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Because the last general post wound up with several of us talking about how we DW fans rarely agree on anything (50 years of canon, non-DW fans, can you imagine the potential for varying opinons on everything??), I can here proudly present further evidence of that fact. Few things are better than the giant poll DWM did once DW reached 200 stories (fans will not yet agree whether Planet of the Dead actually was story 200 or not, or even what all 200 stories are actually called and the Best story was voted as Caves of Androzani, the worst was Twin Dilemma. The two stories followed on from each other, yes. :Lol:). But this is probably one of them.

For the 40th anniversary, DWM issued one of their specials ("We ♥ Doctor Who"). It was obviously an extra special special because nobody but me seems to remember it or have a copy, including DWM as they never seem to remember any of the polls they did for it. Anyway, one of the polls was for people's least favourite things about Doctor Who.

And here is the resulting list, as transcribed by me! No, we really did not need New Who and Classic Who in order to argue...

The Plastic Daffodil Award 2003 )
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(Well, they aren't important, really. It just seemed like a nice header.)

1. Reading the details of 2012 DVD releases was like a Good News, Bad News joke (but only if you are me, fear not everyone else). As follows:

good news bad news )

However, the important bit was the regular debate feature, which was should the anniversary story in 2013 be multi-Doctor or not? Well, we don't really have a choice - Mr Moffat is the lucky (or perhaps highly unlucky?) chap who gets to decide and I am sure he will do something properly celebratory. But, given the choice, is anyone really going to say no on the flimsy pretext that multi-Doctor stories are often silly and sometimes disappointing? If you asked the person on the street who had only watched one episode, they would say there should be multiple Doctors. Non-fans are always wanting to watch the story with lots of Doctors.

This is my theory, so: Poll! Please especially vote if you know very little about DW. :-)

[Poll #1795501]

This poll is very important, because obviously Steven Moffat reads my LJ (he likes people who like Press Gang) and will take the answers into account. (That might not be true.)

Personally, I totally agree with the 'yes' writer, especially on the conclusion, which was basically JUST GIVE US PAUL MCGANN IN A THINGY THAT'S NOT THE TVM. Thank you. Quite. (Even if obviously I would most love Seven, and even though Ten would not be my first pick, can you imagine the combined on-screen hyperactivity there would be with David Tennant and Matt Smith at the same time?)

The rest of this post is about Yuletide stuffs instead )
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I promised there would be more from DWM, and it would be older, didn't I? I'm not planning to do much scanning, but I've been admiring this pic since I got the special nearly 8 years ago. Of course, there are probably lots available via Google images, but don't tell me because then it would be silly of me to have nearly killed my pc scanning this in to share.


This is just a thumbnail - click for full size image (large).

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Dear flist, do not faint, but a non-icon related post about Doctor Who! Current Doctor Who! Minorly spoilery!

I have been meaning to type up some interesting things/snippets from old DWMs (as typing up practise and general altruism and stuff), as I have them going back to the 1990s. I did not intend to start with the current issue. However, it arrived yesterday and made me laugh twice on a brief glance through, so I thought I would share three things.

(Also, I still have only watched The Impossible Astronaut, so if you want to be more spoilery, please kidnap these quotes and take them back to your own LJ, thank you. Sorry, but I am working hard on being an ostrich.)

First, Steven Moffat quote on the story-arc this season, that I thought some people might find of interest/reassuring. (DWM is generally a reliable from-the-horse's-mouth source):

"That's what you should do with a first episode - funny, accessible sci-fi. The Impossible Astronaut was a departure from the norm, and that's good, that makes it exciting, but that's never going to be the paradigm. Never, ever. The fact that we're making people wait weeks for the story to play out is exciting to do once, but not every year."

And, under the cut: minor spoiler (the quote DWM have chosen as a teaser from Let's Kill Hitler), something else amusing, and a thought I had on the upcoming episode.

Snippety-snippets )

More DW excitement to come in between icons! (Well, maybe exciting is over-selling it, but I have found some interesting things.)
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DWM have started having a YouTube recs column. I'd seen most of them before, but this one was highly amusing. And, er, instructive:

What are you doing here? )

Plus, there was an interview with Janet Fielding, which is never a dull thing:
On Hell freezing over, Big Finish, Tegan, Matthew and why the show should let Peter come back for an episode or two. And writing fan letters to RTD... )


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