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[livejournal.com profile] dbskyler and I have being have a debate over whether Space: 1999, Blake's 7 or Doctor Who would win in a Silly SFX contest. There is only one way to find out, and that is to host one.

I'm a little unsure how we'll do this - maybe it even merits a comm or something, but while I can get DW and B7 screencaps, I do not have a lot to hand, so anyone with any (or CLIPS / GIFS yes yes yes - some dodgy sfx are only clearly demonstrated by multi-media) would be very helpful. However, what I'm after here are nominations for the truly dodgy / hilarious. I'll take DW and B7 in this post; ([livejournal.com profile] dbskyler, are you up for it? In which case, perhaps you can take Space: 1999).

The thing is that even with only 4 seasons to DW's near 30 years, I maintain that B7 will win, because after 20 years of watching Classic Who, B7 has reduced me to helpless giggles over it's clashing of Serious Drama with silly SFX in a way DW almost never has. (*pets B7* I still love you. You are like a DW serial where they burninated the original eps, but made a spin-off series anyway. And if we had a Most Stylish Future contest, you would also win. Or Servalan would, just on her own...)

Also, we were discussing categories - so any useful categories for the contest would be great. (e.g. Unlikely Aliens; Wobbly Sets; Heavy Objects That Bounce; Inspired Use of Household Objects etc. Silly Outfits should probably get a mention, too.)

But seriously, B7 has Michelin Men, a giant ant, a beast made out of a gorilla suit, a Cool Box they take on their picnics missions; the Liberator set itself wobbles, and in the ep I watched yesterday, they unwisely rolled polystyrene rocks down the slope of a real quarry full of real rocks. The baddie ran away from them. It was very amusing. (Travis, quick, run before the bouncy polystyrene rocks hit you!!) It's so going to win. I think...

(This is a kind of test post to see what happens...)

Oh, and the Kandyman is not dodgy SFX. He's just a copyright nightmare. Anyone nominating him as such is hereby disqualified as an anti-McCoy era bully. Not that I'm a Seven-era girl, or anything, of course... ;-)


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