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(My friends came, had a nice time, liked each other, and went. I am now vv tired and also have not yet watched DW, because vv tired so catching up must wait, but in the meantime, one of two posts I made earlier; in this case my final Yuletide recs post. <3)

Somewhat belated, but better late than never, as they say.

19 recs in Discworld, Georgette Heyer, Howl's Moving Castle, Hundred & One Dalmatians, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, King Lear, The Librarians, North & South, Northanger Abbey, Owl Service, Poldark, Timeless & Victoria )
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I didn't have as much chance to read the Collection while away this year, but it is just as full of lovely things as ever, and you can find it all here. Dive in!

However, I did manage to read some short things, so here they are, just nipping in before reveals - my two wonderful gifts, plus a rather random selection of my first pick at the chocolate box, as it were, chosen in exactly that sort of manner! I hope to have a more leisurely go-through in the coming week or two, though.

16 recs in Archer's Goon, Blandings, Discworld, Dracula (TV 1968), Dungeons & Dragons (Cartoon), Fire & Hemlock, Flood (2007), Georgette Heyer, Malory Towers, New Tricks, Red Dwarf, While You Were Sleeping & Yes Minister )
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My currently regular Thursday feature...

OUaT: Browned Butter by awanderingbard (G, 1956 words. Emma Swan/Killian Jones, Snow White, Regina Mills, Henry Mills.) It's Storybrooke's first Thanksgiving, and Emma is finding trying to be a domestic goddess more difficult than she anticipated. Sweet and funny, with Emma battling to do something impressive on the domestic front.

Miss Marple: Advice From Aunt Jane by DesertVixen (Teen, 1212 words. Miss Marple, Dolly Bantry, Jane Helier.) Jane Helier needs some advice from Miss Marple and Dolly Bantry Pitch perfect conversation between the three, picking up on threads from The Thirteen Problems.

Doctor Who: At Last a Dragon by paranoidangel (All ages, 985 words. John Chesterton, Tenth Doctor.) John Chesterton doesn't believe in Father Christmas, the Tooth Fairy or the Doctor. John Chesterton finally realises that all the stories his parents told him were real. Lovely.

Heroes: Drive My Car by Andraste (Hiro & Ando, Hiro/Ando.) "Our life of legend begins!" Great, fun vid for S1 Hiro & Ando.

Diana Wynne Jones: World Enough, and Time by jamjar (PG, 5408 words. Erskine, Hathaway, Torquil, Awful, Howard, Catriona.) The journey of a thousand miles (starts with sending your siblings to Alpha Centauri). Perfect capturing of the novel's tone, with the remaining siblings starting to both mend their ways and move about more freely.
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I'm back! I'm very tired, so comments and posts will wait/be erratic until I'm not. In the meantime, I'm trying to get some Yuletide recs up before Reveal. I carefully bookmarked on AO3 as I read while away, so hopefully this should be a quiet, simple thing to do?

It's a fairly random first pass of the archive. I tend to read shorter fics, and also have a terrible habit (faced with the chocolate box that is Yuletide) of reading only one or two fics out of a fandom with several in it before skipping to the next shiny thing, but still, an overview of some things I've particularly enjoyed so far, in the hopes that others might enjoy them too:

19 Recs in Archer's Goon, The Avengers, Chalet School, Georgette Heyer (Devil's Cub, False Colours, Frederica), Dracula, Fionavar Tapestry, Forsyte Saga, The Highwayman, Honeysuckle Cottage, I Capture the Castle, Ngaio Marsh, Indiana Jones, Jane Eyre, Jane the Virgin, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, and Maid Marian )

More to come later today! (Hopefully! But definitely including my shiny Madness Treat when it does. \o/)
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As promised!

These are a tiny handful from a first and rather erratic sweep of the archive. There will be more - when I finally make it through the whole alphabet! (As ever, I had to stick to mostly short things, although there is - amazingly - a 30,000 S&S fic featuring original Elements which I will have to go and print off, because... amazing.) There are more fics for many of these fandoms! There are whole novels and things in there... *waves hands in incoherent admiration of the 2014 Yuletide Collection*

17 recs in Archer's Goon, The Avengers, Blackadder, Blake's 7, Bleak Expectations, Chalet School, Chronicles of Prydain, Doctor Who (BFAs), Curse of Fatal Death, The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, Drop the Dead Donkey, Fire & Hemlock, Hamlet, Henry IV, and Sapphire & Steel )
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Still tired, but I have another post-I-made-earlier. (I really should stop making posts and hiding them, but never mind.) Also, I am posting my [community profile] fandom_stocking fics about places finally. If I post any to AO3, then anyone suddenly getting a "gift", it'll probably just be that. Sorry.

In your own space, share a book/song/movie/tv show/fanwork/etc that changed your life. Something that impacted on your consciousness in a way that left its mark on your soul.

I saw other people saying that they had no such show/book etc. Perhaps I'm too impressionable, then, but I have several. (Although, maybe it's partly my tendency to rewatch things, and most of them were from when I was a teenager - which is probably true for most of us - and I was ill and stuck home a lot. And to a certain extent, some from when I've been ill again. I suppose if you've got hours and hours to lie there and think about odd bits of the few books and TV episodes you can manage to read or watch, (and re-watch) and so on, it's bound to creep into your thinking in ways things don't when you're running about in your normal life.)

Anyway, some I can't (or won't) explain here, but the main one is Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones, which is a very good book, but also very complicated, dark and twisted up, in a way that I didn't really get as a teenager but I do now. However, I read it and read it and I still so often do my thinking through it, and snatches of it still run through my head. It's hard to explain what I mean exactly, but part of it is the idea of how heroism might work in the real world (Now Here) as opposed to the dramatic way it does in stories, fairy tales and so on (Nowhere) - "Being a hero means learning to ignore how embarrassed you feel." And giving a means of expressing the way real life and imagination intersect. (The "Now Here/Nowhere" thing, just one letter, one turn away, the same and opposites). It made me think, and still does. And to try to look properly at things, instead of see what you expect to see.

And other things, in lesser ways, mostly, but yes. I was explaining something in Public Eye to myself the other day by means of Fire & Hemlock.

But Diana Wynne Jones, S25 and S26 of Doctor Who (especially The Happiness Patrol - yes, really!), Press Gang, CS Lewis's NF - these are the things that got into my head and shaped me and challenged me and gave me new ways of thinking. I didn't get out much as a teenager; I was ill for four years, so I needed something and those really weren't bad things all told. The weirdness of my brain, let me show it to you. But I like it this way.

And, yes, again now, things for helping my find my way through being ill, for being sort of channels of thought when I was in an incoherent fog, or for distracting me - Joan Aiken's Midnight Is A Place (by Joan Aiken), Enemy at the Door and Public Eye (all things that in some way involved working through bad times, setting a pattern for me to follow) and Sapphire and Steel, which certainly distracted me beautifully for about a whole two years.

After all, if there weren't some stories, in whatever format they may come in, that impacted us and touched our core, or soul, or whatever you prefer to call it, there wouldn't be all that much point in them, in the end. We use them to make sense of the world, supposedly. And so I just happen to make sense of the world through Fire & Hemlock, which I suppose is a little weird, but then again, I think the world's more than a little weird, too, so I have no regrets.
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I'd been hoping to get back and read some more Yuletide fic and make another recs post, and Day Three of [community profile] snowflake_challenge is to rec at least three fanworks, so I'm killing two birds with one stone here, with another selection of recs from this year's Yuletide, (though actually I gave up around the end of M. One day I will have ability to read enough online, but this year is not that point so I didn't read many long fics in the same fandoms, so omissions are frequently to do with that rather than lack of quality):

13 recs in Cadfael, Chronicles of Chrestomanci, Discworld, Eternal Law, The Importance of Being Earnest, Miss Marple, Pushing Daisies, Georgette Heyer, & The Sarah Jane Adventures )
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Here's the fic I wrote for [community profile] fic_corner. I was waiting to post it because I started finally typing up the original treat I was going to write for someone, but it is still not quite working out. That's about two months of it not quite working out now, so I shall just have to bury it until one day it resurrects itself as something (as stories often do) - and get on and post my fics and some recs for very shiny fics from the collection:

I defaulted early on, but I wrote two treats, one in the short treat collection, one in the main:

Two fics in Enid Blyton (Adventure Series) and Journey To The River Sea )

And now, recs! I have to say, from what I have seen, it looks as though there is a very high percentage of exceptional fic, so I'd recommend poking around to see what childhood favourites you might find in the 100+ fandoms. However, here is a selection from those I know and read (mostly in the first half of the alphabet, because I'm incurably alphabetical and don't have that much reading stamina).

Recs at Fic Corner )
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[profile] hhertzof is planning a children's/YA lit fic exchange, and you can find out more and vote in the name poll here. I think it's probably of interest to quite a few of you - every and any child/YA lit is probably going to be eligible.

(So, yes, Diana Wynne Jones, Chalet School, Enid Blyton, picture books, modern YA epics, time-honoured classics, anything).
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Some links and things that I found or meant to post a while back:

1. [community profile] unconventionalcourtship has started! There is amazing fic already, which you can check out there, or in the AO3 collection. It's only just started so there are four fics, but good stuff already. Ace/Oswin, and an epic Blake's 7 (sort of) pirate AU, which is brilliant. Can't wait to see what other fics turn up as it goes along.

2. Someone has been blogging about their efforts to recreate Downton Abbey as Sims. It would be pretty amusing anyway, but the random werewolves and zombies are definitely a highlight.

3. [personal profile] aralias also made a why you should watch Blake's 7 post. You are probably already feeling more than oppressed enough, but hers benefits from not being a random collection of Tumblr posts and has more quotes. (B7 being what it is, this is always a good thing.)

4. Brilliant (old) Yuletide fic for DWJ's The Ogre Downstairs (one of her oldest, but I love it): Growing Together by kattahj. The tone is perfect. I mean, perfect. Which is all you need to know if you also know the book. Yuletide never ceases to be one of the most amazing fannish things ever.

So those are some things I found and hid, or have only just found. :-)
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I've barely scratched the surface and have been mostly working through alphabetically. Until my parents' internet cut out, and after I'd finally read my own gifts to my own satisfaction, I did have a bit where I could even read quite long things (ish), which was fun. And while some of these have been recced a lot, others really haven't that I've seen, so here goes:

19 recs in 15th C RPF, Blake's 7, Brittas Empire, Enchanted Glass, Fire & Hemlock, Ghost Soup Infidel Blue, Inspector Alleyn Mysteries, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Julius Caesar, Madeleine L'Engle/Doctor Who, Matilda, Measure for Measure, Monkey Island, New Tricks & Sarah Jane Adventures )
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Here's another long overdue post: some things I have made but never posted here. (I'm like the opposite of one of those people who will only post to their own LJ. I scatter things about the place and get too tired to put them here as well. Or they're so obscure that few people would be interested. So, you know, you shouldn't get too excited at this point).

They weren't all recent, I should add. One of them I finished a year ago, and then buried and the rest are all somewhere in between.

Sandcastles, S&S ficlet )

DW/Fire & Hemlock Fic )

Midnight is A Place fic )

B7/S&S crossover fic )

And a fanvid - various )

Apologies for the mass posting, but I think that really is it. \o/
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(This is one of those posts where I am Not Really Here, or basically am posting this in passing & not catching up with comments & other posts.)

Anyway, I noticed my gift fics were not getting an awful lot of love & realised that is because I have not recced them at all. So, for Yuletide, I received an abundance of Silver. Yes, dear flist, this was a trying disappointment, but I have come to live with it... Oh, all right. So I've been gloating over the fact even before the reveal when I worked out what fandom my story must be. Now that has been joined by two treats via Madness, my gloating knows few bounds.

Gift fics under here )

Also, because everyone keeps reccing The Tough Guide to Yuletide: ALL the Tough Guide fics are amazing. Go read them now - it's not the sort of fandom you need to know: http://archiveofourown.org/tags/Tough%20Guide%20to%20Fantasyland%20-%20Diana%20Wynne%20Jones/works

(The first 4 are Yuletide 2011 fics.) The Tough Guide to YUletide is indeed amazing, and should become required reading. (The what to put in your Letter is particularly true and funny.)

The Guide to Fantasy Cities is... well, an update for the Guide for those dystopian/supernatural/steampunk books that have become so popular. (So, so funny - and the endnote about the 387 different versions of post-Victorian LOndon... :lol: Plus, Twilight-ribbing is involved, but not in a really malicious way.)

A Limited Time offer updates the Guide to poke fun at Low Fantasy in the form of a letter to a disgruntled customer, who didn't like the traditional Tour, which is genius. Because a) the fun-poking and b) I'm sure we can all think of a difficult customer who we'd like to send on that Tour.

And then there is one treat, this time a letter from another dissatisfied customer who accidentally got the Mills & Boon version of the Other Continent Tour. The consequences being as you can imagine. Well, actually, probably not... Priceless!

Taken altogether, I can't think of a nicer end of year tribute to the magical lady who came up with the original idea.

I hope you are all having good hols, if you are having them, and if you took part in Yuletide that you had as much fun as I did. I have managed to read a few things, but not really very much. (It's like having a box of chocolates to hand and not being able to eat them. "No! You will get a headache/ be too tired to speak to relatives! Put that laptop down!" :lol:)
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27x Tough Guide text icons, and 30x Sapphire & Steel icons.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Icons Here! )
Credits: textures by [livejournal.com profile] tiger_tyger @ [livejournal.com profile] tiger_tutorials

Icons Here! )

The usual rules apply: want, take, have, credit; no hotlinking. And it really is more trouble than it's worth acquiring a sword.

Various textures by [livejournal.com profile] tiger_tyger and [livejournal.com profile] how_we_fade.
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Time to confess:

My Yuletide story was for [livejournal.com profile] navaan who had requested Blake's 7 fic featuring Jenna, Blake and Avon. Since my usual way of writing any B7 fic is to either let Vila and Avon talk a lot, or be frivolous (or both), this was why I was having a slight panic (in traditional Yuletide fashion), because these are three great characters, and it would be so easy to fail to do them justice. (I'm not saying I did, of course, but I tried, and the recipient liked it, which is the big thing, after all.)

Hit and Run
4533 words, All ages. Jenna Stannis, Roj Blake, Kerr Avon. S1. No spoilers. A mission to destroy a Federation research station goes wrong, leaving Blake, Jenna and Avon stranded and forced to run for their lives.

I also surprised myself by somehow managing to write a treat for [livejournal.com profile] sexybee who had had the good sense to request fic for Diana Wynne Jones's The Tough Guide to Fantasyland, (a sort of A-Z travel guide to Fantasyland that assumes all fantasy novels are set in more or less the same place and lovingly and mercilessly deconstructs the cliches of the genre), so it was a case of original fic by the Tough Guide rules. Hopefully, accessible to anyone. (Although I recommend the book, if you own a sense of humour and have ever read any fantasy.) For the same reason, I've been lucky enough not only to have quite a few nice comments, but to be recced more than once for this one.

Seeking Dragons
2060 words. All ages. Original characters. Want to Meet a Dragon? Suffering the Awe-full Handicapp of being Male? Why waste weeks, months or Years struggling to find your Way through Dark Caverns to the Hidden Valley, or Growing Old Awaiting the Final Confrontation? See Jaxon Hyle for the perfect, paineless Solution! In which Lilla tries to make a living by the rules, even though brown-eyed, mousy-haired girls never get anywhere in Fantasyland.

(This was fun to do - play around with the Guide, but also to keep a nod to the sort of tone of things that DWJ writes, too.)
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I'm so excited.  I just found a DWJ / Doctor Who (well, all right, Torchwood really) Crossover in the shape of this story by Tiger Kat
What Planet Are you From? (All Ages)

Made my day.

Here's the link:

Not by me.  If only...

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A series of three drabbles written for the Crossed Swords challenge on adwc.  

They're Diana Wynne Jones / Doctor Who crossovers.  Don't know if people have read The Tough Guide to Fantasyland (or The Dark Lord of Derkholm)  but if not you must go out and find it!  Right now!

Okay, got that done?  ;-)

So three Doctors and companions attempt to buy a sword for the Fantasyland Tour...



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