple of months, but a) this bit got overlong and b) [personal profile] liadtbunny told me to post my thoughts on BBC HVIII now, and since doing what Liadt told me worked yesterday, that seemed like a plan.)

The Six Wives of Henry VIII (BBC 1970) )
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For the Fic Commentary Meme, [personal profile] sovay asked for there was a darkness, call it solitude.

This was written back in 2012 after re-reading Joan Aiken's Midnight Is A Place, no doubt brought on by watching the 1970s ITV adaptation, but that isn't a patch on the book, even if it does have David Collings in.

It was a while ago, and I can't find the original version in my notebook, either, so I'm not sure how much I can remember at this distance, but it was a fic I had to write and felt pleased with, despite its obscurity.* (I don't know what use my notebooks are sometimes. This one has my Yuletide 2011 fic in and later my Yuletide 2012 fic, so you would think that something written in spring 2012 would be in it, but no. Also that entire notebook is almost wall to wall S&S. 0_o)

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For [personal profile] eve11 in the Fic Commentary Meme, this segment of Prospero's Daughter, a fic for Big Finish's Unbound series of AU Doctors (published to celebrate DW's 40th anniversary in 2003). This one was for Full Fathom Five, with the AU in that audio being essentially, what if the Doctor went dark? (With the Doctor in question being played by David Collings, so clearly it was a strange and explicable thing that I found myself listening to it, obv.).

I also have a bit of an odd relationship with the fic, because it was the first thing I wrote properly after relapsing with the ME in Jan 2011, and it left me with no mental concentration for a month afterwards, which was pretty terrifying. I thought I'd never write again, and even if it was probably only a month or two later I was writing a tiny tiny Sapphire & Steel ficlet, it felt like a lot longer, and it still took me another year before I could manage that many words again, and I panicked about whether or not it was any good afterwards. It became a Fic of Doom.*

The bit with the jelly babies; it's always the bit with the jelly babies )
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1. One of the joys of Yuletide is stumbling over things you never knew about before. One this year that amused me muchly was the music video of Shakespeare's Sister's Stay. Now, this is a song that I recorded off the radio when I was a teenager (onto a tape, I'm a historical thingumy) and I was always fascinated by it - I reasoned that it was all one voice and maybe some fairy queen who seemed nice but wasn't (a la some Tam Lin/Thomas the Rhymer thing, because I had been reading Fire and Hemlock by that point), but NO. That is not what it is about!

As it turns out, voice one is a woman trying to get her dying boyfriend to stay with her and voice 2 is Death. Who in this wears a sparkly catsuit and does an outrageous dance because... er... um... it's an 80s music video? My favourite bit is Death's eye-roll at the end because, frankly someone's who's been doing a sparkly OTT catsuit dance like that has no grounds on which to eye-roll at people. Oh, and for some reason, it all seems to be happening in space because why not?

Cut for embed )

Anyway, I'm grateful to the requester because otherwise I would never have watched that and my life would have been the poorer for it.

2. Talking of amusing vids, it's been at least a year or two since I mentioned that Julius Caesar Poker Face vid, and every so often a person just needs to remind themselves that it exists and laugh themselves silly at the combination of Richard Pasco and David Collings and their ridiculously opposite faces set to appropriate-inappropriate pop music. Do not worry if you do not like Julius Caesar, 1970s BBC theatricality, Lady Gaga, or Brutus/Cassius. None of those things should come between you and it:

Cut for embed and Richard Pasco )

3. And now for something completely different, because otherwise I'll forget again, I wrote some more [livejournal.com profile] runaway_tales:

Two in the same AU timeline:
Double Cross (PG, 4367 words. Edward Iveson, Julia Graves, Rudy Graves.) Julia’s having nothing but trouble with men – her brother seems to be in danger and Mr Iveson’s trying to buy her off with sandwiches…

Not Just a Passing Phase (PG, 5262 words. Edward Iveson, Julia Graves, Rudy Graves, Elizabeth Long.) The last thing Julia wants is for Mr Iveson to be lying dead in her kitchen with her brother to blame for it…

Faulty Connections (All ages, 1176 words. Anna, Liesa.) Liesa and Anna have the opposite problem when it comes to family.
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From [livejournal.com profile] evelyn_b: Recommend something with one of your favorite actors in it for an old-TV newbie (me).

Well, I gave this matter about two seconds of consideration before I knew there was only one answer. I know that [livejournal.com profile] evelyn_b has been enjoying everything she's seen of Doctor Who so far - and also likes I, Claudius (and Julius Caesar?), so what else could I say but...

Blake's 7 (BBC 1978-81)

I once wrote a non-spoilery introduction post that may help (because if you Google B7 or look at anything to do with it, you will be majorly spoiled), but in short, it is not exactly I, Claudius in space, but if you sort of took that, a Shakespearean tragedy (especially Julius Caesar), 1984, Doctor Who, Robin Hood and a whole lot of snark and cardboard spaceships and 70s glam rock in space costumes and shook it up in a bag, you might just get something like Blake's 7.

In terms of actors I like, it has David Collings in the last episode, and I like all the regulars and am very pleased to catch them in other old TV.

It is unofficially/semi-officially connected to Doctor Who, mainly because so many people worked on both shows in the 70s, from Terry Nation (B7's creator, and creator of the Daleks) to various actors, set designers, directors, the producer, the script editor Chris Boucher (who also wrote Robots of Death, one of my fave DW eps, which also features David Collings & is Agatha Christie/Isaac Asimov-inspired) to some of the props. (And then in the 80s, DW borrowed some B7 props back, so there's one scene in a Seventh Doctor story where people are wearing Avon and Servalan's costumes.) Some corners of the Doctor Who Extended Universe cross the two officially.

You should pop over to my other post here, but basically, it is the anti-Star Trek, it could win the universe snarking competition by a mile, it has fanfic tropes for real, and despite all the reasons that it shouldn't work, it does, and it's amazing and enjoyable and bleak and heart-breaking and ridiculous all at the same time & almost every single character is interesting, from that guard on the left to our heroes (and our villains).

It also, btw, has the best/worst costumes and the very worst SFX! (Classic Who has nothing on Blake's 7. In any argument about which show has most delightfully terrible SFX, B7 is already the winner.)

Anyway, it is a thing! It's definitely worth taking in at some point during your Doctor Who tour. It's like the 1970s Torchwood, only if Torchwood weren't awful. (Sorry, Torchwood, I'm just never going to like you much; I think we'll both have to accept that. And anyway, obv. Torchwood could never be as good as B7. That would be silly.)

S1 is slow, although it still has fabulous costumes and snark, but if you get fed up, you can probably get by with eps 1-3, 6 and 12-13, before going onto S2, where the pace picks up rapidly. The big downside is that for complicated reasons, it's not out on DVD in Region 1, but YouTube/Dailymotion searching usually coughs up the eps. (At the moment, it's here, but the same copyright people are quite dedicated to taking it down again.)

The other thing I could rec here is obviously Sapphire and Steel, (ITV 1979-1981) which is one of the most amazing bits of old British SF ever made. It embraces its slowness and cheapness and makes a virtue of it, and spent all its money on its stars, which was a good decision, as they got Joanna Lumley and David McCallum. David Collings features in two of the "Assignments" as Silver, and it's a very good part to see him in.

S&S is a show about mysterious creepy things going wrong with time because humans have been playing with dangerous things like clocks and nursery rhymes and photographs and flowers and railway stations (and, worst of all, motorway service stations). Sapphire and Steel are mysterious beings who come along and sort these things out. They're not human, but we don't know what they are, except seriously cool, telepathic, and very beautiful and that they like standing about looking alarmed at stuff before dealing with it by being nearly as scary as the scary stuff. They call themselves Elements, but neither Sapphire nor Steel is actually an element anyway, so who knows? As a TV Guide once put it: "There are many ways of keeping an audience's attention - total lack of explanation is not supposed to be one of them."

It is a weird gem of SF and it is seriously mind-blowing and awesome. Once you get accustomed to the fact that nobody and nothing will ever move quickly in it, it gets really addictive. (I was once vidding it and thought my software had frozen but it was just Sapphire and Steel standing very still while looking mildly alarmed and beautiful again.) The fic for it is also weird and beautiful and wonderful and everybody does it slightly differently, because nobody knows what any of it means.

(I was going to link to eponymous_rose's brilliant guide, but it is now locked, tragically, because it was the best intro to S&S. Have this fanvid I made ages ago. It isn't a good substitute, but despite me being a newbie vidder and too ill to get the aspect ratio right (I know! eek!), it's still a good intro to what the show is.)

The length is only the equivalent of six Classic Who serials, or "Assignments" as they're known in S&S, and a few people have all of them up on YouTube, (e.g. here but the DVDs are also out pretty much everywhere, too). Assignment One is particularly slow and still has a lot of trappings of its original concept as a children's show (before somebody changed their minds and turned it into more general teatime tales of terror).

There are apparently currently plans to remake it which is intriguing but also terrifying, because is modern TV brave enough to forego any explanations whatsoever? Can they find anybody as good as Joanna Lumley and David McCallum? How will I ever cope if somebody else is Silver? The thought is scarier than an evil pillow*.

But at least not as bad as the idea of the B7 remake, which we have to hope will never happen. (Or better still, a pilot/1 series happens and is awful and cancelled BUT intrigues some new fans. Sounds like a cunning plan?)

(I'm sorry if I'm reccing too strongly, but while I'm apologetic about some of my stranger old TV loves, I am never going apologise for loving these two. Even if they're possibly the strangest of all. They won't work for everyone, but they're good enough & influential in the SF field to be well worth trying for anybody interested in either SF/fantasy or old British telly.)

* It is important to note that while S&S doesn't even try to compete in the silly SFX stakes, it does have one truly amazing category winner in Assignment Three's evil pillow. If I didn't want to get this posted now, I would go look for my pic of Steel glaring at said evil pillow.
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So, as I said, I wrote a second fic for [livejournal.com profile] dw_guestfest. It is Underworld fic. I'm, um, sure the world needed it! (It might just coincidentally also be James Maxwell fic, too.*) Or: Not All Guest Characters Are As Awesome as Mrs Tyler (but that's no reason not to write fic for them. I hope).

Ship of Ghosts (1312 words) by lost_spook
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Doctor Who (1963)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Jackson (Doctor Who), Herrick (Doctor Who), Orfe (Doctor Who), Tala (Doctor Who), Fourth Doctor
Additional Tags: Serial: s096 Underworld, Community: dw_allsorts, Community: dw_guestfest, Minor Character(s), Immortality, Regeneration
Summary: The quest is the quest. It’s all that’s left.

Also at the Teaspoon (once it's validated).

* Thus illustrating that the difference between James Maxwell and David Collings is that when they're called upon to play aliens who've been travelling in space for thousands of years by means of Time Lord technology and want nothing more than to lay down and die, David Collings is the one who gets to do it while wearing spaghetti on his head. (On the other hand, James Maxwell got the CSO Nightmare from Hell and David Collings got the Brigadier. Life is unfair, and Doctor Who is wonderfully ridiculous.)
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So I decided it would be better to make icons for the BBC's old 1972 serial about Henry VII, Shadow of the Tower than to babble about it. And then I had too much fun, as you can see, with eps 1-5 (& hopefully I'll do the rest in a second post).


Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

To the usurper, every man is dangerous... to the true king, no one is )
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I wrote this for [community profile] hc_bingo for the wildcard square - I chose "Dystopia" from the list. There was no point in writing this, except I wanted to, which is reason enough, but since it's kind of a gratuitous sex scene, basically, and I can't write such things (so here be implied sex scenes without any pr0n at all), I probably should instead have found some way of forcing someone else to watch "Level 7" and then holding them down and making them write it. I don't think I can even guarantee it makes sense in isolation. Still, it gets me a bingo square and that's what counts here.

(And, yes, yes, yes, I did just write slash for an episode of 1960s BBC SF which happens to contain wee!doomed!David Collings. Please send help, I clearly need it.)

Title: Exercise in Futility
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1871
Characters/Pairings: X127/X117
Notes/Warnings: Dystopia, very old and obscure tv, 1950s cold war fables, sex scenes without any pr0n, hurt/comfort that doesn’t work.
Summary: Sometimes you just can’t make things better, even when you try…

Exercise in Futility )
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Title: Lost in a Book
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1463
Characters/Pairings: Lord Dark, Gorwen, Charn (Dark Towers/Through the Dragon’s Eye)
Notes/Warnings: None.
Summary: Lord Dark goes in search of a book and encounters something rather stranger in his library. Of course, it can’t possibly be real; that would be as silly as believing in ghosts…

For [livejournal.com profile] liadtbunny in the 500 Prompts Meme - prompt 292: dragons in your eyes – Gorwen/Charn/Lord Dark (Look and Read). This was about as shippy as I could make a fic about an unconvincing dragon, a creepy evil thing, and an oblivious lord, two of whom happen to be David Collingses – which is to say, not shippy at all. (Liadt did say I should feel free to insert commas. This being Look and Read, I did think about doing that literally, but managed not to.)

1. Lord Dark, from Dark Towers (one of the BBC’s educational Look & Read serials) is David Collings c.1980, living in a castle, full of ghosts he doesn’t notice and being an artist who carves things out of polystyrene by the power of mime. Despite his name, he’s not evil. 2. Charn and Gorwen the dragon are from a later Look & Read – Through the Dragon’s Eye. Charn is an evil thingumy and Gorwen is the good dragon. Have their incredible epic battle.

Lost in a Book )

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Title: Lost in a Book
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1463
Characters/Pairings: Lord Dark, Gorwen, Charn (Dark Towers/Through the Dragon’s Eye)
Notes/Warnings: None.
Summary: Lord Dark goes in search of a book and encounters something rather stranger in his library. Of course, it can’t possibly be real; that would be as silly as believing in ghosts…

For [livejournal.com profile] liadtbunny in the 500 Prompts Meme - prompt 292: dragons in your eyes – Gorwen/Charn/Lord Dark (Look and Read). This was about as shippy as I could make a fic about an unconvincing dragon, a creepy evil thing, and an oblivious lord, two of whom happen to be David Collingses – which is to say, not shippy at all. (Liadt did say I should feel free to insert commas. This being Look and Read, I did think about doing that literally, but managed not to.)

1. Lord Dark, from Dark Towers (one of the BBC’s educational Look & Read serials) is David Collings c.1980, living in a castle, full of ghosts he doesn’t notice and being an artist who carves things out of polystyrene by the power of mime. Despite his name, he’s not evil. 2. Charn and Gorwen the dragon are from a later Look & Read – Through the Dragon’s Eye. Charn is an evil thingumy and Gorwen is the good dragon. Have their incredible epic battle.

Lost in a Book )
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Or: I am all excited!

Somebody has put all of Shadow of the Tower up on YouTube! (I know, copyright etc., but I had to buy a Dutch edition, because there's no UK version, thanks 2Entertain for that. There is a Region 1 version). Also, because unlike some things also up there (the amazing Elizabeth R which everybody should watch unless they really hate old TV and Duchess of Duke Street, which features another 1970s actress being awesome all the way through. Glenda Jackson and Gemma Jones, both so amazing in different ways. ♥) Shadow of the Tower isn't something I could honestly recommend anyone buy. Because I think I liked it because I'm me. Other people probably wouldn't.

But, eeee, okay, if you want to see the only film/tv dramatisation of the life of Henry VII, a much-overlooked period of history, understand why I suddenly had a thing for James Maxwell (well, you may just wonder at my strangeness) and why the last episode went and made me ship Henry VII/Elizabeth of York (damn you 1970s BBC, how could you do that to me?) or, as some people on my flist who aren't me (honestly) would appreciate, you want to see David Collings be yet another deluded Tudor traitor who gets tortured in the Tower (it happened to him in Elizabeth R as well), here it is!

So, before someone takes them away:

1. Crown in Jeopardy & you can find the rest easily from here, or select from the user's uploads.

However, it's done in what really amounts to 13x 50 min one-act plays, so, here are some recs for individual eps:

3&4 (the Schooling of Apes/The Crowning of Apes are the two with David Collings in, but are also generally v good, covering Lambert Simnel and Lincoln's betrayal).
5. The Serpent and the Comforter. This was a really weird episode and I'm not quite sure they pulled it off, but I liked how they experimented and didn't just do a straight-forward BBC historical, so this one has Peter Jeffrey as a non-conformist about to be burned at the stake in a sort of battle with Henry for his soul. It's done as a morality play (everyone is just "The Prisoner", "The Guard" and "The King").
6. The White Hart (this one is Stanley's downfall, and one of the best episodes. Also the one where Margaret Beaufort tells Henry off because he can't go round executing all his in-laws. Ha.)
9. Do The Sheep Sin? (Perkin Warbeck/The Cornish Uprising. Cue shades of grey everywhere.)
11. The Strange Shapes of Reality. Another experimental one (although in this case, this means CSO everywhere; this is Not Good, although if you can see past that it's pretty clever). But if you didn't believe me about the 1972 gay kissing at the BBC, you can watch it here. I tell you the truth, honest.
13. The King Without A Face. (And then the BBC broke my heart and stamped on it. Thanks, BBC. It was a good episode, though. 12 is as well, but I'm getting to the point where I'm listing them all.)

Also, 7 & 8 are the really duff episoes, but 7 A Fly in the Ointment is the one where Peter Bowles is a Tudor spy-cum-assassin. It is a duff episode, though. Not enough Henry and I'm sure there's a whole scene where the guest cast are fighting hysteria. (I can't think of any other explanation for it).

You'll probably think I'm mad. You've all been watching shiny, pretty new TV that moves faster than the speed of mud. It spoils you for proper appreciation of stuff. ;-)

I should do a proper and sensible review of all my old TV watching at some point, instead of just flailing wildly and misleadingly about stuff, because there is a difference between things I liked for reasons and things that are really good and worth putting up with old TV limitations for. However, today I'm just flailing again, sorry. For some reason, I loved this one. Really, really, but I've no idea why.

Although not for everyone ([personal profile] justice_turtle, you would probably not be able to cope with all the 1970s/Tudor Bad Hair and Bad Wigs, sorry ;-p).
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Gideon's Way was a 1960s ITC show about Commander Gideon of Scotland Yard. I was watching it because one of its episodes features David Collings as an emotionally disturbed young man who goes round London in a mask stealing girls' hair.

It is amazing the things that you don't need to make up about his career, it really is.

This picspam has mainly Mr Collings, but that's not me being biased, the episode is nearly all him. Sadly, it also upset me for reasons, which is a shame because otherwise my main problem for this entry was how many close ups of the young David Collings does a person need in a picspam? it's not in colour, though.

(It was dealing with mental illness, but then remembered it was an ITC action thing shot on film and wound up with drama at knife-point and on roof-tops and I was already shaky from the weird camera angles. Aargh.) So, do note, if such things trouble you, there will be references here to mental illness and suicide.

For [personal profile] liadtbunny, who put this picspam on her Fandom Snowflake wishlist, and who is curious about the ring David Collings wears in 60s things. Never say that I don't grant wishes from time to time. ;-)

There is a sinister figure lurking round 1960s London in the fog in a mask!

So, you know, I don't know what that was I just watched, but it did at least have a lot of David Collings.

Gideon's Way is now my least favourite of the old TV I've seen, but I do mean to watch some more of it at some point - there are episodes by Malcolm Hulke and Norman Hudis (who wrote the early Carry Ons) and an episode with Angela Douglas. But it meshes kitchen-sink type things (the whys and hows of people becoming mixed up in criminal activity) with the very packaged adventure style of ITC serials and it feels very weird, even in the other episodes I saw.
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And now, forgive me spamming you, but it's been a while and I think it must be time for one of those David Collings picspams I warned everybody about when I friended them... (I always try to be amusing, though.)

Anyway, I mainly wanted to share some pics because it was obviously made not long before(?) S&S's Assignment 3 and therefore there are times when David Collings looks like 18th C!Silver (and he doesn't usually look like Silver in other things), which could be useful as reference for S&S fans, obviously. (Not that I think there should be 18th!Silver fic... Oh, wait, that's a lie.) Plus, as ever, Things That Amused Me.

Tale of Two Cities )
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[community profile] fandom_stocking went live yesterday, and I had so many nice things in my stocking! Thanks so much to everyone who left anything there for me. ♥ Anyone liking the sound of any of the following should go check it out. (Yes, I am displaying the contents of my stocking for you all...)

* I got TWO sets of David Collings gifs. Yes, really! \o/ I did ask, but I didn't think anyone would actually make me any. (I'll see about putting one or maybe two on the LJ version of this post, but I'm feeling a bit too lazy for Photobucket just now). They were made v kindly for me by [personal profile] brooms and [personal profile] liadtbunny. ♥ ♥ ♥

* A tiny-but-cute Lorne & Fred ficlet (Ats) from [personal profile] yhlee

* A Mary Dove/Inspector Neele drabble from [personal profile] john_amend_all (Miss Marple, A Pocketful of Rye, and, um, yes, it's my fault. It's all to do with me wanting professional thief/detective and ITV casting Matthew Macfadyen and then sticking meticulously to the book, when the BBC 1980s version got the shippy vibe. Damn TV makers are so contrary.)

* [personal profile] kaffyr wrote me a wonderful Sapphire and Steel fic Green, Red and Gold, and Blue Follows

* [profile] ladymercury10 left me a very tempting-looking set of Doctor who recs

* [personal profile] cosmic_llin wrote me a lovely Sarah & Harry ficlet. (Sometimes Harry is much more practical than the Doctor, after all.)

* A beautiful little set of Blake's 7 icons from [personal profile] shinyjenni

* An IOU for West Wing fic from [personal profile] feathermoon_scarletsky

* [personal profile] dbskyler gave me some vid links, and you should check them out but especially the adorable penguin one.

* Summer Afternoon Blues by [personal profile] glinda, another AtS ficlet, this one about Lorne and the first time he heard music and it's just gorgeous and if anyone round here also knows Angel, do take a look.

* Seven-and-Ace fic by [personal profile] clocketpatch, which is every bit as wonderful as you would suppose and I'm delighted.

* And last (but absolutely not least, since it contained infinity) - Unccountable Infinities from [personal profile] eve11 and Eight and Charley ficlet, which answered my first first Straybunnies prompt for the two of them investigating something really surreal. And Eight and Charley! *joy*

*plus various good wishes and season greetings from kind folks. Oh! And intriguingly, a promise for some David Collings graphics at some point this week from [personal profile] weaselett.

So that was pretty amazing and thanks again to everyone. I did manage to write and make some bits and bobs for other people, too. I (rather belatedly yesterday evening, sorry about that) put them in the AO3 collection as well, so I'll put up another post with the fics in sometime soon. (There were also a few graphics/icons and recs, but they were all pretty specific for the recipients.)
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44 x Sapphire & Steel icons and 53 x Press Gang icons. The S&S icons seem to have been growing slowly on my PC since this time last year, so are a bit of an odd mix. The Press Gang icons were made in the summer, I think and about 20 or so were posted to [livejournal.com profile] fan_flashworks for challenges.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Contents: Please note the Press Gang set includes an icon of a clown holding a gun. (There are 12 from S3 "The Last Word").

I'm not responsible for everything, I just make it look that way )

The usual rules apply: want, take, credit, no hotlinking. For texture credits etc., see my profile.

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I have made a fanvid and I don't hate it! I made it for some of the random TV I've been watching lately, so it is obscure (but I don't care). Also, there is more dancing. Apparently this is a thing now and all my vids will have dancing in. Even if it's completely inappropriate...

Smile on my Face )
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From The Strange Report (ATV, 1968) this time. More colour 1960s TV, with David Collings - and Anneke Wills. (There will be much more Anneke Wills once I watch the rest - she's one of the three main characters - and her clothes have their own credit.)

Anyway, this arrived, and I watched Ep 1 and, since I had got the impression it did some more interesting stories (a little like Special Branch, having Current issues and things, but with action and colour, and Anneke Wills), I was a disappointed that it was so cheesy, but Anneke Wills in colour makes up for a lot. (Also Robert Hardy.) So I thought, I might as well just skip to David Collings's episode, & see what that was like.

Well, he didn't survive the opening credits. That's a record. Anyway, the thing is, this one was much, much more interesting. Except that following the amazing cheesiness of ep1, I was not expecting this one to turn out not to be your standard murder mystery but a little one-episode psychological tragedy. (And while more than five minutes of David Collings would have been nice, everyone spent the whole episode talking about his character and trying to work out how he came to die, so it felt like he was in it a lot more than most of the guest actors who did survive.)

So, picspam. No spoilers (you can't count 'pics from the opening sequence' as spoilers).

The Strange Report: X-RAY Who Weeps For the Doctor? )

Anyway, another picspam. I didn't feel like doing anything else just now.
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... And talking of old screencaps and things, I've had this lurking on my LJ since February. Which illustrates that hopefully Tumblr will be better for sharing random old pics, I think. Not that I won't still do picspams of David Collings things here when I feel like it, of course.

Anyway, it was lurking, because I kept meaning to add some more, but I think I may as well post it rather than wait till it's even more out of date.

(I have a sort of backlog of things to work through here; I may post again before the day is out.)

Picspam from the BBC's 1974 historical epic about the fall of three European monarchies from 1848-1918. The cast list is every bit as epic as the premise, but included in this picspam: Diane Keen, Gemma Jones, Denis Lill, Curt Jurgens, Charles Kay, Jan Francis, David Collings, Patrick Stewart & more.

We dig our own graves... )
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The first prompt ficlet, from [livejournal.com profile] arnie1967 who gave me: The first thing that springs to my mind is Silver turning up in Press Gang, seeing as David Collings was *in* Press Gang (2 eps, I think you said?). So, does Lynda or anyone realise he's not who he's supposed to be? Does he take something important and what does he need it for?

I don't think I answered any of those excellent questions, but here is the resulting bit of nonsense, anyway.

Title: Not What We Expected
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 466
Characters/Pairings: Lynda Day, Kenny Phillips, Silver
Notes/Warnings: Press Gang/Sapphire & Steel crossover. No spoilers. It is, however, important to know that David Collings also played Mr Winters in Press Gang. (So this takes place sometime during S1/S2.)

Summary: Sometimes life at the Junior Gazette is more unexpected than usual, and it's not even Colin's fault.

Not What We Expected )

The Prompt Me post is here should anyone want to leave me any more. (Especially things that can be turned into tiny fic and/or icons.)
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When I said the other day that part of my problems were my own fault, it was the making of this (largely) over the weekend that I meant. (And, don't worry, I'm not making another vid until I can be sensible again, which I thought I had trained myself to be. Also I encountered yet more technical issues. *joy*) Anyway, I killed my brain for a Completely Obscure Fanvid! Yay, me. And here it is:

Death Waltz (Fall of Eagles, 1974) to Tchaikovsky, Waltz (Serenade in C).
Royals and revolutionaries dancing towards disaster. Featuring (deep breath): Charles Kay (Nicholas), Patrick Stewart (Lenin), Gemma Jones (Princess Vicky), Curt Jurgens (Bismarck), Denis Lill (Fritz), Gayle Hunnicutt (Alexandra), Barry Foster (Kaiser Wilhelm II), and Diane Keen (Empress Elisabeth). With Miles Anderson (Franz Josef), Pamela Brown (Archduchess Sophia), Michael Kitchen (Trotsky), Lynn Farleigh (Nadezhda Krupskaya), Paul Eddington, Donald Gee, Freddie Jones (Witte), David Collings (Pavel Milyukov), Maurice Denham (Kaiser Wilhelm I) and Jan Francis (Ballerina).

With a warning for some mild blood & violence, and use of (what I assume to be) contemporary historical images.

If you have a moment to look at it, that would be very kind - it's not spoilery (I'm still only halfway through the series and anyway, it's history!) and I hope that it will either work in a) conveying the general overall sense of the vid, or b) at least be a pretty thing with dancing and movement and Patrick Stewart eating pancakes. (It is a fairly painless way to see some of Patrick Stewart being Lenin.) If not, well, at least I like it...

The first episode was entitled Death Waltz, and I immediately had this idea - luckily, as I found, I actually had a fitting piece of music by Tchaikovsky as well. Although I am probably a bad person for making even dramatised versions of Lenin and Trotsky sort of waltz.
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...this time about things the BBC have in their archive and I wish would share with me. Well, everyone, obviously, but especially me. (Partly made because last time I did this, I discovered that against all the odds what I wanted was on YouTube.... This is not the same, however, as Things the BBC Once Had in Their Archive and have Since Wiped/Burninated/Carelessly Lost, because you know about that already. Power of the Daleks! The Naked Sun!)

* On the commentary for Revenge of the Cybermen, everyone was discussing Ian Marter at one point, and David Collings (yes, 2 out of 3 of these things will contain Mr Collings, I'm sorry, but there it is) said that he had worked with him again when they played the Brothers Grimm together for the BBC. (Me: !!!!?) After some Googling, I found this was a 1979 Omnibus episode, a documentary on the lives of the brothers Grimm, but they had dramatised sections, in which the two were played by Ian Marter and David Collings.

Can't see the BBC releasing old Omnibus episodes, somehow. Except maybe in the future if they put up EVERYTHING for download on the internet, or something. Still, it's a nice thought of the two together to have in my head.

* I am watching my way through the BBC Shakespeare as best I can (go away; I want to; I don't care who thinks they are dull or whatever) and I ended up looking at the (v interesting, actually) entry about the series on Wikipedia and noticed a throwaway fact that the first one they made was a version of Much Ado About Nothing in 1977 but for whatever reason (it seems to be suspected, because of use of regional accents by some characters) they decided the US financial backers wouldn't go for it & so didn't include that version in the series & filmed it again in 1984 with a different cast. And who, you may ask, was in this production that isn't part of the collection (and therefore not available on DVD)? Apparently, it was Michael York and Penelope Keith. I thought this might be an internet hoax, but it seems to be true. I can't even imagine them in the same room, but I WANT TO SEE IT. Penelope Keith and Michael York?

Even if it was awful and that was the real reason they kept it in the UK and out of the collection. When that entry says "available to hire on videocassette from the BBC" I suspect they don't mean for random passing individuals, especially those with a dodgy video player. I'm so curious, though. Penelope Keith and Michael York!!

* 1980 detective series Breakaway. (I started looking at this on David Collings's IMBD, because I always had a thing about there being a children's TV show I used to watch by that name, but this definitely isn't it, especially since there probably wasn't and I just amalgamated the chocolate bar and Playaway.) Anyway, it stars Martin Jarvis, who I also like a lot and this is the description of it on IMBD:

Detective inspector Sam Harvey, better known to the general public as the author of the latest best-seller for ages 3 and up, 'Breakfast at the Zoo,' would like nothing better than to retire so he can devote himself full-time to penning the riveting sequels 'Lunch at the Zoo' and 'Dinner at the Zoo.' However, he has to solve a couple of complicated murder cases first. Plot twists and red herrings abound in this intricate thriller series, and corpses turn up with distressing regularity before the culprits are finally collared.

And, apparently, it doesn't seem to have actually been a comedy, or a children's show. (I did some careful Googling). My mind, it is boggled. Plus, David Collings is playing Dr Tucker. You have no idea how much mileage I can get out of people who are or should be the Doctor being called "Doctor" for any reason. (The ITV Poirot ep Sad Cypress I enjoyed very much because Paul McGann was playing the doctor. Poirot/DW crossover with no effort! Mind, I think most DW fans do this. Er. We do, don't we??)

It was written by Francis Durbridge, who apparently did Paul Temple, so maybe that will lead the BBC to release it one day. After all, they've got to get to the end of the really obvious archive things someday. And with that concept, plus Martin Jarvis, detective, and David Collings (in S2), it wouldn't have to be all that marvellous for me to like it, anyway. (Srsly, those two = my two favourite voices ever. I might not be able to cope.)

ETA: Looking at this, I think the thing that strikes me most about that write-up is that it sounds worryingly like something I would write... If I wrote TV scripts back in the 1980s. Only mine would be a comedy.

Er. Was that post random enough? But, seriously, BBC: Penelope Keith and Michael York as Beatrice and Benedick. Soon. Please.

(I know, I know, but I just can't get quite well enough to watch normal TV when it's actually on, or cope with the iplayer. I suppose I should see about one of those Freeview recorder things and stop ogling the BBC archive, really, but... it is fun speculating about bygone stuff. And current TV has a shocking lack of David Collings, anyway.)
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This was what I was supposed to be making when I was distracted by 'Summer Fly'. (Well, ish. I was supposed to be making Sapphire/Steel, but I hope to resolve my technical issues first. And then I was dividing up my clips between these two to try and avoid too much repetition.)

Silver/Sapphire/Steel fanvid:
Always With Me (Link goes to YouTube)

Sapphire, Silver and Steel and the dance that they are. To Hayley Westenra's (English lyrics) version of 'Itsumo Nando Demo'. Clips from Assignments 3 & 6 only. (No spoilers as such.)

I did what I wanted to do - I hope it isn't too dull for everyone else. I suppose I should apologise for using Hayley Westenra again, but the right song is just the right song, so I won't.

Lyrics under cut )

I made this last week, but I had such issues uploading it over the weekend (five times before it came out without weird pixel-y bits!) that I've been waiting to check it didn't explode or get taken down or something. However, it seems to be okay. At the moment...
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I've been watching the BBC's 1974 drama Fall of Eagles lately (in between the Shakespeare and things). Yes, guess whose IMBD I found it on? But when I saw that it was about the fall of the three big European royal houses at the turn of the century, I was immediately v interested. And then I saw that it had everybody ever in it, so I had to watch it. As history lessons go, it is pretty painless & I will picspam it properly when I've finished it because it has people like Gemma Jones (Spooks) and Colin Baker (he is playing Crown Prince Willie, I gather, but he hasn't turned up yet) and lovely costumes and locations, and I will do it to save you watching TV that is nearly 40 years old because I am a nuisance kind like that. Oh, and btw, Patrick Stewart is Lenin.

Anyway, today has not been the greatest of days, so I was much cheered to reach the first of David Collings's two episodes, and also the first ep for the rest of the Russian contingent...

David Collings and Patrick Stewart )


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