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From [livejournal.com profile] persiflage_1: Which Elements haven't you cast yet, and want to?

Something I hadn't thought about for a long while! When I first watched Sapphire and Steel and fell headlong in love with it and all its weirdness, I also became obsessed with other Elements.

I still don't see how you can not be - the four we know are all fascinating, inhuman, very different to each other and completely mysterious. They are even, we learn in Assignment Three, something of a mystery to each other. (While Steel speculates on Silver's unknown origins, Sapphire replies that she wonders much the same about him & we definitely get the impression that they were quite different.) So, how could I help but be intrigued by the others we hear about - the list in the opening credits, Copper (who is always having trouble with Silver, & in the audios, whom Silver nevertheless defends as being incapable of betraying them), Jet (who sends her love to Steel) and Mercury, who is a technician like Silver. There's always a sense of how important they are to each other, even if often accompanied by fear/mistrust of some kind. In addition, in the audios, we meet Gold and Ruby (even if I have still not yet met Ruby). And I forget what the exact number was stated to be, but there are well over 100 of them, and then there's the possibility of Elements who defected or who were lost/destroyed - and maybe Elements are still being 'made' (or found, or chosen, or whatever it is)? If, of course, 'Elements' is even the proper name for them, whatever they are.

So I obsessed and obsessed about it all, home alone and ill, and then generated a shiny list of 100 Element prompts for Sapphire, Steel, Silver and Lead and any other likely Elements and wrote lots of them. I made a post of my ideas about these other Elements once before, here (as I'd been asked) and included casting, because Elements are so - I don't know the best word - but visual? sensual? something? - anyway, it seemed to make sense to have a physical base for the character. (I notice that quite a lot of people who've also written original Elements seem to have done the same thing.)

I hunted up a further list of prompts I'd made and saved on my PC (what? 100's not many...) and according to that, it seems that these are the 'Elements' I was contemplating back in the day:

Zinc, Quartz, Tin, Emerald, Opal, Jasper, and Amber.

I assume that in my periodic table/alloy/jewel/whatever obsession I'd come across some interesting properties of these but it was so long ago now I have no idea, unfortunately, but that was generally where it began, if they weren't in the list from the intro - I browsed through Wiki looking for stuff that had interesting aspects for an Element. I hadn't got as far as casting yet, though! I hadn't even really written Mercury, who I'd had in mind for ages, let alone some new ones. I probably thought it was time to try and be sensible (and no doubt then got into something even more obscure, very likely Public Eye.)

But... fellow S&S fans (I know there are a few) how about you? I am seriously obsessed with Elements. Please tell me if you made any up and who they were and if you cast them and what your thinking was! I love how completely open the canon is and that I can write Copper and then read and enjoy someone else's totally different take on Copper - or Jet or Diamond or the Transuranics (they're unreliable and can't be counted, says Steel). What thoughts do other people have?

So, you see, I just love Elements. I made a masterlist of all the OC Element fic I could find. When I listened to the commentary for the last episode, PJ Hammond said that the thing he was sorriest about was that they didn't get to meet the others, Copper and Jet and the rest, and I was just: oh, me too, PJ Hammond, me too! (So, maybe I wouldn't hate a remake - if it was properly cool and weird and mysterious and had new Elements just every once in a while, the way they had Silver and Lead before.) I love Elements! I wanted more!! (Even if I really hadn't got around to any more casting.)
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It's a side-effect of obsessing about Sapphire & Steel.

I made this post a while two months ago, partly for me, partly to share, but then again, it does feel weird going on about "my" Elements and mental casting sometimes seems a bit odd too. However, I have this post, I did cast actors (it's such a visual show; it seemed a logical step if I was going to make up Elements, and there was no chance I wasn't) and [personal profile] swordznsorcery asked me about it the other day. So here it is. If people are going to be patient enough to read the resulting 100 Element Prompt fics, I might as well share the pictures, after all. (Also with links to the relevant Wiki pages, mainly for my own convenience.)

Medium atomic weights are available )
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In which I have S&S fannish thoughts and speculation on the Periodic Table, via, Wikipedia, sorry. (How can you not love S&S for this sort of thing?) Please note that my science is bad, my chemistry virtually non-existent, though I do know some reasonably basic GCSE Physics. (For instance, I vaguely remember enough to nod a bit when Steel takes himself to ridiculously low temperatures. And that steel is used in construction because it expands and contracts at the same rate as concrete. Well, I think. I don't know why I remember that, even if it's true. I do not think anyone has yet explored Steel's affinity with concrete, shock, horror. Although he does seem to be pretty good at the age of buildings, I suppose.)

1. As even I had (with my tiny bit of actual science) thought, Sapphire and Steel are not elements at all, the big fakes.

2. If there are actually 118 elements, including Transuranics, and even if there are 127 Operatives (including 12 Transuranics), does that mean that some real elements aren't being used in favour of gemstones and alloys? If so, which ones? (My thoughts: Is it just random ones who turned bad and have been replaced? Or there are some [about 10?] that are labelled as Transient. So, are those the Transient beings, and therefore Bad Elements stuck in the past, do not use? Also, maybe gases are excluded as impractical? It is quite hard to imagine the adventures of Oxygen and Helium. Obviously the powers of making people speak in high voices could be entertaining, though... Heh.)

3. [1 ] had kind of made me assume that actual characteristics of real elements wouldn't be much guide to the fictional ones, but actually Silver makes a lot more sense if you know the uses it has - it not only makes the bit with the light bulb explicable (well, for S&S.) but it is no wonder Silver is pleased with himself. If you have to be made out of one basic element of the fabric of the universe, silver is a very cool one to be. (You can even see from the info why Copper might easily have a problem with him. Other than him just being, well, Silver.) So, I need to look at Lead, too, now...

4. (I had this idea and was looking for a suitable Element to use, and then I was attacked by these other fannish thoughts, which is actually kind of encouraging).

5. Just think what the series could have been: Iodine and Praseodymium? Dysprosium and Terbium? :-D

6. Not really anything to do with the facts, but given what little I do know about steel, is there a really cranky, craggy Iron out there who regards Steel as a too-shiny upstart? (Actually, I think, this being S&S, Iron would be much, much more interesting than that. But it is an amusing thought.)


(And, yes, I'm sorry to my flist who don't do S&S, but anyway, you should go and watch it, and then you too can be fannish about the Periodic Table. And probably Joanna Lumley and David McCallum, but also the periodic table.) This is not under a cut, because it's not spoilery. And only serious in patches. Also I posted this in the past and am hoping for some Elements to come and sort me out for such triggery stuff.


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